Say “Guilin” and watch the looks of rapture (and pride) on the faces of Chinese people. Dotted with supernaturally lovely karst topography gracing the Li River (Lí Jiāng) - these bizarre limestone upthrusts shape-shifting in dancing mists and ... 

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Joseph M

3 star rating: Worth doing
February 2017

The hotel pickups happen in a large bus which takes everyone to a ferry terminal. Information was a little sparse so we weren't always sure what we were doing or where to go, but river cruse a couple of hours including a reasonable Chinese style on-board meal, was reasonably pleasant despite some of the gestures locals made at us from the banks. The river is motorway like with multiple cruise ships heading the same way, the scenery changes several times and there are areas where many smaller vessels share the waterways. There is free time in the town where the ferries dock, but the instructions as to where to meet up were difficult to follow. The group then boards a bus to be taken for a river gondola ride over a weir, those who are by themselves get paired up for this. Again there was confusion as to what to do next, the gondola's dropped us downstream and we had to work out to walk back to the starting village ourselves before the bus ride back to Guilin. It may be worth bringing a hand held fan for the journey as it gets hot ..... and at least 2 from our group never found there was back to the bus in the village, so we eventually left without them.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2016

This tour thoroughly covered all of the Guilin city sights- Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill, and Seven Star Park. All of the admissions tickets and lunch were included. Chen was an outstanding tour guide! She explained all of the history in an interesting way, took pictures for us, and guided us from place to place with ease. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Guilin and hope to attend another tour with Chen specifically.

Doing what: Private Guilin Full Day Tour including Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill and Seven Star Park

Sergio D

4 star rating: Recommended
February 2015

Guilin is a beautiful city.
Rains 70% of the year so I hope your are lucky with a sunny day.
For tea lover the tour is fantastic.
The view of the mountain is breathtaking.
My guide was very helpful.

Doing what: Private Tour: Yao Mountain and Tea Plantation from Guilin

Eileen F D

4 star rating: Recommended
November 2014

I was very impressed with the Li River Tour in Guilin. It was well organised and we had a very good tour guide by the name of Susie.
I like all Viator tours as they ensure pick up from the Hotel and return to the Hotel.
This is now my fourth tour taken with Viator and if I return to China I will always tour with Viator.
Your Sincerely,
Eileen Duron.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

Diego D

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2014

The boat trip on the Li River is maybe the best activity in Guilin. If the weather is good, the view is amazing. The boat ride takes all the morning. In the afternoon you will visit Yangshuo. Remember that if you decide not to take part in any of the optional activities, you'll have to stay in Yangshuo for 4 hours. However, this is not a big problem. In Yangshuo you can do some shopping or relax in some pub.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

Carolyn R

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
April 2014

This tour started with an 8-20am pick up in a van, then a transfer to large coach and ended up at the wharf for a 9-30 boat departure. The boat we were on was good - looked like the newest on the river and there is quite a procession.The landscape is stunning. However, this was a trip (unlike other Viator tours) where there were lots of extras. If you want a seat on a higher deck, an extra 100RMB per person. Lunch on board was described to include "fresh catch" - but if you wanted to eat fish you had to pay extra and a lot extra. We bought a whole fish - not really enough for two and it cost 270 RMB - the most expensive fish we ate in China.
You arrive at Yangshuo at about 1-30pm and are given 1 hour and 20 minutes to wander around before meeting the guide, The bus does not return to Guilin until at least 4 hours later and you are asked to sign up for an optional extra tour to a local village and go bamboo rafting at 150 RMB per person. We felt we had to do this as probably 20-30 minutes in the shopping area in West Street in Yangshuo is more than enough, let alone 4 hours. This tour was OK but I would have preferred to have done the 2 hour rafting trip and skipped the time in Yangshou.
You do not leave to return to Guilin until about 5pm so you do not get back until at least 6-40 or 7pm. This is not what it says on Viator website and as we needed to be back by 6-30 we had to pay extra for a car and driver - another 200RMB.
All in all a very expensive day and not like all the other Viator tours we have done.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

Amy-Claire Australia

4 star rating: Recommended
March 2014

I would recommend this tour to those who wish to see the Li River landscape between Guilin and Yangshuo, and who want to see Yangshuo in a day.

* Hotel pick up/drop off service was fab
* Li River landscape is unique and picturesque
* Yangshuo was nice to see (markets and laneway bars/cafes a-plenty)
* Extra 2hr tour of Yaoshan Village was worth the 150¥ each (decide and pay cash during cruise) and also gave us extra time to look around Yangshuo markets.
* Fed and sat on a Water Buffalo, watched a Cormorant Fishing display, bamboo raft trip down the river - all great photo ops!

