It’s the Latin word for traveler.

Meet Viator's Team of Travel Experts

The Viator team is made up of industry experts and passionate travelers: collectively we've traveled to more than 160 countries, and when we're not busy talking about our last trip, we're busy planning our next adventure. So meet some of the travel-obsessed people behind the scenes at Viator. Who knows, maybe you'll run into one of us on your next trip.

Hannah Ahern

Hannah is originally from Somerset in the South West of England, and very proud of this as Somerset is famous for its excellent cider-making and for being the home of Cheddar Cheese, both of which are pretty high on her list of favourite things! She has traveled around Asia a lot, and absolutely loves that part of the world, but her favorite city in the world has got to be London, it's an incredibly exciting city to live in, and never get bored. Her favourite traveling memory from her trips aboard is sailing the Whitsundays in Australia, closely followed by a trip to Rome last year. Hannah has worked in travel for 4 years and has loads of worldwide travel knowledge. She has her next trip planned out already, which will be to Dubrovnik, Montenegro and Albania as she loves getting off the beaten track and going somewhere a bit adventurous every now and then. She's particularly excited go hiking and rafting in the Tara Canyon in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro as it looks absolutely amazing!

Dawn Ambroise

Dawn Ambroise is our QA and Training Manager for our call center in Las Vegas. Dawn is a transplanted New Yorker and has been in Las Vegas since 2002. Dawn has worked in the travel industry for 14 years and loves learning about (and visiting!) new and exciting places. Although she has visited many great places, NY remains her favorite place in the world. She is looking forward to more travel time in the future and is always on the lookout for family friendly activities to enjoy with her husband and two daughters.

Sam Baker

Sam is one of Viator's senior developers. He works in the background, making sure all the cogs keep turning, usually holding an oil-can. He grew up in Dubbo, which is in central western NSW, then moved to Sydney after finishing Uni. He has been to Hong Kong and New Zealand, and just got back from a trip around the north-eastern US and parts of Canada.

Alexandra Badger

Alex Badger is Viator's London-based Senior Copywriter, writing up all-things-exciting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Having worked in several travel-related industries including ski and hospitality, it's no surprise her biggest passions are skiing and cooking! When not on the slopes, in the kitchen or hard at work for Viator, Alex can be found planning her next big trip.

Michelle Bassil

Michelle is Viator's Product Manager for Asia Pacific, based in our Sydney office. After spending many years living in London and Hong Kong and traveling to all corners of the globe, Michelle returned to Australia and now is loving discovering so many great experiences in her own backyard. Some of her favorite things she has done recently include seeing the Great Barrier Reef from above and below on a Great Barrier Reef Scenic Helicopter Tour and Cruise from Cairns, experiencing the magic of Australia's Top End on a 3-Day Kakadu National Park and Katherine Camping Tour from Darwin, flying high over New Zealand's magnificent scenery on a Remarkables Mountain Range Helicopter Flight from Queenstown and improving her Japanese cooking skills on a Kyoto Cooking Class & Sake Tasting Tour.

Sila Cameselle Vila

Sila is a Product Sales Manager for Viator. Currently based in London, she's originally from Spain and loves telling people about the cultural differences within her country. Her favorite travel experiences include roughing it with kiwis on a road trip around New Zealand, eating freshly made focaccia in Cinque Terre, seeing Manhattan's landscape at night, and lounging in the European Caribbean, the Islas Cies, only a short boat-trip away from her hometown in Galicia, North Spain! When not traveling, you'll find Sila dancing, cooking, writing short stories or enjoying time with friends and family.

Sandra Castilla

Sandra originally from Colombia, came to UK 7 years ago to learn English for 6 months but since day one, she fell in love with the country. She has been living in London since then and in her spare time she tries to travel around England and Europe as much as she can to meet new people and learn about different cultures and cuisines. After her studies and work experience in the Education sector in UK for 5 years, she joined Viator as a Product Coordinator, focusing in the Italian, Turkish and Spanish markets.

Maria Chatterton-White

Maria is our European Marketing Manager, responsible for all the marketing activities across our 9 multilingual sites. A Londoner through and through, Maria loves talking about all that's new and cool in the Capital. But when she is not exploring her home town, her second love is her Italian heritage and with that indulging in Mediterranean food and wines. Never one to shy away from an adventure — her life dream is a buy an old school VW caper van and travel the world one road at a time. Maria's travel tip: Eat where the locals eat, be sure to learn a little of the local language and don't be afraid to try something new!!

