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Stay Listed: How to Meet Viator’s New Product Quality Standards 

Our New Product Quality Review: What You Need to Know 

Viator’s New Product Acceptance Criteria and Quality Standards

Updates to the Viator Platform

Update Your Product's COVID-19 Protocols

As the world reopens and travel resumes, safety will be top of mind. Travelers starting to plan and book tours and activities want to know what additional health and safety measures are being taken before they book. We want to help you highlight the steps you’re taking to keep travelers – and you – safe. 

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Viator’s Animal Welfare Policy

Viator’s Animal Welfare Policy

Many tours, activities, and attractions feature animals in some way, whether in the wild or in captivity. Tripadvisor is committed to helping improve the way wild animals are treated within the tourism industry. We believe that every operator who provides or sells such a guest experience has a responsibility to ensure the needs of the animals involved are properly cared for, and that those animals are treated with respect and dignity.

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