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Nakamise Street

For kitschy souvenirs and trinkets to bring home as gifts or mementos of your time in Japan, there’s really only one place to shop, and that’s Nakamise Street. The name roughly translates to “Street of Inside Shops,” and you’ll find both sides lined ... 

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5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2015

It was a very good tour and it provided an excellent introduction to Tokyo. First stop was at the Tokyo Tower which provided an excellent view of how large Tokyo is. Second stop was for the Tea Ceremony. Our group was split into two where one group went for the Tea Ceremony while the other group visited the nearby Mitsuo Aida Museum. Afterwards, the two groups switched places.

Lunch consisted of a bento box and Shabu-Shabu which was quite filling and very tasty. After lunch, we stopped at the outside of the Imperial Palace. Next, we visited the Hama-rikyu Gardens which was a peaceful break from the city. The Sumida River cruise was next. It was quite crowded on the boat. Last stop was at the Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street for some souvenir shopping.

Doing what: Tokyo Tower, Tea Ceremony and Sumida River Cruise Day Tour

Michelle M

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2013

We joined this tour on our 3rd and final full day in Tokyo. We thoroughly enjoyed it. We had travelled around Tokyo on our own the previous 2 days, but this tour covered alot of ground, provided some respite from the heat and was thoroughly interesting. Our guide Junko was excellent. Her English is impeccable, and she gave good explanations of where we were going and what we would see. She tought us about the customs and even taught us a few words of Japanese. She did a good job of managing the large group, and keeping us together. She even wrote out some directions for us in Japanese at the end of the tour. The tour was diverse and very interesting. First stop was at the Tokyo Tower. We had a clear day, with good views. The Happo-en garden was beautiful, with a wonderful assortment of bonsai trees. It was interesting to see the rituals of the tea ceremony. A wonderful bonus was seeing 3 bridal parties in the garden that day, some in traditional dress, some in white gowns. Lunch was at a beautiful hotel, with an extensive garden, with more brides! The BBQ was delicious [Oishi]. We walked around the Imperial Palace, and saw what we could of the manucured grounds and buildings from the gate.Through the GInza, and all the fancy shops. Then it was on the river on a short cruise, past some interesting sights, to Asakusa Cannon Temple via the Nakamise shopping street. The shopping street was interesting, lots of small shops and stalls, with samples of snacks and lots of kimonos to try on. The temple and the pagoda are beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. It was the perfect of our time in Tokyo. It would have been very difficult, especially in the heat and himidity, to cover as much ground as we did in one day on one's own.

Doing what: Tokyo Tower, Tea Ceremony and Sumida River Cruise Day Tour


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2010

Great tour for first timers, recommend leaving the tour at Nakamise, to spend more time shopping.

Doing what: Tokyo Morning Tour: Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple and Ginza Shopping District


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2008

This is a great tour. We left the tour in Asakusa to shop at the Nakamise area. Be sure you know where they leave you in Ginza. You need to find your way back! We knew this but it was funny to see the reactions of people when they found out they had to find their way back. Do your research people!!!

Doing what: Tokyo Morning Tour: Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple and Ginza Shopping District

Phuonganh L

4 star rating: Recommended
March 2016

Requested a special pick up at Tokyo Station, and since the bus was behind one of the hostesses got us all cabs to get to the main pick up location. Informative tour, not too much walking, plenty of time to roam by ourselves. Had a lot of fun and great pics from the WTC observation deck, Imperial Palace, Nakamise Street, and the temple. However, on the River Cruise, we sat on the top deck while the tour guide went down below to the bottom deck so there was no one explaining what we were seeing. The cruise was pretty long and sights weren't too exciting on this dark, cloudy afternoon. Overall nice, half day tour worth what we paid for!

Doing what: Tokyo Highlights Afternoon Tour and Sumida River Cruise

Catherine C Philippines

4 star rating: Recommended
April 2014

This tour covers most of Tokyo's attractions especially if you have limited time. It starts at the Tokyo Tower where you can have a panoramic view of Tokyo's Skyline then go to Happo-en Japanese Garden and participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony which was something unique for me. The Happo-en Garden is quite an attraction in itself being a favorite venue for Japanese weddings.. From there we went to have lunch in Chinzanso Tokyo Garden Hotel located somewhere in the outskirts of the city with beautiful sakura in the garden and lining the Kanda River at the back. We had a taste of Japanese barBQ done right in front of us on our table! And we were all made to wear an oversized bib! Had to have pics taken!. From there, we went around to the Imperial Palace grounds to have a photo stop notwithstanding the rain. Then we hurried to the pier for our Sumida River Cruise. Although it was raining, the view on both sides were still visible. It was just too crowded for comfort!. We were glad to disembark near the ASAKUSA to see the temple and the busy Nakamise St where we bought some souvenirs in a hurry. The Tokyo Skytree can also be seen from Asakusa.. After that we were dropped off in GINZA for shopping and /or go back on our own to our hotels.

