Lake Tahoe On the Water
With its elevation of 6,225 feet (1,897 meters) and its location in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe isn’t exactly known for warm waters you’ll want to relax in all day. What draws visitors is the striking setting of bright-blue water against snowcapped peaks, creating an alpine paradise for water sports that keep you (mostly) dry.
  • Cruise around Emerald Bay and its tiny island on your own Jet Ski.
  • Discover the beaches and granite boulders of Sand Harbor on a kayak tour.
  • Go kayaking along the west shore while learning about the area’s history from a guide.
  • Look out at the mountains and shoreline of South Lake Tahoe on a parasailing adventure.
  • Get a workout on the water with a stand-up paddleboard rental or lesson.
  • Rent a boat to create your own fun on the lake with friends or family.

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