Scotland Travel Tips

The Hebrides Islands

By Zoe Smith , United Kingdom, March 2013

Sprawling off the northwest coast of Scotland , the vast archipelago of the Hebrides Islands is made up of over 500 islands and islets, divided into the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Inhabited since ...  Read more

Climbing Ben Nevis, Britain’s Highest Peak

By Zoe Smith , United Kingdom, January 2013

In a country renowned for its sweeping glens and vast moorlands, scaling Scotland‘s highest mountain makes a welcome change of pace for hikers, as well as affording some spectacular views from its ...  Read more

Scotland in Winter

By Zoe Smith , United Kingdom, December 2012

With the northern highlands enveloped in snow and the cities ablaze with Christmas lights and fireworks, winter makes for an atmospheric time to visit Scotland, as well as being one of the cheapest ...  Read more

Celebrating the Holidays in Scotland

By Zoe Smith , United Kingdom, November 2012

With freezing temperatures and pouring rains, Scotland might not be most people’s first choice to spend the festive season, but with some of the most riotous New Year’s celebrations in Europe, it’s ...  Read more

Iona Island in the Hebrides

By Philippa Burne , UK, October 2012

Iona is a tiny island off the west coast of Scotland in the Hebrides. For such a small piece of land it has a long and impressive history, from being the birthplace of Christianity in Scotland, to ...  Read more

Train Travel in Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, September 2012

Travelling by train is one of the best ways to see a place—you get to relax and let someone else do the driving, and you can gaze out the window at the scenery. This is particularly true in  ...  Read more

Hiking and Trekking in Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, August 2012

Whether you’re a serious trekker or just a Sunday stroller, Scotland is an excellent place to strap on those sensible shoes and head outdoors. If you like a long walk, there are four official ...  Read more

Bagging the Munros of Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, July 2012

No this does not mean playing bagpipes and wearing tartan at the Munro family home. Munros are mountains and bagging them just means you’ve walked up them. The Munros are the mountains in Scotland ...  Read more

Gilmerton Cove in Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, July 2012

Don’t be misled by the name, this cove has nothing to do with the sea, and is a trick of language, cove being the old Scots word for cave. Gilmerton Cove in Scotland then, is actually a cave. Or ...  Read more

The Wild Northern Islands of Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, June 2012

The Scots are a hardy bunch. The landscape they inhabit is wild and harsh, especially during those northern winters; those who live on the islands are particularly close to nature in all its beauty ...  Read more

Top Biking Trails in Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, February 2012

They’ve got the wide open spaces, the highlands, the lowlands, the hills, mountains and views, so of course Scotland is becoming one of the world’s greatest places for mountain biking. And being ...  Read more

A White Christmas in Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, December 2011

I was happy to be going so far north for my first wintry Christmas; naturally I was hoping for snow. We left London amidst forecasts of snow, arrived in Edinburgh under those heavy grey skies that ...  Read more

Give Art for Christmas

By Philippa Burne , UK, November 2011

If you’re looking for something different to give as a gift this year, head for the Open Art Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. Open from mid-November to mid-December, its focus ...  Read more

Bringin Back Tartan

By Philippa Burne , UK, October 2011

Sir Walter Scott may have been the world’s best marketer. What was he selling? Scotland. Editor's Note: This is an excerpt from our Scotland Things To Do blog. Visit the original post to ...  Read more

Top foods to try in Scotland

By Philippa Burne , UK, September 2011

A trip to Scotland can be an adventure for your taste buds as much as a feast for your eyes. Due to its rugged country and land and its often harsh history, certain eating habits developed ...  Read more

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