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Wuhou Memorial Temple

With a past that dates back nearly 2,000 years this popular temple complex in southern Chengdu is steeped in various levels of history and lore. Occasionally referred to as Martial Marquis Memorial Temple, this site is meant to honor Liu Bei, emperor of the Shu Kingdom, as well as his much revered military strategist Zhuge Liang. Two immensely popular figures in Chinese history, these benevolent rulers have legacies that continue to draw thousands of visitors annually to the temple that is meant to honor them.

Bei and Liang lived during the volatile “Three Kingdoms Period” (169-280 AD); an era which has attained a somewhat cult-like following among literary buffs and fans of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a 14th century epic novel which has since spawned various movies and fantasy series. While fans of the work will consider this to be somewhat of a pilgrimage, those not familiar with the Three Kingdoms will still enjoy ambling among the cypress and bamboo covered pathways of this nearly 400,000 square ft. temple complex.

Cultural artifacts inside of the temple include 47 clay sculptures of Zhuge Liang, Lie Bei and various other ministers of the Shu Kingdom. Perhaps most striking, however, are the inscribed stone tablets which feature the work of master calligraphers and are considered to be some of China’s finest examples of ancient literature and craftsmanship. Most notable among these tablets is a masterful engraving known as the “Tablet of Triple Success,” an oversized slate which stands 12 feet (3.66 meters) high by 3 feet (nearly 1 meter) wide and is believed to date as far back as 805 AD.

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Private Custom Chengdu Sightseeing Tour

Location: Chengdu, China
Duration: 8 hours

From USD $14.66

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Location: Guangzhou, China
Duration: 1 day

From USD $513.00

Chengdu Private Panda Trip with Afternoon Private Custom Tour

Location: Chengdu, China
Duration: 9 hours

From USD $179.00
From USD $135.00

Private Chengdu Biking Exploration Day Tour

Location: Chengdu, China
Duration: 12 hours

From USD $204.00

Chengdu in A Day from Shanghai by Air: Pandas and Histories

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Day Trip to Chengdu from Beijing by Air

Location: Beijing, China
Duration: 1 day

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