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Allan United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2015

One the best excursions I have ever done in my life. If you want something adventurous, active, different and away from the regular tourist trail then this is for you! Youll see out early 6:15am from your resort and have a long coach ride about 3.5 hours to the Los Haitises National Park region/Hato Mayor del Rey area, passing through several towns on the way. We had a couple of interesting comfort stops with local fayre to buy.

Once at the Ranch we were served a lovely breakfast and were kitted out with cave suits, hats, torches, harnesses, etc. and assigned our horses to trek to through the forest and to the caves. The hose riding through this terrain was amazing! The guides are excellent, funny, informative, knowledgeable and well skilled in navigating the region and the caves. They point out a lot of interesting flora and fauna along the steep rocky ascent during the on-foot part of the journey. The repelling descent into the darkness of the caves was great! Once inside youll learn all about the interior of the caves and the geology and history of the region. It was truly fascinating! After a reasonable trek through the caves, streams, crawling under boulders and through narrow openings and larger caverns we psyched ourselves up for exiting the caves through an underwater stream. Very exciting and the guides have your back! We then get reunited with the horses, enjoyed a quick refreshment and began the fairly long horse ride back to the ranch. Once back at the ranch we were served a lovely home cooked Dominican lunch. We also got to play with the pet dogs on the ranch and were shown some of the local pigs and banana plantations whilst we waited for our coach back. It was one of those trip of a lifetime kinds of experiences. Not necessarily for the faint-hearted, but we had the time of our lives on this trip. It is amazing!

christopher e

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
April 2015

Great time, family including 13 and 15 year old boys loved the tour. It was a long drive to the tour, but highly recommend it for any activity orientated families like mine.

Dorothy V

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
March 2015

Great adventure! Loved the horseback ride, hike and our journey through the cave. Carlos and Henry were terrific guides; Carmen cooked a great breakfast and lunch; Ronaldo got us to and from the cave safely.

Thanks for the fun!

Cindy P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2014

We had a great trip to Fun Fun Cave. Everything was as described. It is a long day from Punta Cana hotels but well worth it. The rappel is completely safe and walking and splashing thru the cave is amazing. We especially enjoyed the guides Carlos and Andre. We would highly recommend this trip. Also, buy the DVD. It's well put together.

Sarah N

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2014

Exciting Adventure Tour! Things to know if you are planning to do this excursion - wear a swimsuit and bring a waterproof camera. They provide jumpsuits and boots to wear but you do swim as part of the tour. Earlier reviews made it sound optional - it's not. The guides were really knowledgeable and went out of their way to ensure everyone was comfortable. You do need to be in decent shape for this excursion - there is a bit of hiking, but the guides ensure your safety every step of the way.

Stephanie T

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2014

This tour was awesome. The tour guides were not only informative but they made it super fun! I was amazed at everything we saw and would go on this tour again in a heartbeat. Highlight of our trip - nothing else compared to it.

Sally I

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2014

This excursion was amazing!!! You begin with a fun hoseback ride into the mountain, a long hike through the mountain, then repel 4 stories into a cave, go through the cave and water, and end your trip with a horseback ride back. The physical energy level is definitely required, but the guides are super helpful and nice.... especially Gary! :) Definitely recommend this excursion... just remember to take your bug spray!

Gary B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2014

This tour was top-notch from hotel pickup to return. I am a 62 year old somewhat out of shape and at times a bit uncoordinated. However, guides Gary and Hendry made sure that all bases were covered assuring that I had a fantastic experience. My wife also was given great attention by both to assure that all safety procedures were understood and that none of the history and highlights of the tour were overlooked. The horseback ride to the cave entrance was one of the best rides I have experienced. My horse, Orlando Bloom, knew his way and always kept with the group. I was a bit apprehensive about the trek from the horse drop off to the cave entrance but all went extremely well. Even clumsy me did very well and kept up with the group with little problem. I did need one little rest but the guides made sure that I was in good hands at all times. At the cave entrance, all instructions were covered and then it was time to rappel. Wow, what a fantastic and fun experience! Down in the cave you have your helmet and headlamp that lets you see nature at its very best. After the cave walk, you come out into a refreshing water area where you can relax before your horseback ride to the food area where you are given a delicious Dominican Republic culturally oriented prepared meal. This tour should not be missed! Both Gary and Hendry spoke excellent English and like previously said always went above and beyond. Thanks to both - my wife and I had a wonderful day!!