Calvin Colton

Calvin comes to Viator by way of Phoenix, Arizona and Des Moines, Iowa. His passion is outdoor activities, particularly snowboarding, hiking, and camping. He has lived in Germany, and traveled western Europe including France, Switzerland, and Netherlands. He's hoping his next trip leads him to East Asia, particularly Japan.

Kathryn Cornell

Managing Editor Products' Katie Cornell is a lover of the West Coast. She graduated from University of Oregon in Eugene and lived in Los Angeles and Seattle before returning to her roots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to joining the Viator team, Katie served as an editor at VIA, AAA's travel magazine. When she isn't obsessing over deadlines and geeky grammar rules, she's planning trips near and far. Lately she's daydreaming about visits to India for Holi festivities, Belize for a trek through the rainforest, and the Southern US for all the delicious deep-fried food that she shouldn't eat.

Jason Cree

Jason Cree, Viator's Global Recruiting Manager, is one of the rare breeds that was born and raised in Las Vegas. After graduating from UNLV in 2000, Jason decided to move around the United States. Some of the cities he has lived in include Dallas, Denver, Portland, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Jason moved back to Las Vegas recently and intends to stay for good. Sports betting, video keno, and UNLV basketball games are some of his favorite hobbies, along with traveling. He hopes to make it to Greece for his honeymoon next year.

Jenny Crossling

Jenny Crossling is our Regional Director North America Sales, based in our Las Vegas office. Jenny has worked at Viator since 2000 and loves to try out new experiences around the world. Some of her favorites have been playing with lemurs & penguins, swimming with dolphins & sharks and feeding rhinos & stingrays. Her job has taken her all over the Americas, from New York to the Caribbean, with Las Vegas being the favorite spot! She loves what she does and is always looking for those new, cool experiences to sell on Viator.

Marissa Evans

Marissa Evans works in our Las Vegas office and helps look after many of our North America destinations. Originally from Northern California, Marissa likes to travel throughout both the US and abroad. Recently returning from a 2-week trip to Europe, Marissa got the chance to practice her Spanish in Barcelona, try her luck at the Monte Carlo Casino and go wine tasting in Sardinia. Marissa's new favorite method of travel? By segway! Marissa loves that her job helps create travel experiences and memories for others and looks forward to making many new traveling memories of her own.

Julia Fleury

Julia works in Viator's Las Vegas office as a Product Sales Coordinator looking after the Southwest United States and Theme Parks nationwide. Hailing from New Jersey (exit 161), Julia has been an avid traveler since 6 months old. She has traveled to over 100 cities throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, China, Taiwan, and Europe by the age of 22! Julia's travel tip: turn any opportunity into a memorable experience whether it's drinking Snake Wine down the Yangtze River, parasailing over the French Riviera, pub crawling in Prague or taking a 16-hour train ride across Europe. Some of the best memories, friends and experiences are made by letting loose and having fun!

Ian Frentz

Ian Frentz is Viator's quality assurance manager, based in our Sydney office. Ian has been kicking around the travel industry for the last 23 years, and even doing a bit of work when he hasn't been heading off to another country (40 countries visited at the last count). He has a passion for rugby union, good wine and exotic cuisine, and strives to combine all of them when traveling. Ian's best trip? Always the next one coming up!!

John Gibbs

John is our Director of Client Services, working with our major distribution partners. He has had the travel 'bug' since a teenager and attributes his early love for travel to his Aunt, who worked for an airline. When not at work or traveling to somewhere fun, John enjoys hiking -- check out his blog at

Ryan Ginja

Ryan works at Viator's San Francisco office as a Market Coordinator in our Global Sales oranization. Ryan's responsible for developing activities in Canada, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii. After growing up in New Hampshire and graduating from college in upstate New York, Ryan made the trip across the country to San Francisco, further satisfying his appetite for travel near and far. Ryan has traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America, falling in love with cities like Lisbon, Berlin, Copenhagen and Washington DC. The next stamp he hopes to get on his passport? Too many to list. But Brazil, Thailand, Egypt and Israel are definitely up there.

