Singapore Zoo

By ROD C, Australia, October 2011

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A lot o people don't like zoos, including me until I visited the Singapore Zoo last week. I worried that locking animals up in cages is just unnatural, and that making people pay money to see them locked up is somehow morally wrong. But Singapore Zoo does a good job of educating you about the animals natural habitats, if and why they are endangered, and what's happening to protect each of their respective homelands.

The Zoo is so well run that you have no doubt the animals are well cared for and humanely treated. Keeping a few of each species in this type of environment in order to educate us humans about them seems a reasonable price to pay, and the delighted looks on the faces of kids suggests that many will grow up to be more thoughtful and caring for animals than they might have been in ignorance.

Singapore Zoo is brilliantly organised, and even though the days are hot there's plenty of shade and refreshments and entertainment. I got some great shots (attached here) and was even a little sad I couldn't make it back for the night safari, which is apparently wonderful. I talked to quite a few visitors while I was there -- it's amazing the number of nationalities you will find at a place like this -- and everyone was enjoying their visit. No negative input at all... that's pretty rare!

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