The Coba Ruins, built long ago—sometime between the years 500 and 900—lie deep in the heart of the Yucatan jungle. Visitors can rent bikes or hire rickshaws to travel among the knobby paths and thick forest that link the groupings of ancient ... 

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Richard B
United States of ... 

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2014

"Saul" our tour guide provided a well rounded experience by visiting two Mayan villages, a ceynote and the historic site of Coba. Great combination of physical activity and learning. Highly recommend!

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2014

This tour is probably the best way to explore not only the amazing Maya ruins of Coba, but also to catch a glimpse into the everyday life of the Maya people living in the low jungle of the Yucatan peninsula. Our driver and guide, Saul, who by the way, is super fun, picked us up at 7 and took us directly to a small Mayan community called Esmeralda. There, the shaman, Don Benjamin, performed a very beautiful and moving purification ceremony, in which he asked the gods for protection and permission, so that we could later swim in the local cenote. This cenote, about 14 meters deep, with clear, amazing water, is in the middle of the village and can be access through a wooden staircase. In is partially covered and partially open, so that the daring ones can choose to jump straight in, from a rock some 15 meters above. We were provided with towels, life vests and swimming floats.

After Esmeralda, we stopped at Laguna Chabela, an even smaller Mayan community, home to maybe 3 families altogether. There, we visited these hospitable people’s houses and kitchen. Dona Aurelia, the matriarch, was making corn tortillas and invited us to try some, which we gladly did, accompanying it with fresh made, spicy salsa.

During our tour of the Mayan communities, young boys kept snapping pictures of us, as part of a project. At the end of this part of the trip, you can purchase all the photos, from both locations, copied on a CD. We did, and are quite happy with our decision: not only did we get some 60 pictures of ourselves, but also amazing snapshots of the local flora, fauna and landscapes. We also got a recording of the purification ceremony.

A word of advice: if you want to buy a genuine piece of Mayan craftsmanship, make sure you visit the modest shops in these villages. What you can find here is not only authentic and cheap, but you know that by buying these objects, you are giving money directly to the community and not to some middlemen.
After this, we stopped for lunch, included in the trip price. We had very tasty local food and refreshments. From there, it was off to Coba, where a guide gave us a tour of the ruins. We left with plenty of time to rent bikes and go to Nohoch Mul. Climbing this very high pyramid is an amazing experience in itself, though not for the faint-hearted.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
March 2012

A very nice trip in a small group. It will be good if more then 2 hours visiting time will be provided at Coba (if you want enjoy the view you must walk in the jungle and after climb the pyramide!) The food in the Maya village was very good.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

4 star rating: Recommended
April 2014

Coba was a very interesting experience with a Mayan guide who was very passionate about her history. There are bikes to get you around the site as it is quite spread out. if you are not sure about being able to ride a bike then there are trikes ridden by someone else for you!
Xel ha was lovely and the snorkelling was quite good but after the Coba trip it did not leave enough time to do this attraction properly

Doing what: Cancun Combo: Xel-Ha and Coba Ruins in One Day from Cancun

4 star rating: Recommended
July 2011

This was a nice itinerary and our guide, Stefanos, was very good. Coba is still a site being discovered so it's not as developed as Chichen Itza - think of it as still being in the early days for that site. Bonus as you are still permitted to climb the pyramid here at Coba. The visit to a local Mayan village was very educational and gave better insight as to how they live. The day closed out with a dip at a cenote - very refreshing.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2011

The trip didn't start off well, as the tour guide failed to collect us from our hotel, and we had to walk to a meeting point, despite a hotel collection being arranged. Once we were on our way the trip was amazing, stunning views, coba is amazing!! Then off to a cenote for a dip to cool down, once again the scenery was breathtaking. Definitely recommend this trip to anyone who appreciates history and stunning views

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

3 star rating: Worth doing
January 2015

The Coba ruins are sort of out in the middle of nowhere, so I felt like I had to take a tour to get to the site.I was not so enthused about a tour, however, because I had found the previous tours I had taken were too rushed. This turned out to be a similar experience.

I bought the tour from a website called 'Viator'. However, the tour company was Alltournative.

The Coba ruins were indeed beautiful and well worth seeing. However, I was disappointed with the limited amount of time given to spend there.

The website said we would have 2 hours to spend at the ruins... Not really.

- We were told we had to attend a talk of the guide. Well, by the time the guide finished his talk 45 minutes of our 2 hours was gone. And the talk did not concern the highest pyramid, which is what most people want to see, but rather was about other structures of lessor interest, near the entrance of the site.

- I expressed my concern for the limited amount of time available, and the tour guide insisted that I listen to the rest of his speech.

- The highest pyramid was a 2-kilometer walk from the bus, and it took about 20-30 minutes to walk to the pyramid and back. So basically, you had to speed-walk to the pyramid, snap a few hurried pics, climb up and down the pyramid as fast as possible (!!!), and speed walk back to the bus in the parking lot.

- There were numerous other ruins/structures in Coba and I had *no time* to look at them at all.

I think the tour company should give people a map to the site and let people have the entire 2 hours to look around the ruins as they wish.

Otherwise, the tour was fine.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

United States of America

3 star rating: Worth doing
December 2014

We enjoyed this tour. On our tour, we visited the shaman and cenote first, followed by a visit to a Mayan village and family. It was nice seeing and learning about Mayan customs, etc. The family was very nice. After this, we had a nice lunch with hot food. Then we drove to Coba. Coba is huge. You will not have enough time to see of it unless you buy a guide book and rent a bicycle there. Our guide was only able to give a small start to the visit because she had to give the talk in English and French. So, we rented bikes and bought a guide book. Then we were able to see all of the site before our van left. BTW, the climb up the ruins is easy compared with coming down. Wonderful view at the top.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

3 star rating: Worth doing
July 2012

- Had to take a bus to a meeting place in a mall, get off, wait for 45 minutes, then get on a different bus and go to the site.
- Tour was in both English and Spanish.
- Guide was decent but nothing special.
- Lunch was not very good.
- There was no zipline on our tour, just the cenotes.

All in all an ok experience. We typically have better luck with Viator's tours. I recommend going to Coba but maybe not on this itinerary through Viator.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

Lydia S
United Kingdom

3 star rating: Worth doing
July 2010

Chose to visit Coba as it is much closer to the Riviera Maya than Chichen Itza and were pleased we did. A very impressive sight and really loved being able to climb the pyramid. The tour company was great, even calling our hotel the day before to re-confirm pickup time. The tour guide was fun and informative. Was a bit apprehensive about visiting the Mayan family as it seemed a little intrusive going into their house but it wasn't as bad as I thought. The lunch was really good and the driver was very generous with the cold drinks all day. The cenote was a disappointment as it wasn't underground, it was really just a small lake and we were made to wear ill-fitting life jackets which made it impossible to swim. Still, it's ideal if you don't like the enclosed spaces and bats in the proper cenotes, and great for cooling off at the end of the day. Overall it was an enjoyable trip and I'd recommend it for a good value day out.

Doing what: Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

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