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Makola Market
Makola Market

Makola Market

Kojo Thompson Rd, Accra, Ghana

Practical Info

Be prepared to bargain. Locals agree white travelers usually pay more, but traders are ready to barter and visitors should be, too. The market is typically loud and crowded, so keep belongings close and stay aware of surroundings. Travelers in the know recommend hiring a guide—locals call them connoisseurs—to navigate the market chaos.

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Makola Market Walking Tour
Makola Market Walking Tour
$41.03 per adult
Traveler Favorite
Best cultural experience in Accra!
I booked late the evening before the tour, and they accommodated the start time I asked for. I met up with Obeng (no hotel pickup, but easy enough), and he guided me through the markets, which are truly hustling and bustling. I wouldn't have been comfortable trying to navigate the markets and traffic (people & cars) without Obeng, and obviously wouldn't have learned anything about the history and culture of the markets. He helped me find the items I was interested in and to negotiate with the vendors. I'm not entirely sure how good a deal I got, but it helped reduce the stress nonetheless. He also took me to a seamstress to get some prints I got sewn, and then brought me back to the market for an item I'd forgotten about. In all, he spent about double the time with me as the initial tour length estimate he gave me.
970yvw15, Nov 2019