Alex Gnoss

Alex grew up in Sonoma California and studied international business at the University of Oregon. (Go Ducks – sorry about that Wisconsin loss!) She spent a year living in Paris and Lyon where she participated in an international business program at a French business school and fell in love with all things European. Alex shares the Viator passion for travel - having traveled to 19 countries, most recently Peru where she did a five day trek through the Andes mountains to Machu Picchu. Her next trip is back to France for a five year reunion, meeting up with all of the international students who were in her program.

Daniel Hackett

Daniel is our Regional Director, Latin America Sales at Viator. Daniel has worked in both the San Francisco headquarters, as well as his current home, the London office. He enjoys life in London, although he would prefer the warm climate of some of his destinations, such as Mexico and the Caribbean!

Duncan Hall

Duncan Hall is our IT Director, outback adventurer and longest-serving member of staff. Duncan is equally at home driving across deserts in central Australia, air boating in wetlands near Kakadu, skiing in New Zealand, going bush in Far North Queensland, circumnavigating Bali on a motorcycle, sailing on San Francisco Bay, landing in a helicopter in the Grand Canyon or working in our data centre making sure the web sites are up and running. Life is too short to only dream of traveling, the adventure is just outside your door.

Katie Hammel

Katie Hammel
Senior Travel Editor Katie Hammel develops content for the Viator Insider's Guides and travel blog and manages relationships with bloggers and brand ambassadors. She was previously the editor at the BootsnAll Travel Network and has written for travel publications including BBC Travel and Travel + Leisure. Katie is from Detroit and lived in Seattle and Chicago before moving to San Francisco in early 2012. Her favorite places in the world are Iceland and Berlin, though closer to home she loves visiting the wineries of Napa Valley.

Chris Handy

Chris has been employed with Viator since the long bygone days of February 2011, or the roaring 11's, as they are commonly known. He is a huge history buff and loves reading and enjoys travel, regardless of how much of it he actually gets to do, and has plans of visiting much of Western Europe to visit various battlefield sights. The idea of standing upon the same ground as the hard men who landed on D-Day, or of the valiant citizen-soldiers who rose up against oppression in occupied Europe excites him to no end. He has two boys at home and loves old reggae, ska and soul music, and the favorite destination (so far) he's been is the Santa-Maria / San Luis Obispo area, beautiful scenery, great people and amazing food. Also, he is a die-hard West Ham United supporter, or "Hammer" as it were.

Melinda Harrington

Melinda is Viator's project manager (and amateur blogger!). Crossing the equator when she was five months old, Melinda developed a love for traveling early. Back at home, her family crisscrossed the United States, adding 49 of the 50 states to her traveling portfolio (why not just go to Alaska and cross them all off the list?). Now based in Australia, she is busy exploring the Southern Hemisphere, sampling the snorkeling in Fiji, New Caledonia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, and - of course - Australia. Melinda has now managed to visit most Australian states and territories. Check out Melinda's posts on the Viator Travel Blog for her latest adventures.

Brooke Heiner

Brooke Heiner started with Viator in 2006, working in the accounting department. She still works closely with the accounting team, but her job description these days has opened up to include working with the product and call center teams. She moved to Las Vegas from Salt Lake City in 1994, which keeps her close to her favorite vacation spot - San Diego. Brooke is a big fan of the outdoors, especially being by the beach and the ocean.

Melissa Houlihan

Melissa is new to the San Francisco area having transferred from the Las Vegas office to become the product coordinator for New York and San Francisco. Though born in Germany, she's spent most of her life in the warmer climes of Thailand, Hawaii, and Florida. She's made her way around, visiting Scotland, France, Singapore and Malaysia to name a few. Immersion is the word when it comes to travel! She delights in experiencing new cultures and bringing some of the local flavor—whether it's food, fashion or superstitions!—home.

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis, Regional Director North America Sales, comes to Viator from 'over the pond' in London, joining Viator's San Francisco team helping create memorable experiences in America and Canada. Tim is a great believer in packing as much into his holidays as possible, so often arrives home more tired than when he started off! Favorite Viator trips to date include the adrenalin-filled Golden Circle Super Jeep and Snowmobiling Tour in Iceland, and a beer-fuelled visit to Munich's legendary Oktoberfest. Tim's top travel tip? Stuff your socks and underwear into your shoes when packing, it'll stop them getting squashed and save you space in your suitcase!

