Designed by Italian architect Luigi Moretti in 1962, this distinctive five-building apartment and business complex beside the Potomac River was home to the political scandal that caused the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. However, as this ... 

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The Odeyssay

November 2009

One of the major highlights of our trip to Washington, DC in the latter part of October, was a tour of the Potomac River arranged through Viator Tours. This is the cruise boat that took us on an exciting two-hour long trip along the Potomac River. This tour included a brunch of unexpected proportions and a small dance band that kept us entertained. Take your camere when you go on this tour, because the picture-taking possibilities are endless!


November 2009

The pilot of the boat skilfully navigated under several bridges on the Potomac River

Lincoln Memorial

November 2009

A Viator tour along the Potomac River offers many exciting picture-taking possibilities. Several major memorials can be seen from the boat as you cruise along the Potomac River. The Lincoln Memorial, pictured here, is one of the most-visited sites in the U.S. Capital. You will also see the Jefferson Memorial and the obelisk of the Washington Memorial.

Arlington Memorial Bridge

November 2009

This spectacular view of the Lincoln Memorial, just as the Odyssey is about to go under the Arlington Memorial Bridge, is one of the many fabulous locations you can photograph from your Viator cruise boat on the Potomac

Aye, Aye, Captain

November 2009

This gentleman, whose name we did not obtain, piloted the Odyssey on our Viator cruise of the Potomac River

At the Marina - View #1

November 2009

These private boats were anchored at the Gangplank Marina in Washington, DC

At the Marina -View #2

November 2009

Private seacraft anchored at the Gangplank Marina in Washington, DC

Ready to Sail

November 2009

A private boat anchored at the Gangplank Marina in Washington, DC, prepares to take sail.


November 2009

One of the exciting and delectable activites near water is watching the way the waves slowly create new shapes and shadows on the water.

Colorful Restaurant

November 2009

Although we did not eat there, the colorful decorations made this restaurant very beguiling.

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