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"Say it straight, simple and with a smile." 50 of the TOP 100 Life Rules :) Life rule 1: keep it under your hat. ... Life rule 2: you'll get older but not necessarily wiser. Life rule 3: Accept what is done is done. Life rule 4: Accept yourself. Life rule 5: Know what counts and what doesn't. Life rule 6: Dedicate your life to something. Life rule 7: Be flexible in your thinking. Life rule 8: Take an interest in the outside world. Life rule 9: Be on the side of the angels, not the beasts. Life rule 10: Remember, only dead fish swim with the current. Life rule 11: Be the last to raise your voice Life rule 12: Be your own adviser. Life rule 13: No fear. No surprise. No hesitation. No doubt. Life rule 14:Don't wish you had done something. Do it! Life rule 15: In all situations, count to 10 before reacting. Life rule 16: Change what you can change. Let go of the rest. Life rule17: Aim to be the very best at everything. Never second best. Life rule 18: Don't be afraid to dream. Life rule 19: Don't dwell on the past. Life rule 20: Don't live in the future. Life rule 21: Get on with your life. It is whooshing past you Life rule 22: Dress like today IS important. Life rule 23: Have a belief system. Life rule 24: Leave a little space for yourself each day. Life rule 25: Have a plan. Life rule 26: Have a sense of humor. Life rule 27: Choose how you make your bed. It's your bed and you will have to lie in it. Life rule 28: Life is a bit like advertising. You'll never know which campaign nets you the greatest rewards. Life rule 29: Get used to stepping outside your comfort zone. Life rule 30: Learn to ask questions. Life rule 31: Have dignity in all you do. Life rule 32: It's OK to have big emotions. Life rule 33: Keep the faith. Life rule 34: You'll never know everything. Life rule 35: Know where true happiness comes from. Life rule 36: Know when to let go and when to completely walk away. There is a difference Life rule 37: Take care of yourself. You're a grownup now and on your own. Life rule 38: Maintain good manners in all things. Courtesy goes a long way, but is the first thing forgotten when stressed. Life rule 39: Purge your "stuff" frequently. A cluttered home is symbolic of a cluttered mind. Life rule 40: Remember to touch base. Base is where you were before you got lost. Life rule 41: Draw the lines around yourself. Setting personal boundaries means you don't have to worry about what others think of or want from you. Life rule 42: Shop for quality, not price. Second best is never good enough for you. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Wait until you can. Period. Life rule 43: It's ok to worry. It's also ok to know how not to worry. All you are doing is putting wrinkles on your face for things that won't matter in a year Life rule 44: Stay young mentally and emotionally. Keep an open mind. Try new things. Don't get stuck in a rut in life. Life rule 45: Throwing money at a problem doesn't always fix it. It merely delays it. This goes for relationships too. Life rule 46: Think for yourself. Be clear in your identity. Regardless of that identity, if you are kind, thoughtful, caring, etc., you will be accepted :) Life rule 47: You are not in charge. No matter how much you think you are. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Life rule 48: Have something in your life that takes you outside of yourself and lifts you up. No good is a fave song if you don't occasionally play it. Life rule 49: Dump the guilt. Either put it right or dump it. Guilt is pointless. Life rule 50: if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Don't focus on the negative in people or situations.



Old San Juan Food Tour

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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5 star rating: Highly Recommended

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We ended a 7 day cruise in San Juan where we stayed for 3 days. We arranged for this tour for the evening of the day we arrived. We loved it! It was our favorite part of the entire trip, cruise included. I highly recommend it! Great food accompanied by an insiders view on San Juan's history.

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