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Mexico City, Central Mexico

Xochimilco: Boat ride and Mexican Party

- The tour will start from an Embarcadero (pier) in Xochimilco, and our adventure will begin by boarding a Trajinera (a traditional colorful Mexican canal boat). - While navigating through Xochimilco's canals, we will listen to music. - We will provide UNLIMITED beer, tequila, and mezcal to keep the smiles coming. - We will guide you through preparing a traditional Mexican dish: Guacamole! There will also be tortilla chips and other delicious snacks for you. - Throughout the experience, there will be options from vendors on other boats to purchase food (tacos, quesadillas, corn, enchiladas, and other options) or entertainment such as Mariachi music (*extra food or live music are not included). - During the experience, we will be sharing interesting facts about Xochimilco. - In the middle of our experience, we will find the replica (copy) of "The Island of the Dolls." - If you want, we can visit an Axolotl sanctuary (a salamander endemic to Xochimilco entrance costs ~5 USD *not included). - At the end of our trip, you will be able to see the souvenirs offered by the Crafts Market. Our goals are that you: - Enjoy an iconic place in Mexico City, contributing to the local economy. - Participate in an experience responsible for the environment. - Support a female-owned small business seeking to generate a positive change in Xochimilco. Do you want the whole trajinera (boat) to yourself or a personalized experience? (Whether it's a quiet, romantic trip down the canal, a high-energy good time, or anything in-between). Book a PRIVATE EXPERIENCE, and we'll work with you to ensure it's precisely what you want. We can host groups of 80 guests.
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