Baidi Li

Baidi Li is Viator's Regional Director APAC Sales, and is based in our San Francisco office. A local Beijinger, Baidi studied industrial design in Germany before following her heart and joining the travel industry. She had previously worked for Intrepid Travel before moving to the Bay Area in 2010. Baidi loves to explore new destinations, capture precious moments with her beloved 7D and learn how to prepare local cuisines. Some of her favorite travel memories are roaming along the Silk Road, exploring the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, celebrating New Years with a friend's family in Tiblisi and digging in a hotpot in Chengdu. The next adventure? Hiking in the Andes!

Catherine Linn

Catherine joined Viator in 2011 as the Online Marketing Assistant in the San Francisco office and is now the Site Merchandising Manager for Asia, Australia and the Pacific. She spent her childhood living in Stockholm and exploring other parts of Europe and Asia with her family, and then later in her college and post-college years, traveling the world. She has lived in Lyon, Los Angeles, Nice, Stockholm, Berkeley, Sydney and currently, San Francisco. Her most memorable travel experience involved adopting an elephant for a day in Chiang Mai! Her next trip? South America!

Blanca López de Uralde

Blanca joined Viator in May 2011 as part of the product team based in the London office. After having managed a few different countries in Southern Europe and the Middle East for a couple of years, she is now focusing on Italy as Product Sales Director for EMEA. Originally from Spain, she takes every opportunity she has to travel to different destinations (sunny ones whenever possible), and is often described by her friends as Willy Fog. Some of her favorite travel memories include snorkeling and elephant riding in Thailand, cooking yummy dishes in Vietnam and wine tasting in the south of France. Blanca's travel tip? Stick with the locals and you´ll taste the most authentic food and will have the best experience ever!

Dan Marchese

Known as "Mobile Dan" due to his involvement with Viator's mobile initiatives, this east coast transplant works in San Francisco where he's lived since 2000. His love of travel began with a high school trip to Spain that left him wanting more. 12 years later he finally made it back. Since then, Dan's been trying to make up for lost time by obsessively planning more trips than he should each year. His favorite Viator experience to date has been Skip the Line: Vatican Museums Walking Tour including Sistine Chapel, Raphael's Rooms and St Peter's

Sarah McGhee

Hailing from the north of England, Sarah started her travel career with a stint in Barcelona before returning to study for a tourism degree in Sheffield. She then moved to Austria for a couple of years to work, snowboard and soak up the sun before hitting London, where she's been ever since. Sarah's top travel destinations? Too many to list, but Thailand, Bali, Gili Island and Singapore are definitely up there.

Nicholas Merrett

Nick joined Viator as Product Manager for the UK, Nordics, Egypt, South Africa and the Russian Federation. Originally from South Africa, he has lived in London for three and a half years, and still finds it an exciting city with endless opportunities and discoveries to be had. His favorite holiday destination was Lebanon, which surpassed every expectation he had, and he recommends everyone takes their next holiday there, immediately. When traveling in South Africa, though, he recommends a first stop in Cape Town with its dramatic landscape of beaches, mountains, and vineyards. In other parts of the country, few things are more spectacular than a game safari on the Highveld; more exhilarating than shark cage diving; and as horrifying, but inspiring as the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg.

Loryanna Michalek

Loryanna Michalek works out of our Las Vegas office as part of our customer care team who handles chat, social media, and general customer support. Originally from Florida, Loryanna's favorite travel experience was the week-long drive across country to get to Las Vegas. She's having a great time in her new hometown taking in the Cirque shows and musicals on the Strip. An adventurer at heart, she's thrilled to be working for Viator, where she can start planning her globe trotting experiences, and keep up with the news abroad. Her next destination plan? London!

Jenna Millemann

Jenna recently joined Viator as the Social Media Manager based in the San Francisco office. After spending five years in a marketing agency she now loves being part of the Viator team. She has resided in San Francisco since 2007 after graduating from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!). Besides exploring the city and all it has to offer she loves traveling whenever possible. Her favorite spots are Cambodia and Croatia but would love to live in Italy if she had a chance. She is already working on planning her next overseas trip.

