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Northern China Travel Tips

Beijing Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, August 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 402 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Beijing is a wonderful mixture of the ancient and the modern, the past and the present. A true ancient citadel with a history of Emperors and temples, it is now the seat of communist power with a ...  Read more

Beijing Temples

By Viator, August 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 67 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

These days the temples Beijing builds may be more to the gods of business than harvests as modern skyscrapers pop up, but this ancient city is also rich in temples redolent of a more spiritual ...  Read more

Guide to Climbing the Great Wall

By Viator, May 2016

4 star rating: Recommended 264 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Many will be disappointed to know that the Great Wall of China isn?t, in fact, visible from space, but it?s nonetheless one of the most deservedly iconic landmarks in the world. Easily visited from ...  Read more

Exploring the Forbidden City

By Viator, August 2015

4 star rating: Recommended 91 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

If there?s one sight that has come to represent not only Beijing, but Imperial China as a whole, it?s the Forbidden City. Closed to the world for some 500 years, this vast Imperial palace puts into ...  Read more

Beijing Cuisine

By Viator, August 2015

4 star rating: Recommended 83 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

To think of Chinese cuisine as one unified whole is an error; the landmass of China is as large as the United States and its regional cuisine is just as diverse, with Beijing?s popular dishes tasting ...  Read more

Acrobatic Shows in Beijing

By Viator, August 2015

4 star rating: Recommended 44 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Chinese acrobatics is a tradition dating back as early as the Qin Dynasty. Characterized by a variety of acrobatic feats and demonstrations of physical strength, balance and agility, these ...  Read more

Skiing in China

By Lydia, March 2013

China?s mountains may not live up to the European Alps or the North American Rockies when it comes to snow sports, but that doesn?t mean skiers and boarders have to miss out on prime snow season due ...  Read more

Harbin Ice Festival

By Lydia, January 2013

Every winter since the 1980, the frigid city of Harbin in northern China has hosted one of the world?s most visually stunning holiday displays, the Harbin Ice Festival. A far cry from the ice swans ...  Read more

Qingdao International Beer Festival

By Lydia, July 2012

China isn?t typically a destination associated with beer drinking, but each August, the coastal city of Qingdao plays host to the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the largest of its kind in ...  Read more

Tea Ceremony in Beijing

By Viator, August 2015

Tours & Tickets

You may have heard of China's Silk Road, but its less famous yet equally important cousin is the Tea Horse Trail. Tea has played a fundamental part of day to day life in China dating back thousands ...  Read more

Cherry Blossoms in Beijing

By Lydia, March 2013

During late March and throughout April, spring usually pays a visit to Beijing, bringing with it a colorful display of cherry blossoms. If you?re in China?s capital city during this lovely time of ...  Read more

How to Get Around in Beijing

By Lydia, March 2013

The prospect of making your way around city the size of Beijing, and one with the traffic problems China?s capital is notorious for, is certainly daunting. Luckily, you?ll have a wealth of ...  Read more

Things to Do in Beijing in Winter

By Lydia, February 2013

Winter is Beijing?s off season, making it the quietest time to visit the city?s best attractions. While the cold can get bitter in this northern capital, the city?s charm is magnified anytime it gets ...  Read more

Chinese New Year in Beijing

By Lydia, January 2013

Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is an exciting time to be in Beijing. As China?s most important holiday, Chinese New Year gives visitors a chance to experience some ...  Read more

New Year?s Eve in Beijing

By Lydia, December 2012

Historically, Beijing hasn?t been a very exciting place to ring in the New Year, but locals are beginning to jump on the Western holiday bandwagon. If you?re traveling in Beijing this New ...  Read more

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