Cairo Expert: Ahmed

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Cairo Expert: Ahmed

Cairo Expert: Ahmed


Ahmed mosalam English-speaking tour guide in Cairo. An experienced Viator private guide Viator private guide, Ahmed will provide you with local advice's on places and sites, and help you discover Egypt civilization ,Learn more about Private Tours with Ahmed Private Tours , visit ahmed new site


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This is not my country! The Dawn of a new Egypt!


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It seems like I am a tourist in a place that I have never visited before, not a tour guide in Egypt. People faces are smiling, saying hello and happy day, they even got a strange since of humour and I guess that they are welcoming all foreigners and tourists to their new Egypt as if it is the free land that was brought back by them. Now Egyptians are ready for congratulations! They even guide foreigners to the Egyptian sights, of course after adding an important new sight, the (Tahrir square) - it's an Arabic name meaning the and quot;liberation square and quot;. Oh my God I am lecturing on 2/3 the monumental sights of the whole world in Egypt which are registered in the Unesco, but Tahrir square in the center of Cairo is a new sight for me - it seems that I have to study again - doesn't matter, we are always learning :-)

Don't get surprised when you find a local Egyptian in Cairo inviting you for lunch at his home or offering you a free tour, this Capitol is a melting spot of civilization.

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