Japan Travel Tips

Japanese Onsen Experience

By Viator, May 2014

There’s nothing in the world quite like a Japanese onsen experience. These public bathhouses traditionally use natural hot spring water and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. From an ...  Read more

5 Tips for Visiting Japan with Kids

By Lydia , March 2013

Japan is a surprisingly family-friendly destination with tons of attractions — theme parks, museums, castles, temples, parks and gardens — to explore. The hardest part of visiting Japan with kids is ...  Read more

Kobe, Home of the Famous Beef

By Lydia , February 2013

Kobe’s local delicacy, Kobe beef, might be the only reason many people know the city exists, but those who visit will find a beautiful, charming city with an international population, fascinating ...  Read more

Language Tips – Helpful Phrases to Know Before You Go to Japan

By Lydia , February 2013

As far as languages go, Japanese falls somewhere in the middle. It’s easier than languages like Chinese and Arabic, with simple and straightforward rules, but a little less familiar than Romance ...  Read more

Visiting Osaka from Kyoto

By Emma , Australia, February 2013

Osaka is less than one hour from Kyoto by train and is well worth a day trip or, at the very least, an overnight stay. Unlike Tokyo or Kyoto , however, Japan’s third largest city is best ...  Read more

Skiing in Japan

By Lydia , January 2013

With reliable snowfall and some of the best powder conditions in the world, Japan has earned a spot in the list of top skiing destinations. When you’re not carving your way down a mountain, ...  Read more

New Year in Japan

By Lydia , December 2012

Unlike the rest of Asia, where the lunar New Year is the most important holiday, in Japan New Year’s Day on the Gregorian calendar reigns supreme. While the Japanese celebrate the New Year on ...  Read more

Things to Do in Winter in Japan

By Lydia , November 2012

Japan ‘s high seas on comes every year when the cherry blossom trees come alive with pale pink blossoms, and for good reason. It’s an incredibly picturesque time to visit the country’s temples,  ...  Read more

Christmas in Japan

By Emma , Australia, November 2012

Christmas in Japan is unlike any Christmas you might have experienced growing up in the West. Japanese people, while tolerant of all religions, are predominately Shinto or Buddhist in their beliefs ...  Read more

Budgeting Tips for Japan

By Lydia , September 2012

Japan is a notoriously expensive destination, but that doesn’t make it impossible for budget travelers to enjoy the quirky culture, amazing food and stunning sights the island country has to ...  Read more

Traditional Annual Events in Japan in September

By Lydia , September 2012

While the majority of Japanese festivals fall within the summer months, festival season never really ends in Japan . Here are a few of those events that you can look forward to in September.  ...  Read more

Traditional Annual Events in Japan for August

By Lydia , July 2012

August is festival season in Japan with more events held than any other summer month. If you’re planning a trip to Japan during the late summer, here are a few of the traditional annual events ...  Read more

The Gion Matsuri Summer Festival in Japan

By Emma , Australia, June 2012

The Gion Matsuri is a famous festival that is said to mark the beginning of summer in Japan . Held in Kyoto , the country’s ancient capital since 869 AD, the Gion Matsuri is steeped in ritual ...  Read more

July in Japan: Traditional Annual Events

By John Reality , Cambodia, June 2012

Attendance at one or more of the many cultural and religious events and festivals that take place in Japan throughout the year can make your visit to the country particularly memorable. The ...  Read more

June in Japan: Traditional Annual Events

By John Reality , Cambodia, May 2012

Travel in Japan is considerably enriched by attending one or more of the many cultural and religious events and festivals that take place throughout the year. The following is a sampling of ...  Read more

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