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National Palace (Palacio Nacional)

The seat of Mexico's federal government since the age of the Aztecs (at least), the National Palace - or Palacio Nacional - is a working building, and many offices are off limits to visitors. You can, however, pass through the enormous baroque ... 

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davjenk2 United States of ... 

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2017

On this day we had the honor of having Sergio, as our tour guide. He has been a tour guide for 56 years! Need I say more. We will not ever forget Sergio and the amazing tour, as he guided us through the Mexico City sites. This was a private tour, so we were able to take our time, and stop along the way and really try to understand exactly how incredible this city is. Sergio made us feel welcome and we had a beautiful day.
We toured the Diego Rivera murals at The National Palace. Do not miss this Mexico City tour!
When your in Mexico City, this is a must! The Metropolitan Cathedral, the largest in the Americas. Beautiful! Outside the cathedral we saw the statue of Pope John-Paul II. Next was The Angel of Independence, and on to The National Museum of Anthropology. Inside the museum
Is a 1964 designed el paraguas, the umbrella, supported by a single slender pillar. SPECTACULAR!
A special thank-you to Sergio. We will not forget you my friend.

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour

Heather Q

4 star rating: Recommended
September 2014

The city is full of culture and heritage, wow! The murals in the National Palace are amazing and our guide explained them so well so we learnt the history of Mexico City at the same time. The Cathedral also amazing with a fantastic explaination from our guide. He continued to show his knowledge at the Museum of Anthropolgy. Unfortunately our time was limited at the Musuem, which on its own requires a half day dedicated to it. Great day out!

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour


4 star rating: Recommended
May 2014

This tour was very interesting and I learned very much by this tour. The guide was very experienced and the pace was unhurried. We had the opportunity to see the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace, we had a glimpse of the Templo Mayor from outside and we could see the Aztec room of the Museum of Anthropology. As I wanted to see the rest of this museum I stayed in the afternoon to continue after lunch. If you are interested in the history of Mexico City I recommend you to join this tour!

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour

Hutch USA

4 star rating: Recommended
September 2012

Alight, this was a good tour....but no reason it can't be better. The guide was great and knew his stuff. The group was eclectic and from all over the world. The sights chosen speak for themselves. The on-the-spot decision to see Diego Rivera murals at the Min of Education worked out well (the palace on the Zocolo was closed for Sept 15 security preparations). Where the tour needs improvement: we did not sit down and have a meal together. part of what people want from these tours is to socialize. Feed them seated together for 40 minutes instead of forcing them to shop at a Nuevo Laredo type store for 40 minutes. Overall, enjoyed the tour.

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour

Angela S

3 star rating: Worth doing
April 2015

Great way to see the National Palace, the cathedral and the anthropology museum. But the tour guide was in a little haste since he had another tour in the afternoon, so we didn't walk around the Chapultepec area.

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour


3 star rating: Worth doing
May 2014

This tour was a good overview of the city highlights. Our guide had a lot of information to share and it was especially helpful to have someone explaining the artifacts and art in the museum and palace.

A couple of issues made this a less than perfect tour though. The description notes that food and drink are not included, but this notation (along with the fact that it was a five+ hour tour), we assumed there would be time to stop for lunch/drink. We did not and from 9am to 3pm had to rely on the snacks we had thankfully brought along. Having water on the hot day was also an issue; we brought our own bottled water but were not told it would be taken from us at the Palace so we didn't have any for the second half of the tour.

We did not get to walk through the Chapultepec area as advertised (our guide was older and walked slow - maybe he decided not to?) and were disappointed that we started with the Anthropology museum instead of ending with it, as we had hoped to stay after the tour and view the rest of the museum.

We were glad we took this tour instead of one of the big double-decker buses, but there are probably other companies offering a better tour of the same sites.

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour

Gregory F

3 star rating: Worth doing
November 2011

Very good tour of the city for my first day in Mexico. I especially enjoyed the Palace and the Diego Rivera murals. Guide had a real encyclopedic knowledge of everywhere we went.. Well done!!

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour

Antonio A

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
September 2013

The tour guide was very knowledgeable but was in a hurry. We just stood in front of the president's palace and were told that the president comes out of the balcony twice a year. The ride we took tot he museum of anthropology was an old mini van which did not have air conditioning. We were seated in the back therefore we did not have a window to open,

Doing what: Mexico City Sightseeing Tour

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