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Rapa Nui Cuisine

By Viator, August 2014

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, might be better known for its gigantic stone moai than its culinary prowess, but sampling traditional Rapa Nui cuisine is still an unmissable experience for visitors to ...  Read more

Easter Island Statues: Visiting the Moais of Rapa Nui

By Viator, August 2014

While only a few intrepid travelers make the journey to remote Easter Island, the iconic moai statues that guard the island’s coastline are famous around the world and the focal point of one of the ...  Read more

Rapa Nui Culture and Folklore

By Viator, August 2014

Polynesian explorers believed to have settled on Easter Island between 300 and 1200 CE, the people of Rapa Nui have a long and fascinating cultural and spiritual heritage that spans much more than ...  Read more

3 Days in Easter Island: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, August 2014

At less than 20 miles (30 km) long, getting around the sights of Rapa Nui couldn’t be easier, but with so many sights and so much history to unravel, you’d regret rushing your visit. Three days in ...  Read more

Santiago Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, August 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 164 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Despite its location in South America, Santiago has a distinctly European feel, from its neoclassical architecture to its efficient metro system, Santiago is one of South America’s most ...  Read more

Wine Tasting in Chile and Argentina

By Viator, August 2014

Despite being all-too-often overlooked in favor of big-name European or North American brands, South America has been producing some of the world’s finest wines since as early as the 16th century, ...  Read more

Trips to Torres del Paine

By Viator, August 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 16 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

The views on the open steppe of Patagonia, carved by glaciers and wind that pushes trees into gnarled forms are only part of what inspire people to visit Chile’s Torres del Paine. Diminutive trees ...  Read more

Skiing in South America

By Viator, August 2014

4 star rating: Recommended 2 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

South America may pride itself in its dedication to sports such as futbol, but the region is also home to some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding sites. American travelers looking for the ...  Read more

Ski Tours from Santiago

By Viator, June 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 10 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Thanks to its location near the base of the Andes mountain range, Santiago, Chile, is essentially South America’s “ski town.” With multiple major resorts within a couple of hours from Chile’s capital ...  Read more

Natural Wonders in San Pedro de Atacama

By Viator, May 2014

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 4 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

There's no doubt that the natural features surrounding San Pedro Atacama make the area so incredible. The desert is vast, yet visitors can still get a good sampling of what the region has to offer ...  Read more

Day Trips from San Pedro de Atacama

By Viator, May 2014

Tours & Tickets

San Pedro de Atacama serves as an ideal starting point for a variety of day trips through North Chile. Getting to the popular El Tatio Geysers requires an early-morning departure, with pick-ups from ...  Read more

Archaeology in San Pedro de Atacama

By Viator, May 2014

The area surrounding San Pedro de Atacama is rich in archaeological remains for two main reasons, the first being that the desert's extremely dry conditions have often led to preservation of various ...  Read more

3 Days in San Pedro de Atacama: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, May 2014

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 4 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

From the moment you land in Calama, through your drive to the oasis town of San Pedro de Atacama, you know that you’re in for something special. This is the desert like you've never seen it before, ...  Read more

3 Days in Patagonia: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, May 2014

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 5 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

At the southern terminus of the Panamerican Highway, a fantastic, glacier-carved realm of natural beauty begins. This is the gateway to Antarctica, guarded by sharp-toothed granite peaks and ...  Read more

Wine Tasting Near Santiago

By Viator, April 2014

4 star rating: Recommended 17 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

It is no secret that many people come to Chile for the wine, and even people for whom it’s not their only reason for coming to Chile usually make time to visit a winery or two. And with good reason.  ...  Read more

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