The stunning Jama Masjid mosque is the largest in India and the final architectural magnum opus of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Construction of the mosque began in 1644, but it wasn't completed until 1658. It has 3 gateways, 4 angle towers and 2 ... 

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Rachel L

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2016

Very prompt pickup from my hotel the guide and driver were actually both early, arrived at 0830. My guide was very knowledgeable, but not overly talkative. We went to many of the big ticket tourist places, starting in Old Delhi - Jama Masjid mosque and the Red Fort. Along the way, he took me to several temples Jain and Sikh, which I wasn't expecting but was very culturally interesting to learn about. We walked through Chandi Chowk and stopped at a spice market it seems to be a designated tourist stop, quite a few europeans were in there. I didn't feel any pressure to purchase anything, although of course I did. We traveled to these places on both bike rickshaw and electric rickshaw, both of them being fun experiences but probably not for the faint of heart :.

They do a flyby drive by India Gate and the Parliament House at some point, but caveat is that there's a lot of smog and combined with fog, so it's actually not that interesting imho except for hearing about the historical elements.

In New Delhi, we saw Humayun's Tomb and the guide / driver were flexible and took me to places that weren't on the prescribed list. I wanted to see a Hindu temple so he took me to Akshardham, which is a little bit of a drive away. HIGHLY recommend it, it's absolutely gorgeous and breath-taking. We also went to Lotus Temple Bahai, huge and also not on the original list. Because of this, I didn't go to Qutub Minar, Laxminarayan Temple or Raj Ghat which I didn't mind one bit. I would like to see Laxminarayan, but I can arrange that myself since it's near Connaught Place.

The other thing I wanted to do was end up in Janpath, to shop a little. Also not on the prescribed list and the guide did warn me that authenticity isn't guaranteed even at Cottage Emporium, but was agreeble to take me anyway. They stayed with me patiently and overall, I ended the day at 6:00 or so, when the day I think was supposed to end at 5 pm and got to see some areas, do things that weren't their normal routine. The other thing that wasn't routine is that I only eat once or twice a day, so we didn't stop for a proper lunch and I think my poor guide / driver were starving at some point. They did not complain at all, and we got a snack at Akshardham around 3 pm, so I feel badly about that and made sure to warn my guides on subsequent tours!

As a female traveling solo, I felt safe with no pressure or annoyance from them despite change to plans, and didn't feel they took me to places that pressured me to buy stuff. They also discouraged beggars / peddlers, which I've heard from friends had annoyed them to the point of ruining some of their experiences I actually didn't see that many of them. I would totally book with them again and trust their ability to deliver!

Doing what: Private Tour: Old and New Delhi in a Day

Siti S

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2014

I took this tour at a recommendation of a local friend. Turn out to be one of the best tours I have ever done.

My guide, Sabyasachi picked me up at my hotel which happens to be near where he stays. Our tour starts with the subway. I had a great time discussing political and cultural issues in Delhi in the train with him. Sabya is smart, fluent in English and aware of current issues.

In Chandni Chowk we visited a Hindu temple where he explained the various different deities, festivals and practices. We went on to a Gurudwara next, again Sabya was well aware of the practices explaining the customs as we went along. We also managed to see the huge soup kitchen run the Gurudwara and I even tried my hand in making roti! We visited Jama Mosque which was awe inspiring. Being a Muslim, I was not aware that such a magnificent mosque exist in Delhi and is one of the world's biggest! It even housed some of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) artifacts. Sabya was able to point out to me the architectural significance of the mosque and its history.

I think one of the best parts of the tour was being able to sample the street food, samosas, rotis and marsala chai. We also have many interactions with the local vendors. I loved going through the narrow streets looking at fabrics, meeting locals, learn about spices and tea. The rickshaw ride through the area was quite the highlight for me. One of the best experiences of my travels.

I wanted to say thanks to Sabya and Tushar who made my India trip so wonderful. Sabya was commendable as a guide, personable, insightful and very respectful to everyone we met. I really value this experience as I know I would not be able to do it on my own. I felt that I learnt so much so thank you for a wonderful time and for sharing your beautiful India with me.

