Germany Travel Tips

Christmas Markets in Germany

By Viator, July 2014

From sipping cups of hot Glühwein and munching fresh Lebkuchen , to browsing handcrafted gifts beneath a canopy of glittering fairy lights; there’s no better place to soak up the festive ...  Read more

World War II Sites in Germany

By Viator, June 2013

Despite its successful post-war reinvention, Germany’s part in World War II history will forever haunt its people. The country has made the brave choice to preserve its harrowing past rather than ...  Read more

Hohenzollern Castle in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

By Katie H , February 2013

Hohenzollern Castle in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is one of the country’s most visited castles. Located about 50 kilometers south of Stuttgart, Germany, it is the ancestral seat of the ...  Read more

Relaxing at Lake Titisee in the Black Forest

By Katie H , January 2013

Lake Titisee in the southern Black Forest of Germany is both a lake and a town. Formed 10,000 years ago, carved from glaciers in the last ice age, the lake spans 2km long and 1km wide and, along with ...  Read more

The Famous Foods of Germany’s Black Forest

By Katie H , December 2012

The Schwarzwald, or Black Forest, region of Germany is one of the country’s most culturally unique places. It’s also one of the best places to sample traditional – and delicious – German foods. From ...  Read more

Driving on the Autobahn in Germany

By Philippa Burne , UK, December 2012

The German autobahn was the first and remains one of the world’s only roads to have no mandatory speed limit. There are about 7,965 miles (12,800 km) of autobahn highways connecting the main cities ...  Read more


By Philippa Burne , UK, November 2012

The palaces of old Germany monarchy, the modern day palaces of film stars shooting big-budget movies: Potsdam has both kinds of royalty. Only 15 miles (24 km) from the center of Berlin, Potsdam ...  Read more

German Unity Day

By John Reality , Cambodia, September 2012

Celebrating the official reunification of Germany that took place in 1990 after the Berlin Wall came down a year earlier in November of 1989, German Unity Day is a national holiday that kicks off ...  Read more

Train Travel in Germany

By JC , Germany, September 2012

Train travel is where German attention to infrastructure and passion for punctuality really come into their own. Regular fares on the national rail network, Deutsche Bahn (DB), might not be the ...  Read more

Summer Wine Festivals in Germany

By Viator, July 2012

The country may be more closely associated with beer, but Germans are quite proud of their locally-produced wine, and justifiably so. There are 13 officially recognized wine regions in the country, ...  Read more

Beaches on Germany’s Baltic Coast

By Viator, July 2012

Think of Germany and you may envision the Black Forest, or the castles of the Romantic Road, the great cities of Berlin or Munich or the massive beer steins of Oktoberfest. You probably don’t picture ...  Read more

Visiting Germany in the Summer

By JC , Germany, June 2012

While much of Europe’s mid-year action concentrates on the continent’s Mediterranean edge, that’s no reason to leave Germany out of your summer holiday plans. In fact, it makes sense to go somewhere ...  Read more

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

By JC , Germany, June 2012

The name may not slip so easily off the tongue of English speakers, but Schloss Neuschwanstein , hugging the Alpine foothills above a broad plain, is one of the most recognizable buildings in the ...  Read more

Leipzig Revival

By JC , Germany, March 2012

It’s a funny place, Leipzig. At first glance, this Saxon city appears to have recovered well since Germany’s reunification in 1989. Arrive at its enormous railway station and nose around the ...  Read more

Aachen: Germany's Westernmost City

By JC , Germany, February 2012

Aachen is Germany’s westernmost city; it’s almost as if those orderly Germans had started out arranging their cities across the map in alphabetical order before abandoning the idea. Both Belgium and ...  Read more

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