Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was one of the most notorious death camps of the Nazi regime, located just north of Berlin. It was built in the summer of 1936 by prisoners from the Emsland camps and was used to train SS Officers who went on to ... 

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July 2015

A true memorial to all those who suffered.


July 2015

The exact time of liberation from the soviets on the main entry to the camp from the road leaden in.

Excavated Art

June 2015

Mural Excavated: Made by those working in the Kitchen of Sachsenhausen.

Work Makes You Free

October 2014

On the front entrance gates to Sachsenhausen is the infamous slogan Arbeit Macht Frei ( and quot;work makes (you) free and quot;).

Block A and the clock showing

August 2014

11.07 - the time when the camp was liberated

The Barracks

July 2014

One of the original barracks standing.

The Perimeter Fence to Protect the Inmates!

May 2014

The combination of barbed wire, concrete walls and electrified fencing only allowed one inmate to escape. He was turned in by local villagers and that was the end of his story.

The Wire

November 2013

This photo does not require much explanation. The ominous site of an electrified fence is a touch of reality of what this place was about.

Our Guide Kevin

November 2013

Kevin was very knowledgeable and worked well with the group.

The Gate to Sachsenhausen

November 2013

This is the gate to the actual camp which is over 1000 acres.


July 2013

A memorial sculpture to the prisoners of the camp


July 2013

What remains of the crematory ovens in the gas chamber

Front gate

July 2013

The entrance to the camp where the prisoners were marched through

Sachsenhousen Concentration Camp

July 2013

The gate as you enter the camp says and quot;Work makes you free and quot; , written to make the prisoners think that if they worked hard enough, they would get out.

Death Zone

May 2013

The perimeter's 3-metre-high stone wall, within which was a space that was patrolled by guards and dogs and bordered on the inside by a lethal electric fence; inside that was a gravel and quot;death strip and quot; forbidden to the prisoners. Any prisoner venturing onto it would be shot without warning.

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