Doing what: Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour

Becky B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2013

The tour was great! It was just me and another guy, plus the guide, Ashish. Ashish was really friendly, helpful, and extremly knowledgeable about Delhi and Indian history. We went through the narrow streets of Chandni Chowk, to Jama Masjid and to a Sikh temple, and we had an awesome lunch.

Doing what: Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour

Paul B USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2012

I am so glad I booked this Private Custom Tour: Delhi in One Day! Our knowledgeable, energetic, fun and articulate guide Avdesh ("Avi") was wonderful! He met us at the hotel lobby on time and together we toured many of Delhi's key attractions. I simply gave him a list of what we wanted to see (Qutab Minar, Safdarjung's Tomb, Lodi Gardens, Humayun's Tomb, Purana Qila, Jama Masjid, Red Fort, and Chandi Chowk) and he was genuinely happy to show us around. If we hadn't already prepared a list, he would have made suggestions in that first meeting to establish an itinerary; he was organized and professional. We set the pace and could be as quick or as slow as we chose for each location. He thoroughly explained each site and was patient as I gave my camera a work-out. Avi also did a great job of watching over us by ensuring we paid the correct entry fees where appropriate and that we weren't scammed or bothered anywhere along the way. One of the best parts was that at my request he even helped us navigate the North India Railway Station to find the international tourist office (2nd floor) so we could buy 1st class tickets to Agra the following day. I wouldn't have had those tickets without Avi's help, translation skills, and ability to guide us clear of people at the station who intentionally misdirect tourists. The driver was great also, waiting for us at each site, getting us safely and quickly through traffic, and stopping on a dime or pulling u-turns when I had to get a photo of something unexpected. I've used Viator in Paris, Moscow, and now New Delhi and have never been disappointed.

Doing what: Private Custom Tour: Delhi in One Day

fiftieschick Bahrain

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2012

We did the Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour on 6 February 2012.
We booked the tour through Viator and paid online. My husband and I are in our 50's and 60's. We like to see the old parts of cities and prefer to do so on foot.
The walking was not strenuous at all and there were plenty of stops along the way. It was cool pleasant weather in February but I would say bring water if you go in the hot months.

We were delighted to see that our local guide Hirdesh Shrivas arrived on foot at our hotel to collect us. She told us that we were going to experience local modes of travel. Outside the hotel we hailed an auto, which is a small 3 wheeled vehicle ideal for travel in heavy traffic areas.

From there it was on to the Metro where we went a few stops and then we were in Old Delhi.

Hirdesh was excellent at showing us around. She explained what the process was for making chai while we were standing beside a chai stall. We were shown all types of food and other stalls and had many processes explained very well to us by Hirdesh.

We were taken by rickshaw down one of the the narrow streets which sells wedding accessories, which was a feast for the eyes and ears.

A highlight was having lunch in a little place in the heart of Old Delhi that has been serving food there since 1875. The food was delicious. Lunch and all transport was included in the price.

Another highlight for us was visiting a Sikh temple. After visiting the worshipping area, we were able to watch lunch preparation in the kitchens and see the hundreds of folk patiently waiting for their free meal. Hirdesh gave us a lot of good information about the religion and how the temple is run.

We also visited Jama Masjid which is the largest mosque in India. We paid a very small fee there to have our shoes looked after and for the hire of a robe for me to put over my clothes.

At the end of our tour which took about 3 hours, Hirdesh took us back to the metro station and went with us to the stop where we needed to get off to return to our hotel. From there it was simple to get another auto back to the hotel.

I can highly recommend this tour if you really want to experience the real sights and sounds and smells of Delhi. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would rate this tour as a highlight of our stay in India.

Thank you for making it special Hirdesh.

Doing what: Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour

Tori B USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2010

This was a great tour. I got some good suggestions for places to see through the guide on the trip to the Taj Mahal the day prior. I had other ideas through the scheduled tour of Dehi, and the guide on this tour had suggestions of his own. This guide was very professional. He was highly knowledgeable and very accomadatiing. He gave us as much time as wanted in each place. He was willing to make sudden additions to the tour and was very pleasant to spend the day with. The mosque in Dehli and the Sikh Temple are important places to see. The highlight was a walking tour of colorful and active Spice Market. Our guide explained all of the various spices, how they are used in cooking and their medicinal purposes. It was another exciting Viator tour.