Laryn F

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
May 2014

This was an awesome excursion. It's approx a 3 hour drive from the hotels in Bavaro, Punta Cana, then 30 mins on horseback, 45 mins hike up the hills, an hour or so in the depths of the cave (after having rappelled down) then back to the horseride, lunch and drive back to the hotel. Guides (Gary and team) were excellent. Just something to be aware of - you need to be in decent physical shape especially for the hike. Total duration of the trip is close to 12 hours. Also it's pronounced Foon Foon cave.

Julie Q

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2013

My husband and I are a young couple, but we love to hike so we decided to book this day trip. At first based on the name we didn't expect this trip to be so amazingly adventurous! our tour guides was Gary and Hendrickson, they were absolutely fabulous!! They ensured everyone was safe and they guided the hike with such enthusiasm. they loved it and we loved it. It is quite a long ride to the ranch but you get a very good idea and scene of how some of the Dominican people live. This day trip is very adventurous but they will provide you with gear. Bring mosquito repellant for sure. This trip was well worth the buck! We will definitely come back again!

Delzer C

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2013

This tour is for the relatively fit. There is 45 minutes of hiking through rocky/trail terrain which is highly wooded. The horse back riding portion at the beginning and end was great. We repelled into a cave which was safe to do. The tour guides were fun, knowledgeable and funny. This is a 38 million year old cave which is more recently discovered. I was worried about the bug/spider situation in the cave, but it wasn't an issue. The bugs are relentless on the trail, so bring big spray. The cave and bats are really cool. A ham sandwich snack was offered when we got there. After the tour, the lunch was great: red beans and rice, jerk chicken, pork, coleslaw salad, fruit, potatoes, etc. Water, pop, and beer are also offered. Tip: wear a swim suit/board shorts. They give you a "prison-like" jump suit to wear for the tour along with rubber boots. They say bring extra socks. This is because the rubber boots need to be drained out several times do to the water. When done with the tour, you can wear dry socks for your shoes back home. Flip flops to change out of would also work. Bring a change of clothes (shorts/shirt) to wear over your bathing suit afterwards would also be helpful. Lockers and changing rooms are offered at the location. This was my favorite tour in Punta Cana and highly recommended. Tip: Water cameras only! They will video tape the tour for purchase of $40 U.S. currency.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2013

AMAZING! If you love adventure this is the trip. Beautiful scenic drive through the dominican republic, horse back riding, hiking, repelling into a cave, cave exploration and yes you will get wet in the cave. Some of the best home cooked dominican food awaits you at the end of your adventure.
I highly recommend this excursion to anyone. Everyone associated with assisting us was incredibly helpful. the driver, amazing guid and super funny. Quick Tips: Bring cash, they film everything and you can buy a dvd copy, bring a waterproof camera and lastly bring enough to tip your guides and driver since they are extremely helpful and make the experience happen.


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2013

This was the most amazing adventure ever. Be prepared though it is not for the weak. It was a three hour drive to the ranch. We rode horseS up and down hills, hiked up and down hills and the crawled around on our stomachs in the caves. If you are adventorous, this tour is for you.

Ingred Q

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2012

Wow! This was AMAZING! The bus drive to the ranch was a bit sketchy (3 hour drive in and the driver didn’t say a word) but we got the opportunity to see many different walks of life and life styles. Once you get to the location you pass two gates to get onto the ranch and the driver opens them manually and hops back in the small bus. Once you’re there you’ll never forget your trip!! This was a dream and quite the adventure. Horse ride through streams, hike up the mountain (with full gear on), exploring the caves, diving under water in the caves and beers waiting for us at the end of the cave. The lunch they provide at the end of the adventure was the BEST meal I ate while in Dominican. Do IT! You won’t regret it. It is a life experience. Enjoy  Oh, and bring bug repellant.

Robert K

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2012

This trip was the best thing about our trip to the Dominican Republic! First you start out with a horse back ride, then hike through the hills, then repel down into a cave where you hike some more, then after you're out of the cave the horses are waiting for you to take you back to the ranch. Carlos, the guide, was absolutely incredible! Very knowledgeable and funny! This trip is not for the faint of heart! One thing to note... remember a water proof camera. When you're in the cave, you dive under water so you can't bring anything that can't get wet!! However, there is a videographer who tapes the entire thing and sells the DVDs for $40. We bought one and have watched it 3 times already... TOTALLY worth it!! Great memories... couldn't have asked for a better excursion!

