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Canary Islands

Outdoor Adventures in Lanzarote

By Viator, February 2018

5 star rating: Highly Recommended 92 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

From soaring volcanic peaks and ancient lava fields, to sprawling vineyards and idyllic sandy beaches, Lanzarote’s ruggedly  beautiful terrain is tailor-made for exploring and there are ample ...  Read more

Lanzarote Day Trips from Fuerteventura

By Viator, January 2018

4 star rating: Recommended 12 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

All of the Canary Islands are special, but Lanzarote holds its own thanks to its otherworldly volcanic landscape. Since it’s only a short boat ride away from Fuerteventura, you can see the best of ...  Read more

Top Day Trips from Tenerife

By Viator, January 2018

4.5 star rating: Recommended 112 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

While many visitors to Tenerife stick to the coastal resorts and beaches, the island’s pretty colonial towns, hillside vineyards and looming volcanoes are all good reasons to head inland. One of the ...  Read more

Outdoor Adventures in the Canary Islands

By Viator, November 2017

4.5 star rating: Recommended 266 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

The Canary Islands are a melting pot in every sense of the word, and the best part is it always feels like summer, with long daylight hours and no extreme cold or heat. Here are some of our favorite ...  Read more

Famous Festivals in Tenerife

By Viator, September 2017

4.5 star rating: Recommended 236 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

With its unique blend of Spanish, Latin American and island heritage, Tenerife’s cultural calendar is renowned and whenever you visit, there’s sure to be a reason to celebrate. From colorful parades ...  Read more

3 Days in Lanzarote: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, October 2016

4.5 star rating: Recommended 210 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

With its endless beaches, glitzy resorts and unworldly scenery, Lanzarote has long been the territory of European holidaymakers and it’s easy to see why so many visitors return year after year. With ...  Read more

3 Days in Tenerife: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, June 2016

4.5 star rating: Recommended 194 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Whether you’re escaping for a weekend in paradise or visiting as part of a Canary Islands cruise, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Tenerife. Here are some ideas for how to spend 3 days in Tenerife. ...  Read more

Beaches of Fuerteventura

By Viator, May 2016

4 star rating: Recommended 1 Rating | Tours & Tickets

If there’s one thing that no visitor to Fuerteventura wants to miss, it’s the beaches. Whether you seek shores that are remote or resort-y, golden sanded or black, amenities-filled or not an amenity ...  Read more

3 Days in Gran Canaria: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, February 2015

4.5 star rating: Recommended 214 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

You might have heard the old chestnut about Gran Canaria being like a 'continent in miniature'. Well, it’s not far from the truth. The third-largest island of the Canaries, Gran Canaria’s startling ...  Read more

3 Days in Fuerteventura: Suggested Itineraries

By Viator, November 2014

4 star rating: Recommended 73 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

Hopefully you’ve come to Fuerteventura with an appetite to explore, because the island paradise offers a whole lot more than just a few basic beaches. From dune-filled shorelines, to historical ...  Read more

Local Culture in Fuerteventura

By Viator, October 2014

Fuerteventurans still refer to themselves as majoreros, a term that already introduces you to a little of the island’s history and culture, as it comes from the Guache people who originally ...  Read more

Cruising Around the Canary Islands

By Viator, October 2014

4 star rating: Recommended 102 Ratings | Tours & Tickets

With their year-round sun, unspoiled natural wonders and vibrant mix of cultures, the Canary Islands have long been a top choice for European travelers and the remote Spanish islands offer a ...  Read more

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