Street Art in Berlin

By Katie H, February 2013

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Berlin is known as one of the major capitals of street art. Down nearly every street, in every neighborhood, you’ll find colorful murals, avant-garde designs, or graffiti scrawled small and large on storefronts, brick walls and apartment buildings. But what you might first assume is just ugly vandalism, you’ll come to see as a window into the history and culture of Berlin.

Graffiti’s roots go back to the 1970s in West Berlin, when people began to paint political slogans on the empty spaces around the Berlin Wall. When the Wall fell, the West Berliners brought the art of graffiti to the former East. The East Berliners, long repressed by the Communist government, saw street art and graffiti as a way to express their newfound freedom. Tagging, or writing the artist’s name in a signature stylized way, was a way to express an individuality that previously had to be quelled for the sake of conformity.  Over time, the artists began to get more creative, tagging with not only spray cans and brushes, but also more unusual means like fire extinguishers or super-soakers filled with paint.

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