Jojo USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2012

This was a fun-filled day of activities. We did horseback riding, hiking in the forest, repelled down the entrance of the cave, and explored the cave itself. Equipment was provided free of charge. The experienced staff was multilingual and attentive to every detail. The meals were simply delicious.

Robert C

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2012

My wife and I took this trip in August 2012, and it was great. The guides kept the trip memorable and were funny and intelligent about their country, the jungle, and the cave. The trip there took a while from Punta Cana, but you get to really see the country. The horses were a lot of fun to ride and it was awe inspiring to be in the cave and really explore it. You get to go through the cave waters and take tons of pictures. Make sure you bring a waterproof camera because the pictures are worth it.

Hiroyasu T

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2012

It is approximately just a little over three hours by bus from Hotel zone, with one break on the way. After arrival to the field, they served a late breakfast. Then, I changed into the overalls that were provided. Horseback riding experience lasted approximately one hour. This was very fun. Horses take to you well. After the horse ride, we walked for 45 minutes. It is slightly hot here, but not too bad. We ended up at the cave. I have not experienced anything like it in the past. A swimsuit is needed, there is a place to jump into the water. I came back by horseback riding again. Then I had a late lunch. Almost everything you need is provided. Finally they made a DVD of the experience. This is fun too. I had a very fun experience.

Nichole V

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2012

THE MOST amazing experience of my life! This is one that should not EVER be missed Gadiele and Hendrix were amazing guides and even though I argued w him at first that I couldn't do it I felt safe and found out how FUN and EASY the repelling was. NOTE you can ONLY take a waterproof camera so don't miss out!

shane t

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
April 2012

This was a great trip. We were able to partake on a great experience. The guides were local and very knowledgable. They made the trip so much more fun. The only disappointment was that the photograph did not show up, so we were not give the opportunity to have a cd / dvd of the experience.

Dustin D

4 star rating: Recommended
March 2014

3 hour bus ride is a bit much, but the cave was awesome and the tour guides were great.

Quisha M

4 star rating: Recommended
June 2013

We had a great time and would definitely do it again.

Sandra R

4 star rating: Recommended
July 2012

This was a fun excursion because it offered several activities: horseback riding, hiking, spelunking. I'll begin by admitting that I am 61 years old and overweight although I have been working out and lifting weights. I was one of the two older participants of our group. Some caveats, however...footwear is an issue. They want you to wear rubber boots for all activities. Be sure to bring socks. I chose to wear my tennis shoes and would not have been able to make the hike without them as the climb is up mountainside with no real path and large, pointed boulders. Once inside the cave, the ground is VERY SLIPPERY with mud and sharp rocks. I fell twice ( I was the only one in the group to fall). The guides were helpful and tried to be careful. One other thing: the jumpsuit that I wore began to smell strongly of BODY ODOR shorthly into the hike. I was so embarrassed until I realized that the smell was embedded in the material from multitudes of past wearers. Just be aware of the possible dangers: my bruises are just now starting to fade a week later.

Kwinkwon Canada

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2012

Fun adventure, took a little long to get to site but it was worth it. A lot of physical activity as we walked a long ways through the forest and undergound. It was worth it. The cave was amazing. Definitely a site to see.

Rebecca N

3 star rating: Worth doing
September 2014

We were told we would be picked up at 6:15am. When we called at 6:30, we were told 6:50. Our ride showed up at 7:05. Our bus driver only spoke Spanish and pulled over to the side of the road and basically told us to get out. When we didn't know why, he pointed to another bus and gestured we were getting on that one. We had no idea the entire 1-way trip would be about 3 hours. Therefore, 6 of our 12 hour excursion was spent in the bus. "Breakfast" was at 10:30am and was a stale ham and cheese sandwich. The actual horseback riding and caving were great. However, there was no snorkeling or swimming as we please as in the description. Also, socks are not just needed if you need a change of clothes; you need to bring them. I had to borrow a pair. Lunch was better than breakfast.
On the way back, our bus had a flat tire. It was changed in the village, but on our way home, we pulled over to get another tire replaced. No one told us what was going on and after about 30-45 min, I asked, in Spanish, what the problem was (we were all hot and confused and sitting in a parked bus). I was basically blown off but told gestured towards the tires (again, non-English speaking bus driver). Therefore, our ride back took about 4 hours. Also, for the entire 7 hours in the bus, the same cd kept playing over and over.
I just felt the description of this excursion was very misleading. Overall, it was an ok experience, but not worth the money for being in a car for half the day, never being told what was going on, and the description not really matching the trip. I would have not booked if I had known it would be like this.

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