Doing what: Tokyo Tower, Tea Ceremony and Sumida River Cruise Day Tour


4 star rating: Recommended
December 2013

Our guide Ms. Junko was not only helpful, but well informed and had detailed insight regarding the shrines and temples that we stopped to visit. The tour was enjoyable and entertaining while the guide shared history and details about the areas in which we were moving around. I would prefer to have removed from the list of highlights, the nakamise shopping street and Ginza shopping district because those are only observed momentarily from the bus and would not consider those "highlights of the tour". 8.5 hours seems like a lot however getting to one place to another consumes a lot of time, so strolling and admiring the visiting places are down to a bare minimum, it felt like we were rushing everywhere. On the plus side you do get to relax and cool down at the end while you do the Tokyo Bay cruise, so it was all very positive.

Doing what: Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour - Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Joseph G

4 star rating: Recommended
June 2012

Tour was well coordinated and informative.. The English speaking tour guide was excellent, and knowledgeable. Unfortunately due to the time of year (mid June to mid July) we were rained on. This is an excellent tour for a good overview of the area. The highlight being the visit to the Kannon Temple and Nakamise shopping tour in Asukasa.

Doing what: Tokyo Highlights Afternoon Tour and Sumida River Cruise

Pearl P C

3 star rating: Worth doing
October 2015

A taste of Tokyo city, although I find the tour to be a bit rushed as it is only half day. I guess good for those who only have a few days in Tokyo. I found the Asakusa temple visit interesting so we stayed behind even after the tour is finished. We ended up having a nice traditional Japanese meal within the Nakamise shopping street area.

Doing what: Tokyo Morning Sightseeing Tour

Chantelbh United Kingdom

3 star rating: Worth doing
March 2015

Id been in Tokyo 5-days before the trip JapanAnime2015 festival so for me it was great as I already knew how to get to and from the pick-up and drop off points on my trip they were at different locations. Id also visited / skirted around some of the sights on the tour schedule which meant I could focus on other aspects within the tour that I hadnt seen.

My personal highlights are the bay cruise, viewing Odaiba from a different perspective and the visit to Asakusa. Due to time restraints I didnt get to see EVERYTHING, so I went back and at a much more leisurely pace really savoured my surroundings. I would recommend visiting the Ema Exhibition and Denboin Garden the exhibition pieces are fantastic and the gardens are beautiful! and surprisingly tranquil and peaceful considering its location, this is not part of the tour and you may not have time during the tour itself as youll be at the Kannon Temple and then off down some of the Nakamise shopping arcade dont just go straight take a couple of turns itll be worth it. For me this was a great introduction tour not only to Asakusa but to Tokyo and I really enjoyed it.

If your hotel is not one that gets a hotel pick-up, I would recommend knowing what metro / train line your hotel is on and how to get from your hotel to Hamamatsucho Station-JR Yamanote line Id recommend this as a second-day tour purely for the above reasons although your guild will help you.

The only negative which is not really a negative is that my tour lunch was western it was a lovely 3-course meal with a stunning backdrop view but I was expecting Japanese cuisine

Doing what: Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour - Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

jean h

3 star rating: Worth doing
April 2013

The tour was just OK. I would have liked spending more time at Nakamise street and skip the Sumida River cruise. For most of the cruise there was nothiung of much interest to see and then finally about 5 minutes of the cherry blossoms.

Doing what: Tokyo Highlights Afternoon Tour and Sumida River Cruise

Suzana P

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
August 2014

The guide didn't say much about the places itself.
In the description of the tour it says that on certain days the Imperial Palace Plaza was visited. I schooled the tour expecting to go there, but that's not what happened.
Nakamise Dori wasn't visited with the tour guide, nothing was explained about that.
Ginza Discrict was the drop-off place only, we didn't go around it.
I wouldn't recommend this tour, it would do any other. There was too much time lost waiting for the tour to start and latter the places were visited in a very fast way.

Doing what: Tokyo Morning Tour: Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple and Ginza Shopping District

Sandra H

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
April 2015

Major disappointment. The tour guide didn't get his name, but he was 66, very fit and still had his 4 kids at home with him spent more time talking about himself and not the places we were passing. At our first stop shrine he was off in a flash. It was a wet day and lots of umbrellas. We had no idea where he was or what he could have been telling us about the shrine. Then next stop he had even walked off before we had time to get off the bus. We were chasing him all the time. When I did catch up I asked him to wait for everybody, but he said he didn't have time to wait. We were so livid. We got off the tour then and spent the afternoon walking around Nakamise street on our own and caught the subway back to Ginza where we were staying. You would be better off familiarising yourself with the train/subway system and doing the tour yourself.

Doing what: Tokyo Morning Tour: Meiji Shrine, Senso-ji Temple and Ginza Shopping District

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