COVID-19: Resources and How to Navigate Your Business Through a Crisis

Tour and activity operators around the world are being adversely affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. This page serves as a hub for helpful resources and tips for your business during this unprecedented time.

The tourism industry is being greatly impacted by COVID-19. Operators like yourself have a lot of questions about the best path to move forward, ways to shift your business during the crisis, and how to prepare yourself for when the industry returns to normal.

This page will be continually updated so be sure to check back for more information as this situation evolves.


How We’re Supporting You


Getting Payments Faster During the COVID-19 Crisis: To support operators in this difficult time we’re making it easier to get your money quicker. If you’re not connected with PayPal, connect today to get access to you payments faster

COVID-19 Information and Our Cancellation Policy: Tripadvisor Experiences’ FAQ page with information on cancellations and other relevant details.

[Webinar] Safety and Business Practices in a Post-COVID-19 World: We will be partnered with a Johns Hopkins doctor to address some of the top questions we received from operators about how to re-open safely. Click the link above to view the recording

[Webinar] Cost Effective Digital Marketing Best Practices: Social Media, Ads, and WebsitesA webinar about how you can build an effective digital marketing strategy when you’re on a budget. Click the link above to view the recording.

[Webinar] How to Create a Successful Experience with Viator: A webinar that will teach you how to create the perfect product that appears high in search results and attracts bookers. Click the link above to view the recording.

[Webinar] Viator’s Changing Marketplace: Curious about our recent announcement of Viator’s focus on quality? This webinar featured a live Q&A with VP of Supply Kristin Dorsett and Sr. Director of Global Sales and Account Management David King.


Helpful Resources from Around the Industry



Ask Me Anything: Ben Drew, President, Viator: A virtual interview with Ben Drew, president of Viator (a Tripadvisor company). Features questions from Douglas Quinby and operators that were in attendance.

Operator Story: How One Small Operator Is Seeing Her Way Through: A personal essay from an operator on her personal view of the crisis.

5 Crisis Takeaways from the CEO of City Wonders: Simone Gozzi, CEO of City Wonders spoke with Arival about how operators should be preparing to weather this storm.

Online Ad Giants Should Help Tour, Activity, Attraction Advertisers: Douglas Quinby, Founder of Arival, writes that the online advertising giants should be going out of their way to support operators in this trying time.

10 Key Takeaways from ‘Contending with Crises’: Arival held an online webinar with industry professional to gather their thoughts on the COVID-19 outbreak. These leaders provided tips and information for operators to consider.

Seeing Past a Crisis: Douglas Quinby takes the long view and offers some facts and figures to consider when thinking about how long this situation will last, and what the rebound will look like.


Why Long-Term Vision is Critical to Emergency Measure and Contingency Planning: It’s easy to get caught up in the short-term during a situation like this, but don’t forget to think about your long-term strategy as well.

Digital Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus – What Travel Brands Need to Know: How do you handle your marketing operations during these times? Now is a good time to analyze your marketing strategy and optimize it for when business picks up.

Live Blog: Impact of Coronavirus on the Travel Industry: A continually updated live blog from PhocusWire that will provide different tips and resources from around the industry.


The Impact of Emerging Tech in Travel Post-Coronavirus: A report about emerging technologies, their affect on the travel industry, and the options you should explore during the current situation. Optimistic Bookings Will Start Returning by May: The OTA believes they’ll start seeing an increase in bookings starting in May, read their reasons for optimism.


What You Can Do Today to Prepare for Tomorrow


The Power of Reviews & How They Impact Your Business: Now can be a good time to ask travelers to leave reviews of your tours and activities. It’s a direct way they can support your business and help you when things pick back up.

The Power of Responding to Reviews: Why Management Responses Matter More than You Think: If you don’t respond to reviews regularly, take some time to now to respond to your reviews. Travelers appreciate operators that go out of their way to comment.

2020 Traveler Trends: 4 Areas Shaping the Future of Experiences & How Operators Can Take Advantage: Once business picks back up, be prepared for the trends that travelers are seeking out when they are planning—and in the middle of—their trips.


Other Helpful Resources


Tourism Businesses Can Benefit from New Government ProgramsInformation on government programs that tour operators can use to help them through these times.

COVID-19: What You Need to Know: Tripadvisor’s main landing page for COVID-19. Contains medical information, areas affected, and travel information.

How Tripadvisor Review Guidelines are Changing in Response to COVID-19: An overview of the current review guidelines as they relate to the ongoing crisis.

COVID-19 Best Practices: A very comprehensive and in-depth resource guide from Peek. Tips on how to manage your business, be flexible, and reach out to customers.

Creating Live Virtual Tours: One of the ways you can continue to operate your business is by operator virtual tours. This is a very thorough guide by Rezdy that gives you tips on technology to utilize, and even specific tips for different categories of tours.

A COVID-19 Update for Our Community: A message from GetYourGuide to their community on their policies, and latest information on COVID-19.