Katie Moore

Katie joined Viator as a Product Coordinator based in San Francisco. She will be assisting with the management of tours and activities for Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. After graduating from college, Katie spent the summer road tripping across the United States and working in Boston before joining Viator. Katie is a big fan of the outdoors, enjoys hiking and camping, and is looking forward to doing more traveling in the future.

César Mozo

César is one of our foreign reinforcements. Although he is our Financial Analyst, he loves to travel too. As an avid scuba diver, he enjoys destinations were he can get in contact with the abundant marine life, especially in tropical destination. His last trips include two great diving destinations in the Caribbean. The islands of Cozumel in the Riviera Maya (Mexico), and Roatan (Honduras) were he saw amazing animals like spotted manta rays, green turtles and a big amount of coral reef dwellers. When he is not diving, he is learning to fly and keeping in close contact with nature by road and mountain biking in beautiful Marin County, California.

Joe Nguyen

Joe joined Viator as a Product Coordinator for Asia at the end of June 2013. Born in Texas and raised in the Redwood Coast of California, he has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 9 years. As a result of being raised by PBS as a child, Joe is a big fan of the visual arts, music, and is an especially big geek for various fields of science. An avid musician, Joe has been active in the local music scene for the past few years and ultimately hopes to write a ton of material and go on small tours with his band. His favorite trip to date was a round-the-world trip from San Francisco that included stops in London, Marseilles, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and Seoul. One of his favorite vacation moments was driving through the green and yellow checkerboard mustard fields of Dijon. Where does he want to go next? Barcelona.

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols is our Call Center Manager working out of our Las Vegas office. Rachel transplanted from Chicago, IL in 2002. Having lived and traveled around the US she has also explored places around the world including Canada, Mexico, Cayman Islands and her favorite so far has been in Ocho Rios, Jamaica climbing up the Dunns River Falls. Rachel loves what she does and is always looking for a new place to add to her list of places to explore on the radar next would be Australia and New Zealand.

Maria Olegario

Maria works at Viator's Sydney office, helping to look after the Asia-Pacific region. She aims to visit all corners of the globe in order to experience local cultures and local cuisines! Some of her unforgettable experiences include dining at the piazza in Siena on spaghetti marina, drinking cava with local Fijian villagers, devouring Belgian chocolates in Brussels, and sipping cocktails on a balmy Bahamas cruise. Yes, she feels very fortunate to have a job that offers both work, fun and play! Maria is currently planning her next adventure to South America.

Pedro Parades

Born in Los Angeles, CA, he lived there for a year and then moved to Santiago, Chile. Attended to the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile where he graduated from Business and Economics. After college, he went on a trip to South East Asia, and once there, decided to go to San Francisco instead of going back to Chile. His experience is in online marketing and business development. Pedro has travelled to over 25 countries. His top 3 places are: The Gili Islands (Indonesia); Mompiche (Ecuador); and Cau-Cau Beach (Chile).

Jason Paget

Jason comes from a small town on the old border of Sherwood Forest but currently is based on the English sunshine coast. (That’s Brighton by the way...) He’s worked in SEO and digital media for over 5 years, and mainly focuses on improving the general online health of the Viator sites along with driving greater numbers of organic visits internationally. He’s travelled to Asia, across Europe and to North America there’s still a long list left to visit. Inside and outside of work he’s a massive geek who enjoys nothing more than solving issues with a combination of programming, excel and high levels of caffeine.

Pauli Payne

Pauli joined Viator in 2012 after moving to San Francisco from Detroit, where she was born, raised, and educated. As an Online Marketing Manager, she supports aspects of email and design. Pauli is based out of the Las Vegas office but works heavily with the teams in both San Francisco and London. She realized her obsession with travel after her first study abroad near Paris at age ten. Since then, Pauli has traveled to Europe and Central America several times, as well as Western and Eastern Canada and about half of the United States. With a penchant for heights, rivers and snow, she can usually be found searching for mountainous terrain to explore.

Bowen Payson

Bowen is the Director of Product Management at Viator, leading the development of He joins Viator as a self-described travel enthusiast after stints working at Virgin America and consulting with Expedia. His interest in travel started early with drawing route maps and the inevitable fights for the window seat to watch all the workings of an airport. He may not be as well travelled as others at Viator, but has explored six of the seven continents and his best travel experiences to date have been trekking the Inca trail, exploring Kenya by foot, camel, and Range Rover, and traipsing throughout Angkor Wat. In his free time, you’ll find him on his skis, his road bike, or building something.

