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4 star rating: Recommended
January 2010

Fantastic tour, the Alhambra was amazing. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable. We had a sociologist on the tour who bombarded the tour guide with questions, and the tour guide knew all the answers. Hotel pickup and dropoff were great, but the tour just kind of ended abruptly with no real closure. Arab baths were OK, nothing special.


4 star rating: Recommended
August 2008

Nice trip, good English, but the historical information shown only from the Spanish side without any respect to the Muslim Arab side. The Spanish killed and forced about 2 million Arabs to change their religion to Christianity after they conquered Granada.

Ricardo C

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2008

Overall, it was excellent. Our guide at the Alhambra was great. However, the actual group for the tour was too large 30 people. The arab bath was nice for the difference and price and the massage was great. It was something very nice to do after a day of walking the Alhambra.

Michele A

3 star rating: Worth doing
November 2014

The Alhambra tour was excellent, but I was disappointed that I had to buy a ticket to the Hamman, just to be able to get a ticket to the Alhambra. As it was we were unable to use the Hamman that day and the company wouldn't let use have a voucher to use for another day.

Ellen A

3 star rating: Worth doing
May 2014

The Alhambra tour is definitely worth doing and our guide Marco was fantastic, however, we did find it a bit disorganised. We also booked for the Granada Hammam tour and the massage but in our booking they hadn't let the Hammam know that we had booked the massage so they were insisting it wasn't part of our package. After wasting a lot of time they called the tour company and finally realised the error. At that stage it had pretty much ruined the serenity of the experience. The hammam was nice but I must admit I was expecting a bit more after reading all the reviews. That may have also been because a few days prior we had the opportunity of experiencing the Hammam in Seville and it was by far and away superior - it was magic - the building was nicer and set out better, the pools were bigger and deeper and they had a salt pool and a hydrotherapy pool on top of the steam room and warm, cold and hot baths. At the session we went to at 10pm they had an orchestra play while you relaxed in the baths (I don't know if this happens at every session). If you have the choice I wouldn't bother with the Granada Hammam I would opt for the one in Seville.

Michael H

3 star rating: Worth doing
September 2012

Pick up for the tour was punctual, although once we were at the starting point, we had to wait without much idea of when we were due to start the tour. We had a mixed party of German and British; the majority were German and our guide was much more orientated towards her German guests who she spoke to for longer and with overtly more affection! At times she was very difficult to hear and understand and (in English) rather repetitive. Despite the indication in our itinerary, the guide knew nothing about a voucher or a map for the Arab Bath part of the tour and initially was very unhelpful, shrugging her shoulders and saying it was nothing to do with her. Happily the recepitionist at the Parador was most helpful in confriming the details on the phone with the local agent and all went smoothly in the end.. Concerns about locating the Arab bath were ill-founded. It is very well signposted. The Alhambra was of course splendid: it was a shame that our guide did not recommend taking time to go into the Alcazba, which she did not take us into; by the time we got back there later it was too late to enter. The Arab bath was fun and worth the time and money, but this is not, I believe, an historic building. Overall a trip not to be missed, and just hope for a better guide!


3 star rating: Worth doing
June 2012

Although worthwhile, we lost the value of the guided visit due to constant translation from the guide since 2 langages were mixed in the same group although more than 12 people per langage. Bath experience is interesting but the presence of kids and the non respect of the silence affected the experience.


3 star rating: Worth doing
July 2012

the alhambra visit was good though a big group of 30 people i prefer smaller groups if possible. the guide was good and had excellent english not so impressed with the baths, people extremely noisy despite signs, not clear where and how to go about the process and massage was minimal and just okay. leave the baths to turkey in my opinion.

Bradley S

3 star rating: Worth doing
January 2012

Tour was satisfactory, better directions to the Baths would be helpful. Alhambra itself is beautiful!

Emilie H

3 star rating: Worth doing
July 2011

Tour was informative, though was crowded and each stop felt a bit rushed. Felt like cattle being pushed along. Not sure if doing a self audio tour would have been just as informative yet less crowded/rushed?