Doing what: Private Custom Tour: Delhi in One Day

Stepahine G USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2010

Our guide was wonderful. He was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour fascinating. It was a complete experience, which included walking the back streets of Old Delhi, the Spice Market, and visiting a mosque and a Siikh Temple, as well as sampling some wonderful street food. I'd been so careful about what I was eating while in India, but he made the tasting of the food so tempting that I threw all caution to the wind and was so pleasantly rewarded. Some of the best food I'd had in India. The tour was all I'd hoped for.

Doing what: Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour

Alex W

4 star rating: Recommended
August 2015

Great experience - started with Old Delhi with Jama Masjid - resulted in experiences such as riding Rickshaw, visiting Gurudwara and helping to prepare food for their community service meals and buying spices in spice markets, before moving on to sights such as Qutb Minar and Humayun's tomb. Were unable to do Red Fort due to August 15th preparations however made for a thoroughly enjoyable day

Doing what: Private Tour: Old and New Delhi in a Day

Richard USA

4 star rating: Recommended
August 2011

Get ready for the real sights and sounds of Delhi, and to have you eyes opened. Although hotter than any human could reasonably endure, we enjoyed the half-day and got a very good feel for old Delhi, including the Sikh Temple, the Mosque and the old market. Keep your hands on your property because of the mass of humanity -- and as much as they tug at your heart, be prepared for beggar kids.

Doing what: Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour

Mark H

2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
September 2011

The tour was a bit disjointed and a little confusing. The tour guide was not able to provide a cogent historical background at the start of the tour and from there was not able to place into context the sites we were visiting. In particular the visit inside the Red Mosque was completed without the tour guide. I did however find the tour a good introduction and was able to cover a fair bit of ground afterwards by myself. Given the price i think the value was reasonable.

Doing what: Old Delhi Half Day Small Group Tour

Mark D

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
May 2016

The Old/New Delhi portion of the tour was a joke. We were taken to a sweat shop and harassed by the manager to buy something while our guide just sat there and made phone calls. It did not feel comfortable or safe at all. The sites were mostly just drive-by views of the monuments from the road. To go inside the Jama Masjid mosque was extra. Agra and Jaipur were better, but the Jaipur tour involved another stop at some factory with a high-pressure sales pitch. On group tours these aren't as much of a problem, but on a private tour it can be very uncomfortable. The guides only wanted to stick to the itinerary, so there wasn't much opportunity to stop and take pictures of monuments you were passing but not on the itinerary. You would assume on a private tour there would be more flexibility. The hotels were the highlight of the tour, but these same hotels can be booked through an online hotel booking website. If you are looking for flexibility but also the relative safety of a group tour, these are not the tours for you.

Doing what: 4-Night Private Golden Triangle Tour: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur

Michailina K

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
February 2015

This tour was really disappointing!!!! If not for the really nice car driver, we would have given no star at all.

The car driver picked us up on time and brought us to Dubai. Unfortunately we could not explore much
on this day, since it was really foggy however, the car driver pointed us out all sightseeing points we passed.
In Dubai we got to meet the tour guide, which was actually just a disappointment.
He was always hanging around on his mobile phone. When we got to the mosque e.g., he led us to the
entrance and meant, we can meet up outside again in 15min. When we asked background or historical
questions, he could almost answer none, showing also a clear disinterest in continueing this talking.
When we mentioned we want to buy some saree dresses and he shall bring us for a market an Indian friend
recommended us, he explained he knows another good place with reasonable prices.
In the end it was a toursim catcher store with prices, even after paying 50% of the original price, we paid
at least 200% too much. We realised this clearly after finally making him guide us for the recommended place, where same sarees costed the same price already without bargaining... it made us really angry
and frustrated. The spices store on the market was also such a toursim catcher...
In the end we were just annoyed and wanted this tour to end as fast as possible.
If not for the driver, who gave us some good tips on the way back where to go on the next days, and were
some other nice shopping places were located, we really would give no star at all.

In the end we would really have prefered having only the driver alone, who was really nice and supportive.
Anything else about this tour was just a real disappointment.
So if you wanna get this tour, make sure to not get this young guide (unfortunately we do not remember
his name anymore). Sorry for the driver! Maybe you can book him alone, would be def. a better guide!

Doing what: Private Custom Tour: Delhi in One Day

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