Emily Radevsky

Emily Radevsky
Emily is our Product Manager for France and is based in the London office. Studying languages gave her the bug for traveling especially after living in various parts of France and Spain over the years. Some of her best travel memories come from the 7 weeks spent travelling round South-East Asia after graduating. Her favourite places for holidays are the French Alps and the vibrant city of Seville. When Emily is not planning her next trip, she enjoys cooking and live music. She recently travelled in South America and loved the salt flats in Bolivia and the Inca Trail in Peru and would love to go back and explore more one day!

Terry Roberts

Terry is a Java developer based in our Sydney office. Terry has lived in London (for almost a year) and Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland (3 years). During that time he extensively explored parts of Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Switzerland, Hungry, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and the Greek Islands. He loved being immersed in the different cultures that Europe had to offer within an hour or two flight. Awesome.

Fernando Santos

Fernando works in the Business Development in the EMEA and LATAM regions, being based in the London office. Before joining Viator, Fernando lived and worked in Portugal (his motherland!), Ireland, Germany and Mozambique, having gained along the years a strong (and strange) affection for African music, frankfurters, espressos, Guinness and football. Thailand has been one the most amazing destinations he has yet visited. Among the many great Viator experiences, he recommends the Flamenco Night at Tablao Cordobes in Barcelona, and the Floating Markets of Damnoen Saduak Cruise Day Trip from Bangkok.

Katrina Sohriakoff

Katrina Sohriakoff has a spot on the marketing team in the San Francisco office. Originally from the California Bay Area, Katrina feels at home in the fog and is loving life in the Big Little City. When the travel bug bites, Katrina dreams of return trips to Spain. If leaving town isn't an option, she satisfies the itch with trips to local tapas bars and listening to Spanish guitar.

Alesia Stochel

Alesia Stochel is the general manager of our Las Vegas office. Alesia has more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry (from hotels to vacation packages to air operations - though, by far, the tours and activities part of the industry is her favorite!). Alesia is originally from Michigan; she's spent 12 years in Dallas, Texas, before continuing west to her new home in Las Vegas. Alesia loves to travel and explore new destinations. Some of her favorite tours / activities in and around Las Vegas: helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon's West Rim and fixed-wing tours to the South Rim. For an adrenaline rush the ATV ride at the edge of the North Rim ranks among her top experiences.

Viggy Chaowei Tao

Viggy Chaowei Tao is one of Viator's UI developers and graphic designer (also an analytics guru!), based in our Sydney office. Viggy joined Viator in 2006 and has been busy ever since with html, css and design. Viggy majored in game design at university, and loves all kinds of computer games, especially adventure and role play games. She also loves adventure in her real life, too! Viggy's spend most of her travels exploring China and Australia.

Jenna Valdespino

Jenna Valdespino works as Viator’s Destinations Content Coordinator in San Francisco, developing helpful information about locations around the world. She has always had an affinity for words and graduated from California State University, Chico with a journalism degree in 2013. Jenna geeks out about grammar, watches a lot of A’s baseball, and spends her free time running. A Bay Area native, she loves taking weekend trips to explore the rest of California, but also hopes to someday visit Argentina, Greece, and South Africa. She’s always adding new destinations to her list of places to see.

Shou Watanabe

Shou Watanabe was born in Tokyo, Japan and decided to pursue the American dream when he was 15-years-old. He has traveled the United States, countries in Central and South America, and Asia; meeting with locals, trying out ethnic cuisine, and learning about different cultures are some the things he looks forward to. During Shou's downtime, he plays and coaches soccer, Iai (art of drawing sword) and loves activities that give him an adrenalin rush. Boasts Shou, "Life is about challenging something that tests your ability and goes beyond it."

Michelle Woods

Michelle is a member of Viator's Destination Marketing Team, and an East Coast transplant. She is excited to check out all that San Francisco has to offer and has been busy checking off a long list of recommended hikes, art venues, and culinary offerings around the Bay Area. Her background includes international non-profit work for student exchange programs and that love for cultural exposure and travel led her to Viator. Having lived in Barcelona and London, she has a soft-spot for Western Europe, but a recent adventure in Peru has left her dreaming about a swift return to South America.

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