The Bath was definitely worth it, so beautiful and relaxing! The massage is about 10-15 minutes (no watch, but it didn't feel all that long), very soothing and enjoyable. I asked for strong and it wasn't that strong, so if you like strong- ask for extra strong! It may be better to book directly through the Bath house in the off chance that you can get with a smaller group- it was definitely crowded for such a tight space! I tried using rooms against the crowds, so it made it less busy/noisy.

Also, make sure you get directions and the information about your time slot for the Bath on the bus to the Alhambra! I wasn't told until the morning of the tour, on the bus there, that my spa appointment wasn't until 6 (the tour ended around 2), so it messed with my plans for the evening since I expected the spa to be directly after the tour.

All in all, it was beautiful- just crowded!

Aileen A

3 star rating: Worth doing
August 2011

Spain doesn't have very good free wifi so I booked my tour last minute from a McDonald's then proceeded on a train to a hostel in Granada. Come to find out, it was necessary for me to confirm my hotel pick up by phone or internet, which was not at my disposal. By the time I checked into my hostel this was impossible so I did not get picked up from my hostel. Thanks to my hostel receptionist, I found my way to Alhambra by bus. The tour guide was adequate though at times his English was not that great. Some things were lost in translation like for instance, he said our tour included free wine and tapas and when I asked about this later, he said what are you talking about, that place is already closed. The whole experience of being guided through the massive Alhambra and Generalife in a structured manner and concluding it with the most relaxing time in the Arab baths was a grand experience and you could forgive the disorganization of having to find your own way to the Alhambra in the first place. Let's just say you have to be a little resourceful with this tour company, a little Spanish goes a long way but you won't regret the overall experience. If you were even more resourceful, you could probably buy the whole experience 20 euros cheaper on your own.

Virginia W

3 star rating: Worth doing
May 2011

I would like to state that the Alhambra is really quite amazing, though it is under renovation. The guide was knowledgeable and very pleasant, though I don't think that the adding of the tour guide made it worth doubling the price. Also , the group that one is suppose to contact, Granada vision, was a little lax in being on time, or even matching the time on the voucher. No one in the tourist office or the Alhambra knew anything about them, this should be changed as finding any one in that area is hard. I was asked about where I was staying, but sent to a predetermined pickup point, which is fine, it should just be noted on the voucher where the pick up points are so the traveler can chose one.As for the Arab baths, it was amazing, and I highly recommend them as an add-on. As I traveled around Spain after, I would recommend them to anyone I met who was going to Granada. Also, the price in Granada is less than the Arab baths in other cities, and so so nice. I can't speak highly enough about them.

John W Australia

3 star rating: Worth doing
June 2010

The Alhambra is definitely worth seeing. If you also arrange for the Turkish bath massage, be aware that it isn't until early evening so there's about 4hrs between the Alhambra tour and the baths. You get a total of one and a half hours in the baths and the massage only lasts for 20 mins I was disappointed in the latter.

Felipe V USA

3 star rating: Worth doing
May 2010

Overall OK. Alhambra tour seemed rushed, but we still saw all the major areas. The guide didn't help explain where the baths were just pointed to a rough area on our city map. No mention of having to cross the river to find it. Definitely room to improve on logistics and guide instructions. Otherwise, the Alhambra was beautiful and the Arab Bath with massage is well worth it.

Michael W

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
February 2016

Our tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable however, the tour is too fast and doesn't provide ample opportunity to really get to understand the Alhambra. It was also very difficult to manage this tour with pre-teen kids as you have to listen to the guide through headphones - which only the adults got. The bath was wonderful and a great experience. I would skip the tour and see the Alhambra on your own or with a smaller group guide if you have kids in tow.

Lydia S United States of ... 

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
December 2014

Well it started off great the driver was on time and very friendly, he picked us up from our hotel which was great since it was not located down in the Plaza area! The tour of Alhambra could have been better, the radios did not work well and the head phones were the kind you put in your ears! My ears are small so they didn't fit so I had to hold them in my ears for 2 hours what a pain! Other tours had nicer head phone that went around your ear which are so much better! Our tour guide was sick and we had 3 languages in our group so he had to go from English/Spanish then talk in French! I really feel like we didn't get very good information and I really think other tour had better guides! I would have even rather had a rented hand held radio instead but this tour was the only tickets available because they really limit the amount of visitors each day and you can't just show up and buy tickets because you might not get in and we only had 2 days there!

