Kintamani Volcano

Two hours by road from Denpasar in Bali’s north-east lie several villages on the rim of the Batur caldera in an area known simply as Kintamani Volcano. At 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) above sea level, the villages (Penelokan, Batur amd Kintamani) ... 

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5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2016

This was Bali/Indonesia for me, just stunning!
Loved the fresh coconut and banana at rice fields. Loved the views and walk in the rice fields.
Loved the waterfalls.
Loved the sunrise/views at Kintamani.

This was planned to perfection several resources were being used to execute this..
- Lise was super kind and pleasant as the english speaking guide.
- Driver.. took care of breakfast the banana
- Local guide who also carried stuff/snacks, helped in difficult parts of climb and water crossings
- facilities at the starting point/rice fields for change of clothes etc.
- local rice field guy who brought the coconuts

very professional..

Tips: Have a separate pair of shoes/sandals suitable for water crossings / walking on slippery stones in the water while getting to waterfalls..

Doing what: Bali Day Tour of Sunrise Watch at Kintamani, Lemukih Rice Field and Sekumpul Waterfalls

Alan C T

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2015

The main highlight of this trip was to Kintamani. Overall a very good trip.

Doing what: Bali Highlights Tour

satish chandra India

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2014

Bali Kintamani tour is wonderful for a memorable and exciting holiday.Tour guide Beni takes us through various craft villages(seluk and painting- village etc) after a unique traditional Barong Dance(to begin with) and picturesque rice fields with characterisric terrestrial-farming and to the awe-struck site of Mount Batur(inactive volcano) with Lake Batur shoulder to shoulder; The view of Mount Batur is awesome,especially from the Restaurant where we had lunch.Finally the tour was rapped up with the visit to a typical Balinese ancient house ,which is of historical interest. Guide Bene could have interacted more with the very limited tourists(six) during the long drives through various craft-villages in between the specified tour-spots(instead of the driver).Otherwise mr.Bene was very friendly and knowledgeable. Once again thanks to Viator for designing the Tour, tracking the tourist and executing the tour with such precision..! -Satishchandra

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2013

It was my first time in Bali and I must say that this tour package was indeed worth it. I experienced the most breakthtaking view of the Kintamani Volcano from a restaurant that serves delicious food (all you can eat buffet) at the lowest price one can imagine. The day trip to Ubud was spectacular! The tour guide was very friendly, insightful and knowledgeable and utmost professional and I felt safe travelling with him. I would recommend this tour to all solo travelers planning to visit Bali. This is my 2nd time purchasing a tour package from Viator for two different countries (the other trip was in India back in 2012) and I find viator a reliable tour service provider.

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Anne D USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2011

With limited time to spend in Bali, we decided that a tour of the island would be a great way to sample what the island has to offer. Having gotten some advice on "must-sees" from friends who were recently in Bali, we opted for Viator's "Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full Day Tour." We stayed in Sanur on the water, and were picked up at our hotel. Our tour guide, Sandy, a Balinese local, was enthusiastic and had a wealth of knowledge about Bali.

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Note from Viator: This review was written by Anne, who wrote a complete Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour description on the Viator Travel Blog.

Shyn-Li T Australia

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2011

Enjoyed the day trip thoroughly! Lake Kintamani was beautiful as was the view of Mt Batur from a distance. The guide, Darta, is refreshingly polite and highly professional. Will definitely recommend friends and family to go on tours with Darta as their guide!

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Janice K United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2009

This tour was excellent! You get to see the real Bali and all of its wonderful art centers. The Tour guide was very informative, and extremely helpful and polite. This was a real cultural trip, and you get to learn about the many talents and crafts of the people. The only downside was the restaurant at Kintamani, there were many flies which was a bit off putting and the locals were very persistent trying to sell their goods. However a visit to the restaurant was optional, but a welcome escape from the heat and the hawkers.

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Liza Malaysia

4 star rating: Recommended
June 2013

We had great time during the tour. Almost missed the opportunity to see Mount Batur as it was raining heavily went we travelled up to Kintamani, but our experienced tour guide Beny knew exactly that we need to immediately stop and take as many as photos before thick fog hide everything. Had fun throughout the day.

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Ankush V

4 star rating: Recommended
February 2013

We had a good tour. The best part of the tour was Kintamani Volcano. The Volcano is dead, so dont expect any lava, but clouds, lake and Batur mountain was cool. Both guide and driver were good. We had a good private tour. Includes: Gold and Silver Work, Wooden work, Goa Gajah, coffee and rice farms

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour


4 star rating: Recommended
June 2012

enjoyed the trip.went opn our first day in bali. Got to see the beautiful terraced rice fields along the way and enjoyed the traditional dance. Love the restaurant we went to in Kintamani. Great view of the volcano

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

-wL- Canada

4 star rating: Recommended
September 2011

The tour guide was very courteous and friendly - from Tour East. We started the tour with the Barong Dance and then made our way through the different craft villages (Batubulan, Cerluk, Mas). I was a little worried that there would be pressure to buy some handicrafts at the various stops but there was little to no pressure. We were only a group of two people so we were in-and-out in 10 mins each time (which meant more time for the rest of the tour). Kintamani was really cool and I would have loved to trek around for a bit but it was really just a quick photo op and then move on. Lunch was a buffet with a great view of the Volcano. In retrospect, we shouldn't have spent that much time eating - food was fine and they have vegetarian options as well. We stopped off at a few temples and spots to view the terraced rice paddies - very cool. The tour actually lasted longer than 8-hours for us and they were really nice to accomodate some our of asks to spend more time in Ubud. Again, suspect because it was just the two of us and we sped through some of the other parts of the tour. I booked a subsequent tour with Tour East - Bali As You Please - $125 USD for 8-hours/vehicle (for 4-6 passengers and comes with tour guide and driver - great deal too if you have more friends!)

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Deborah H Australia

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
January 2013

Our guide for the trip was lovely, and very informative about Balinese culture. However, we did not stop in Ubud and visited 4 shops/factories in the morning, so that we did not reach Kintamani until the afternoon. As a limited factory tour, it was fine, but as a tour of Bali, it was disappointing.

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

Abhishek S

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
August 2013

It was not a very good experience on this trip....The vehicle came to pick us up was in a bad condition....A/c was not working properly....Though our guide and driver were very good....but the trip didn't include the better views of Kintamani volcano which was the highlight of this trip (as mentioned)....And when we confronted with our guide for this, he said that they don't cover it this way and the viator should mention it clearly on their website.....i think that Viator has to do something in this direction for improvising the quality of such expensive tour....

Doing what: Bali Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full-Day Tour

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