Beijing Travelers Recommend

Guide to Climbing the Great Wall

By Viator, October 2016

4.5 star rating: Recommended 314 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Many will be disappointed to know that the Great Wall of China isn?t, in fact, visible from space, but it?s nonetheless one of the most deservedly iconic landmarks in the world. Easily visited from ...  Read more

Beijing Cuisine

By Viator, October 2016

4 star rating: Recommended 143 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

The best flavors of China are on the menus of Beijing, China's capital city. Influenced by its neighboring regions as well as the imperial cuisine of the Forbidden City, the food is characterized ...  Read more

Exploring the Forbidden City

By Viator, August 2016

4 star rating: Recommended 102 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

If there?s one sight that has come to represent not only Beijing, but Imperial China as a whole, it?s the Forbidden City. Closed to the world for some 500 years, this vast Imperial palace puts into ...  Read more

Beijing Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, July 2016

4.5 star rating: Recommended 448 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Beijing is a wonderful mixture of the ancient and the modern, the past and the present. A true ancient citadel with a history of Emperors and temples, it is now the seat of communist power with a ...  Read more

Acrobatic Shows in Beijing

By Viator, August 2015

4 star rating: Recommended 51 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Chinese acrobatics is a tradition dating back as early as the Qin Dynasty. Characterized by a variety of acrobatic feats and demonstrations of physical strength, balance and agility, these ...  Read more

Beijing Temples

By Viator, August 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 78 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

These days the temples Beijing builds may be more to the gods of business than harvests as modern skyscrapers pop up, but this ancient city is also rich in temples redolent of a more spiritual ...  Read more

Tea Ceremony in Beijing

By Viator, August 2015

Tours & Tickets

You may have heard of China's Silk Road, but its less famous yet equally important cousin is the Tea Horse Trail. Tea has played a fundamental part of day to day life in China dating back thousands ...  Read more

Chinese Street Food at the Dong Hua Men Night Market

By John Reality, Cambodia, August 2012

Adventurous foodies who find themselves in Beijing would be remiss to skip out on the Donghuamen Night Market , located at the northern end of the Wangfujing business district. Since 1984, ...  Read more

The Olympic Green in Beijing

By John Reality, Cambodia, June 2012

Constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics, the Olympic Green in Beijing is a massive park containing ten distinctive facilities for sports as various as handball, hockey, soccer, and archery.  ...  Read more

National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing

By John Reality, Cambodia, April 2012

An obvious choice, perhaps, but the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing, otherwise known affectionately as ?the egg? (because of its shape) is a masterful structure made of ...  Read more

Markets in Beijing

By John Reality, Cambodia, April 2012

Shopping in Beijing is a vibrant affair, but notoriously tricky from a practical point of view. Westerners can find themselves bewildered and befuddled without some careful consideration.  ...  Read more

Golden Resources Mall in Beijing

By John Reality, Cambodia, April 2012

The second largest mall in all of Asia, at the Golden Resources Mall you can buy almost anything from cars to tables to diapers. As a consumer mall, it has less of the cultural allure of some of ...  Read more

Beijing Day Trips to the Great Wall of China

By John Reality, Cambodia, April 2012

No visit to China would be complete without a visit to the Great Wall of China. Luckily, just such an achievement is an easy hop, step and a jump from beautiful Beijing in China?s north. The ...  Read more

The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

By Emma, Australia, April 2012

Tickets for the new Beijing - Shanghai high-speed railway have been selling like hot cakes. The 1,318-kilometer railway officially started operating on July 1 this year with promises to whisk ...  Read more

Shopping in Beijing

By Emma, Australia, April 2012

You can still find many traditional handicrafts in China ?s bustling modern capital. Perhaps the best know are Cloisonné (a popular ancient metalworking technique), Ivory Carving, Lacquer ...  Read more

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