Trieste: One of Italy's Most Unique Cities

By Philippa Burne, UK, May 2012

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Some cities are just lone wolves – they are not like anywhere else, they have passed from country to country during political upheavals and so have ended up a bit of a hybrid, and geographically they are as hard to describe as never-never land.

Welcome to Trieste. Now part of Italy, Trieste was founded by the Romans, batted about by various warring tribes including the Goths and Byzantines, taken over by the Venetians, then gave itself to Austria in 1382 and was for many happy settled centuries that country’s seaport. Have you ever wondered about the Captain in The Sound of Music being in the Navy when Austria has no coast? Well, it did back then. (Some of Italy, some of Slovenia, some of Croatia.)

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Photo courtesy of Courtney Gibbons via Flickr.

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