Appian Way and the Aurelian Wall

The Appian Way (Via Appia), an important Imperial Roman road dating from the 4th century BC, was built to quickly move supplies and Roman soldiers to strategic points of the Roman Empire. The Appian Way was the first and most important Roman road, ... 

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Picture Tour Appia

August 2011

Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Roman Countryside Bike Tour

Appian Way

May 2015

A photo of the road sign of the Appian Way.

Appian way

May 2015

Photo taken by the Appian way.

Our tour guide and myself

June 2014

We are on the Appian Way, which was one of the main ancient roads into Rome.

Ancient Appian Way

June 2014

Stopping to stroll along the Ancient Appian Way outside Rome.

Biking the Appian way

August 2013

Probably the highlight of my time in Rome. Not an area most tourists see but well worth it. Comfort on a bike needed yes but great physical fitness not.

Via Appia Bike Tour Rome 2013

April 2013

Hans W

Even on a rainy day a bike trip along Via Appia is fantastic!!!

Ancient Appian Way

June 2012

There it is again.

Riding on the Appian Way.

January 2012

Our guide (in the green) explaining the roman tombs along the Appian Way.

Appian Way Oct 15, 2011

October 2011

Our guide, Manuel explaining about the Land Nymhs!!!

Appian Way Bike Tour.

October 2011

Navigating the traffic on our return, even an 11 year old can do it.

Appian Way Bike Tour.

October 2011

Peak hour at the peccorino cheese factory.

Appian Way Bike Tour.

October 2011

Wine and cheese, a well deserved break.

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