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Borghese Gallery& Gardens

By Viator, July 2015

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The Borghese Gallery (Galleria Borghese) is in central Rome, located within the Villa Borghese. The Borgheses were a very powerful Italian family rising to prominence and wealth after one member ...  Read more

Super Savers in Rome

By Viator, July 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 1062 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Saving in Rome has never been easier. Our specialists have carefully selected and bundled top tours to get you extra savings on your next holiday in Rome.

Tuscany from Rome

By Viator, July 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 1378 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

So much can be said for Rome and the surrounding south of Italy. But those who would sing the praises of its cobbled alleyways, ancient aqueducts, and bustling air of Italian joie-de-vivre, can ...  Read more

Best Rome Walking Tours

By Viator, July 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 104 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

1. Ancient Rome Explore the Colosseum and Forum in style on a private walking tour with an art expert, and skip the queues for the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. Accompanied by your own private ...  Read more

2015 Travelers' Choice Landmark Award: St Peter's Basilica

By Viator, July 2015

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 18030 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

St Peter's Basilica was chosen by travelers like you as the No. 6 world landmark in the 2015 TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Landmarks Awards. See the 24 other winners here . Built between 1506 ...  Read more

How to Get to Pompeii from Rome

By Viator, July 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 605 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy - and with good reason. The trouble for many visitors is that most Italy itineraries don?t get further south than Rome, and Pompeii is ...  Read more

Go to Ponza!!!!!

By Atiya P , July 2015

The boat tour of Ponza is a must, especially if you like to swim and snorkel!

Download the Viator Insider's Guide to Italy

By Viator, June 2015

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At Viator, our goal has always been to help travelers find the best things to see and do around the world. Our team of travel insiders handpicks every tour, our mobile apps keep you connected on ...  Read more

Top Biking Tours in Rome

By Viator, June 2015

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Some cities lend themselves well to bicycles as a mode of transportation, while others seem to create an atmosphere in which it is more intimidating to hop on a bike when everyone else is ...  Read more

Best Day Trips from Rome

By Viator, June 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 1913 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

The city of Rome alone is full enough of treasures to last a lifetime, however, when in Rome you shouldn?t forget the other amazing sights of Italy. It may be impossible to truly discover ...  Read more

Rome for All Ages

By Viator, June 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 262 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

A family trip to Italy is the sort of thing you hope your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. More than just the great pizza or gelato, however, you hope they'll understand some of the ...  Read more

Rome by Vespa & Vintage Fiat

By Viator, June 2015

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 85 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

What could possibly be more fantastic than zipping through the streets of Rome on a vintage Fiat or Vespa? After all, you?ve seen it done in many a Hollywood film, and it looks so easy. As you might ...  Read more

Rome in One Day

By Viator, June 2015

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 203 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

They say all roads lead to Rome, and hopefully the road you are on will eventually wind its way around to the Eternal City. Calm and chaotic, metropolitan and provincial, from ancient catacombs to ...  Read more

Private Day Trips From Rome

By Viator, June 2015

3.5 star rating: Worth doing 2 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Rome is a Mecca for art, history, religion and culture. Travelers looking to experience the best of this European destination can explore it on foot, by bus, on their own or as part of one of ...  Read more

See Rome by Bike

By Viator, June 2015

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 126 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Want to see unique sights of Rome along with the major attractions in a fun and easy way? Try biking! You can get across the Eternal City faster than walking while avoiding car traffic and going to ...  Read more

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