Greece Travel Tips


By John Reality , Cambodia, June 2011

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 1 Rating

Located just 37 nautical miles from the chaotic cosmopolitanism of Athens, the picturesque island of Hydra is everything the bustling ancient metropolis is not. In contrast to the hectic traffic, ...  Read more

Santorini Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, May 2014

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 8 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

One of the region’s most popular holiday destinations, Santorini epitomizes the Greek Island beauty of blue-domed white churches, gravity-defying cliff-top villages and stunning sunsets. Explore the ...  Read more

Wine Tasting in Santorini

By Viator, May 2014

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 6 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

In spite of its inhospitable landscape, craggy Santorini produces quality wines thanks to the climactic conditions found in the Aegean Islands; a rocky, volcanic soil combined with hot and sunny ...  Read more

Wine Tours in Greece

By Viator, January 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 19 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

One of history's enduring images is of the Greeks eating grapes and sipping wine - just think of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and indulgence. One of our contemporary travel dreams is of ourselves ...  Read more

3 Days in Athens: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, July 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 1875 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Athens - cradle of democracy and birthplace of philosophy. How much of ourselves we can trace back to ancient Greece is truly remarkable, but when visiting this magnificent city, its history is ...  Read more

Classical Greece Circuit

By Viator, May 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 348 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

To really immerse yourself in the glories of classical Greece, multi-day trips of several days can take you to the essential sites of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora. There are ...  Read more

Cruises from Athens

By Viator, July 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 102 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Most island-hopping cruises from Athens start off at Piraeus harbor, gateway to the 3,000 plus Greek islands that spill out in to the Aegean Sea from the mainland. Those closest to Athens include the ...  Read more

Multi-Day Tours from Athens

By Viator, September 2013

4.5 star rating: Recommended 70 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Although there’s enough to see in Athens to keep you busy for years, look beyond the Acropolis to see what else Greece has to offer, whether you are an ancient history enthusiast, a sailor or a ...  Read more

Day Trips from Athens

By Viator, June 2014

4.5 star rating: Recommended 36 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

There is so much to do in the Athens area, from island hopping in the Aegean and consulting with oracles at Delphi to exploring ancient Corinth or wine tasting in Nemea. Most Greek island-hopping ...  Read more

Crete Islands

By Viator, April 2013

4.5 star rating: Recommended 3 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Greece is known to have some of the most spectacular islands on earth, many spawning from Crete. Each island has its own history and is a great escape from the mainland. Our favorite islands include: ...  Read more

Greek Islands Tours

By Viator, May 2014

4 star rating: Recommended 401 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Some people spend their whole lives exploring the Greek Islands. Dramatic rocky landscapes, white sand beaches, even whiter villages, crystal clear waters, town squares where you can spend the ...  Read more

Heraklion Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, September 2013

4 star rating: Recommended 38 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

The fifth-biggest city in Greece, Crete’s capital buzzes with energy, mixing ancient origins and modern-day big-city bustle. Away from Heraklion there are beaches for relaxing, ancient ruins to ...  Read more

Day Trips from Heraklion

By Viator, November 2013

4 star rating: Recommended 28 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Heraklion on Crete is the perfect holiday base, with soft golden beaches, miniscule coves, buzzing towns, archaeological treasures, majestic mountains and deep gorges all within easy reach. The ...  Read more

Athens Photography Walking Tour

By Viator, April 2011

4 star rating: Recommended 4 Ratings

What could be more photo-friendly than the world’s classical capital? And what better way to tour Athens than with a local photographer as your guide. The tour begins near Athens’ major ...  Read more

Secrets of Greek Cuisine

By Viator, June 2014

4 star rating: Recommended 2 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

The secrets of Greek cuisine lie in fresh seasonal vegetables and produce, simple preparation, and age-old cooking techniques like grilling and barbecuing. For the ultimate souvenir of Athens, take ...  Read more

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