Egypt Travel Tips

The Valley of the Kings

By John Reality , Cambodia, March 2013

The Valley of the Kings in Egypt is one of the most important and dated historical landmarks in the world. Containing several tombs belonging to ancient Egyptian pharaohs, nobles and their ...  Read more

Understanding the Bedouin culture of Egypt

By John Reality , Cambodia, February 2013

Understanding the Bedouin of Egypt is an integral part of understanding this historic culture. Mostly living in Sinai, they are easily distinguished by their desert lifestyle, adorned heavily with ...  Read more

The Arab Music Festival at the Cairo Opera House

By John Reality , Cambodia, November 2012

Part of Egypt’s Natural Cultural Center in the country’s capital, the Cairo Opera House is the home stage for most of Egypt’s finest musical groups. Located on Gezira Island on the Nile River, this ...  Read more

Egypt’s Best Dive Spots

By John Reality , Cambodia, October 2012

Some say that Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt’s Red Sea is the best undersea destination, and it is indeed fantastic. Depending on the weather conditions and the quality of your ...  Read more

Suez National Museum

By JC , Germany, September 2012

The city of Suez is located where the canal of the same name enters the gulf. While this city of nearly half a million inhabitants has never been a huge tourist draw, there is now an extra enticement ...  Read more

How to Choose a Nile River Cruise

By Hudson , USA, August 2012

As you might expect, a cruise down the Nile River is a trip so special that it ranks up there with greatest trips in a lifetime. The lifeblood of Egypt and greater Africa since the dawn of ...  Read more

Camel Trekking in Egypt

By JC , Germany, July 2012

Camels, with their legendary ability to survive on a minimum amount of water, are used as beasts of burden in desert terrain from Morocco to Australia. In Egypt you will often see them both at work ...  Read more

The Red Sea Riviera in Egypt

By JC , Germany, May 2012

It’s not always easy choosing a travel destination, particularly on a limited annual vacation allotment. Do you go the full cultural route and return with memory cards full of ancient ruins or just ...  Read more

Egypt by Train

By JC , Germany, February 2012

Egypt has the oldest railway network in Africa, dating back more than one and a half centuries and now covering over 5000 kilometers. Generally efficient, safe and reliable, rail is one of the ...  Read more

Visit the Southern Temples in Abu Sindel

By JC , Germany, January 2012

Abu Simbel is about as far south as you can get in Egypt, lying about 20 miles from the Sudanese border. It’s a remote place, most accessible by plane or by boat from Aswan. Abu Simbel rewards those ...  Read more

The other pyramids of Egypt

By JC , Germany, October 2011

Mention that you’ve been to the Pyramids in Egypt and most people will understandably assume you mean the Great Pyramid and its neighbors in Giza . But while they form an unarguably jaw-dropping ...  Read more

Coptic Cairo

By JC , Germany, August 2011

Recent events in Egypt have highlighted tensions between Coptic Christians and the country’s Muslim majority. The Coptics are a tenacious lot, numbering anywhere between 10-23% of the population ...  Read more

Egypt with kids - any advice?

By Skootre , USA, September 2010

I'm planning a trip to Egypt with a 5 and 2 year old, both boys. I've traveled a lot in the middle east, but never in Egypt. Any thoughts on do's and don'ts with kids in Egypt? Read more

3 Days in Cairo: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, July 2014

Cairo - the very name conjures up visions of ancient monuments, exotic souks and eons of history. Almost as a backdrop to the Great Pyramids of Giza, the city rises from the surrounding sandy plains ...  Read more

3 Days in Aswan: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, July 2014

Ancient treasures, Nubian culture and the mighty Nile await you in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan. Day 1: Central Aswan Aswan has been a trading city for millennia, so a visit to the ...  Read more

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