To visit beautiful Luxor is to be part of one of the oldest traditions. People have been touring this amazing Egyptian city since the ancient Greek and Roman eras. To have that kind of longevity there must be a remarkable draw, so it’s no wonder ... 

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xmas and egypt 178

February 2011

Sian Jordan and Ethan having a ball cruising up the nile

Statues of Hatshepsut

May 2010

Hatshepsut Temple

@ Hatshepsut Temple

May 2010

Laura and Juan at the Temple

Colossi of Memnon

May 2010

Laura and Juan at Colossi of Memnon.

Karnak Temple

December 2009

Adrian W
United Kingdom

Entrance to Karnak temple

sunset on the Nile

December 2014

sunset as captured from the sundeck of the ship, lovely weather and a magnificent sunset

the temple of Edfu

December 2014

on the second day of the cruise we visited the temple of Edfu

view from behind the ship

December 2014

this picture was taken from the sun deck on the ship while sailing

our room on the ship

December 2014

beautiful room

the name of Ramses II on one of the pillars

March 2014

he continued the building projects after his father Seti I died.

the entrance of the temple

March 2014

the entrance of the temple is lined with rams on either side. supposedly this ram road connected Karnak temple to Luxor temple 3 km away.

miniature of the temple complex

March 2014

my amazing tour guide explained some basic things first using this miniature replica of the temple site and them showed me the stuff one by one. he was very patient and let me take my time examining the temple.

the queen Hatshepsut with the goddess Hathor

March 2014

Hathor depicted as a very beautiful cow which was one of her forms being fed by the queen.

the queen herself

March 2014

the queen herself depicted on the walls of the temple dressed as a Pharaoh with a dark body and a man's dress but she kept her face light to indicate she was a woman. they did not have a word for queen in their language so she made herself King and was depicted accordingly.

Queen Hatshepsut temple

March 2014

Queen Hatshepsut got these trees from the land of Punt and planted them next to her temple. you can see the site of the ancient garden with the remains of the trees.

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