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Anne Frank House (Anne Frankhuis)

It is one of the 20th century's most compelling stories: a young Jewish girl forced into hiding with her family and their friends to escape deportation by the Nazis. The house Otto Frank used as a hideaway for his family kept them safe until close ... 

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4 star rating: Recommended
June 2014

This is my 2nd Amsterdam Tour and I would recommend it. The Canal Cruise was a great way to end our day and relax. We chose a Wednesday thinking it would be less crowded - wrong - crazy tourism but oh so worth it! Favorite stop - Anne Frank House! I do prefer the tours with a real person talking and sharing info about stops as we come upon them. This tour was not always in sinc and we were either passing the building or couldn't tell which building they were talking about. It poured rain most of the day too - so keep that in mind with how I rated this.

Doing what: Amsterdam Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Optional Canal Cruise

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
May 2014

I have used this bus operator's tours many times and have always been impressed, but not this time. Amsterdam is a vibrant, exciting city with a lot of history, but the amount of information given was pathetically minimal. We passed by several buildings that looked unique in some way, but no information was shared. As a matter of fact, I gave this strong consideration the second day and paid very close attention to the information provided, thinking perhaps the first day I was just tired. Not so. It was disappointing to say the least.
Also, the guides seemed more intent on selling tickets to the various places we were to go (no on Anne Frank Haus, but yes to the others, many museums, the Diamond Factory, etc). Often, they would announce that we were coming up to stop # ___ for such and such and they had tickets to sell on the bus. While they were making the announcement, though, something was being said in the headset that you could not hear.
I was very disappointed and will think twice about booking a tour with this bus operator again.

Doing what: Amsterdam Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Optional Canal Cruise

4 star rating: Recommended
February 2014

we were really glad that we purchased this tour. we stayed in Amsterdam for only 1 day and this is what we booked to get around the city. The only thing that we didn't like is that the wait time for the buses is 25-30 minutes. we really got disappointed because it says that it's supposed to be only 15 minutes. The advantage in booking this tour is that it really goes around the city but you must make sure to manage your time properly when you go down in a certain area. It would be better if it really is a 15 minute interval. but overall, we still managed to see what we planned to see and we were still able to get on the canal cruise. All of this in 1 day is worth it but it could have been faster for us if the buses arrive on time.

Doing what: Amsterdam Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Optional Canal Cruise

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2014

Great evening cruise that allowed us to see this city from the water canals. It was about an hour long and it basically circled the city. Some monuments are neon lit and look great, even from a distance and in the winter. In the summer, I would definitely recommend taking the water colors cruise also. This one was outstanding though, and the guide provided information about the city life and how it is run. Very informative. We passed by churches, monuments, and also the Anne Frank house. Highly recommend this cruise. It is basically a must.

Doing what: Highlights of Amsterdam Sightseeing Cruise

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2013

Excellent tour. We were only in Amsterdam for two days and this tour allowed us to see and visit most of the sites, including the Anne Frank House and the Red Light District.

Doing what: Amsterdam Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Optional Canal Cruise

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
August 2013

I was extremely disappointed with this cruise - I have been on two canal cruises before and this was the worst one.
1. Recorded commentary in 4 languages that you couldn't hear and was very boring
2. Very noisy, rude passengers who talked so loudly you couldn't hear the commentary anyway
3. The driver never asked them to be quiet or turned up the sound.
4. It was a Sunday aftternoon and there were lots of small boats on canals blocking access through bridges
and delayng the boat.
5. It the didn't go through the city centre canals and you saw very little buidlings of interest like Anne Franks House.

Doing what: Highlights of Amsterdam Sightseeing Cruise

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2013

Buy the tickets in advance and you save more money vs. purchasing it upon arrival. Please note the reduced hours in the winter time. There is not really a drop off/pick up sign. Just meet back at the same place you got dropped off at. We went to Amsterdam in January so it only ran from 10am until 230pm (except Saturdays.) We purchased the canal tour; however I do not feel it was really needed for what we wanted to do. The driver of the bus was very nice. If you buy the tours in advance. From Central station main exit, head towards the right pass the visitor center, cross over the bridge. There will be a bus lot by the canals and just look for the red double decker. The times were very accurate leaving Central Station and we just counted travel time to the other stops to figure out a round about pick up time. Ex. We got off at Anne Frank, It took us 15mins to get there from central station. So if the next bus leaves Central Station at 1:00pm, it should be there to pick us up around 1:15. I saw alot of complaints on Trip Advisor but Im not really sure why. Well worth the money

Doing what: Amsterdam Hop-On Hop-Off Tour with Optional Canal Cruise


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2012

Great tour riding through the city with the locals and tourists. Enjoyed our tour guide who was also a local urban town planner so had a lot of interesting knowledge about the city. Wanted to also do the country tour on offer by the same provider the following day but was cancelled due to bad weather.

Doing what: Small-Group Amsterdam Bike Tour

4 star rating: Recommended
October 2011

The Anne Frank House is a must see if you visit the city. It is a solemn and sobering experience, and one that is difficult to fully describe. Just seeing the small place where these two families lived and hid, places you in the center of a pivital part of our history.

As most reviewers will tell you - lines can be long so plan to arrive early or late inthe day - or better yet make sure to purchase your tickets in advance.

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2010

A visit to Anne Frank House is an awe inspiring and totally moving experience. Its incredible to think of so many people living in such a small space and the daily fears they faced. The exhibits are moving and historically fascinating.

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