If you are staying in a hotel that's not in walking distance just pack a backpack with you swim suits for the Bath house because you can walk down to the Plaza after the Alhambra tour and look at all the shops and have lunch! We didn't go back on the tour bus to our hotel because we wanted to enjoy all the museums in the Alambra and the other parts that the tour didn't cover, which was a lot! The ticket were very expensive so we wanted to everything that was included by the Alhambra! After the your we walked down into the Plaza and enjoyed lunch and people watched! We jump in a cab and went back to the hotel to grab our swim suits then a cab back to the Plaza where the bath house was located, cab ride was about 6e each way!
The Hamman was awesome and I really wished we would have got massages and we tried to get one but they had no appointments available so note totally book a massage! Our tour did get big spa towels to use while everyone else just had a thing that looked like a scarf kinda strange!
Too expensive


2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
November 2011

Too rush, The guide walk so fast . Havn't see the interesting place in detail. Also I went on the national holidays that a lot of visitors

Tara S

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
August 2011

This tour was a disaster. First, we were never picked up by the bus and instead had to find our own way on the public bus to the Alhambra. We were constantly calling the number provided by Viator only to get " this number is not in service" messages. Once up there, we could not locate the tour in the designated meeting place and were put on another tour with a guide who spoke very fast and was boring. They took our vouchers which left us with nothing to show for the arab baths. Once we got ourselves to the arab baths, no help to the tour, they were the high point of the day. My recommendation, don't do this tour just book them in advance on your own. Its cheaper and less stressful. Arab baths are definitely worth it.

Daniel P

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
May 2011

The Alhambra tour was fantastic. The guide informative and the place stunning. But when it came to the Arab Baths and massage the organization fell apart. There was no tour. We were dropped off and pointed in the vague direction of the bath. Our Alhambra tour ended at one PM. We expected to start our Bath tour within an hour to make up the eight hour tour. We were told after multiple calls and confusion that our massage was scheduled for six PM. NIT ACCEPTABLE

Lynn L USA

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
June 2009

I thought the Alhambra part was very good, but I never got to the bath! The man on the bus took my paperwork and didn't give it back, and then we got sent back to the city on a different bus, so I never got this part of my tour!

Aida J USA

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
July 2008

There was a lot of confusion about where I was to meet the tour at the start. The tour also seemed to breeze very quickly through some parts and spend too much time in others.

Janice M

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
July 2008

The tour to the Alhambra was memorable with an excellent tour guide. We were disappointed that the tour company forgot about our booking for the Arab Ritual Bath. Despite three phone calls to them to locate our booking, we were unable to attend the Bath.

Louise C

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
March 2012

Would not recommend in the slightest. The Alhambra tour was pretty good and I would probably do that part again. However the whole tour was a mess. I was really miss lead about how the tour operates. I was under the understanding it was one big tour when in reality it was two very separate tours. The baths were shocking. I felt really uncomfortable because of people's behaviors in the pools and I had to wait until the very end for my massage even though I was one of the first to turn up. This was not a good experience and I would not recommend it what so ever.

Stephen F

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
May 2011

This tour was not good. The English speaking guide had such a strong accent no one could understand what he was saying. They did not pick us up from our hotel and when we called we were told to get a taxi (they did pay us back). At the end of the tour was terrible. We were told the bus was full and to wait. We did not see our guide again. After some waiting, we asked a bus driver and he was kind enough to get out of his bus and walk us around to another bus for a drop off. I think there are better run tours around than this one.

Linda K USA

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
December 2010

Save your money! Very inexpensive city bus brings you right to Alhambra and the audioguide gives you the time to enjoy the experience. Our tour guide had to divide his time between english and german speakers and then hustle to the next site (we did manage to have a 15 minute shopping break, however). Buses left at 2:30 and they had to be met. We skipped them, fought the crowds to get back in and saw the display on the restoration of the lion's fountain. This is one tourist destination that needs to be savored and this tour did not do that. The bath is great, skip the massage and be sure to bring a bathing suit.

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