* Facilities and lunch were basic - boat was old and a bit grubby, nowhere to sit whist up on deck, and toilets were a mess within 30mins.
* The cruise is long and after a while a little repetitive, but that is simply the distance between departure and Yangshuo.

* Take a poncho - rain and no protection could ruin your day.
* Participate in the extra tour.
* Beware of sneaky bones and fat in the meat dishes for lunch...very Chinese :P
* Take some snacks with you!
* Our hotel pick-up time wasn't confirmed until 8:55pm the night before our tour when the tour guide rang our hotel room. I was starting to stress out a little, but it would seem this is common.
* Go to the toilet in the first 30mins of cruising - after this the uni-sex toilets (not squat) become a frightful mess.
* Haggle at the Yangshuo markets. If they start at 400¥, go to 80¥ and move slowly upwards. Don't pay more than 50% of their starting price!
* If the lunch on the boat left you hungry - there are HUNDREDS of food outlets (including cafes, bars, McDs and KFC on West Street in Yangshuo)
* Expect a long day. Left hotel in Guilin at 8:15am, and got back at 6:45pm.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

David R

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
November 2013

The tour itself was pretty much as expected - awesome vistas even if the weather was overcast and misty. The food on board the boat wasn't great but ok. If there was any real negative point it was the communication (or lack of it) we received from the tour operator the evening before the trip. We arrived at our hotel in Guilin at 7pm expecting there to be a message informing us of the pick-up time the next day but no message had been left. At 9pm I started phoning the number we had been given but the line was constantly 'busy'. After trying to get through about 20 times I had to resort to leaving email messages with Viator to try and get some information. Finally, at 11pm, we were contacted by the hotel receptionist to talk to someone from the tour operator and they finally gave us the pick-up time. 11pm was way too late and created way too much stress for us when we were meant to be on holiday! They need to do better than that!

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

JENNIFER K Australia

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2013

Wow! Guilin is amazing. You must do this tour in Guilin. We were on the boat for about 3 hours. When we first boarded it was raining and we were seated at tables downstairs. We were not too keen on this and ventured upstairs to find it had stopped raining. We stood on the upper deck for the whole three hours and did not once get tired of the magnificent views. From small bamboo rafts latching on to our boat to try and sell fruit to the beautiful mountain scenery, this was like floating in a dream. Yangshuo was full of little market type stalls all selling the same things, so we decided to do the optional tour. We are so glad we did. We went to a village and sat on a water buffalo, got to watch the cormorants dive for fish, hold the bamboo stick the cormorants were on and visit the Shangri La village. We would strongly recommend doing the optional tour which was RMB200 each. Don't know what we would have done waiting in Yangshuo for four hours. On the way back to our hotel our guide told us the Shangri La Hotel we were staying at was a bit far out for the large coach to drive to, so she got off the bus with us in the town and put us in a taxi to our hotel and the company paid for it. We thought this was incredible customer care.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

Micky Chen F

4 star rating: Recommended
February 2013

Nice tour guide and driver, but lunch not proper arrange by the company due to cny festival.. Which we have to drive along Guilin town n search for it !!

Doing what: Private Guilin Full Day Tour including Fubo Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Hill and Seven Star Park


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2010

The Li River Cruise is lovely and Yangshuo is so beautiful with breath-taking scenery. It is definately underrated and undeservedly placed in the shadow of the more famous Guilin. My big criticism was that this is a full day tour yet when we arrived in Yangshuo, we were only given 1 hour to browse round or we had to pay extra for activities to fill the afternoon. This is extremeley cheeky bearing in mind the amount of money we had already spent on the trip. Because we chose not to pay extra, our tour was cut short and we were taken home earlier. I thought that was terrible.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

Michelle C Canada

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2009

This was the first day of 3 in Guilin, and it definitely set the tone. We loved the cruise, our tour guide who was both hilarious and knowledgeable, and the visit to Yangshuo. Even the bus rides had great views. You will stand in awe the entire day. This day alone made us fall in love with Guilin. Seeing the exact view that's on the 20 Yuan was surreal. I couldn't say enough about this trip. If you get a chance to take a country tour while in Yangshuo, I recommend it.

Doing what: Li River Cruise Full Day Tour of Guilin and Yangshuo

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