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Redhead Festival in the Netherlands

By Philippa Burne, UK, August 2012

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Did you know that in Poland if you see three redheads at the same time you will win the lottery? Or that in Corsica if you see a redhead you must spit and spin around? How about that Scotland has the highest percentage of redheaded people in the world (13%)? Or that if you go to Breda in The Netherlands on the first weekend of September, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of redheads from all over the world – 46 countries at last count! Yes, this is Roodharigen – the annual Redhead Festival.

It all began with an artist who liked the English Pre-Raphaelite painters like Dante Rossetti who painted women with flowing red hair, and also Gustav Klimt and his iconic Kiss painting with that lady’s gorgeous flower-starred red hair. But there are very few natural redheads in Holland (2%), so he advertised. And 50 women wanted to model for his paintings: poor redheads are more used to be scorned than adored I fear. And thus the first festival of redheads began in Breda in 2005.

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Photo courtesy of Bartr via Wikicommons.

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