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Magne Tower (Tour Magne)
Magne Tower (Tour Magne)

Magne Tower (Tour Magne)

The Magne Tower (Tour Magne), also known as the Great Tower, is a pre-Roman building and the only remaining tower of the ancient Augustan fortifications in Nimes. The Magne Tower stands tall on Mont Cavalier, Nimes’s highest peak and benefits from unobstructed and tactical views of the surrounding plains that linked Italy and Spain. The octagonal tower, at 32.5 meters high, was built for two reasons: first, to express the city’s power, and second, to serve strategic purposes, most notably as a watchtower and signal tower - in fact, it was Nimes’ main stronghold against the English during the Hundred Years War. Consequently, the tower was made a Historic Monument of France in 1840 and remains one of the most visited attractions in the Gard department. The tower is mentioned in many literary works, including texts by Victor Hugo and Guillaume Apollinaire.

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1 Chemin Guillaume Laforêt, Nîmes, Languedoc-Roussillon, 30000

Practical Info

The Magne Tower is located 15 kilometers from the historical center of Nimes, a 30-minute walk along boulevard Victor-Hugo and Quai de la Fontaine, or, alternatively, a 10-minute drive around the city center via Avenue Georges-Pompidou. The tower is open to visitors. It is possible to climb a staircase to the top of the tower (full rate €3.4 / reduced rate €2.9) to enjoy remarkable views over the city of Nimes and its surroundings. Opening hours vary each month.

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