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Antarctic Convergence

The Antarctic Convergence is a curve that encircles Antarctica where cold, Antarctic waters converge with the warmer waters of the subantarctic. This natural boundary isn’t as innocent as it sounds though; this meeting of the waters has plagued sailors for centuries.

The change in weather is what people first notice; rain and fog plague mariners. This area is also home to a great number of calving icebergs, great for shutterbugs but a nightmare for any ship’s captain. Dramatic changes in the water itself are also seen and felt, and huge waves of 20-30 feet are not uncommon. But the effects of the convergence aren’t all bad; they are an important part of Antarctica’s wildlife. The waters feed krill, which in turn attracts many kinds of wildlife including birds and whales. The krill can only exist in very specific conditions though and without this convergence the intricate web of Antarctica’s fauna would cease to exist.

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