Puerto Vallarta locals and visitors alike strut their stuff on El Malecon, the city ’s iconic boardwalk overlooking the Bay of Banderas. It’s the place for sunsets strolls, rollerblading, ice creams and admiring the many public street ... 

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2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
January 2017

I was not impressed with this experience. The first couple of hours of the tour was just picking people up and waiting at a store. We then spent a few minutes going through Malecon and visited a church. We went to another jewelry store, which was pretty much useless. The tequila tasting was nice and informative, but not especially that interesting. Finally, we spent several hours hiking and and eating lunch at jungle area. I wish they had spent more time at scenic areas and less time visiting businesses. The tour guide was friendly and the bus was comfortable.

Doing what: Puerto Vallarta City Tour

Samantha M

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
September 2016

This trip is as stated and doesn't last 8 hours,
We did not visit marina Vallarta or go down town to the malecon.
We picked every one up stopped for toilet break, got back on the bus stopped at the malecon for 5 minutes which really should of been up to an hour because the malecon board walk area is full of really nice sculptures. We the walked over the road to a church stayed about 5 minutes got back on the bus were the bus drove for 5 minutes and stopped for toilet break in really ridiculously over priced jewellery shop were we stayed about 30 minutes plus constantly be bothered by the staff to buy silver, im sorry i took 300 spending money for 2 weeks alinclusive holiday so no im not buying jewellery.
then after a very impatient wait took us too the tequila gallery Mister Tequila which was actually supposed to be at the end of the tour, however this was the best part Free tequila shots and no pressure to buy any thing although I did buy Coconut tequila which is amazing, I also met some one from there who I will have in my life always.
after this we moved onto the zip-lining area this wasn't scheduled we took a hike through the non jungle as they will say it is jungle but actually it is not for about 30 minutes if your quite elderly or disable you cant go they make you stay on the boiling hot bus and there is nothing else for you to do there which is very unfair.
They took us to a restaurant in the zip-lining area which is so expensive 2 ladies had to share 1 meal as it cost 56 Dollars, if you prepay with this ticket you get a piece of fish with salad. We stayed sitting in the restaurant because really there was nothing to do for 2 hours.
I recommend that if you do city tour its 2 buses from Nuevo Vallarta maybe 10peso minimum each bus and take your time just taking a walking around the marina and the malecon area. I would only take a taxi if its after 9pm as the bus stop at certain times from the hotel zones

Doing what: Puerto Vallarta City Tour

karen c

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
March 2016

This is the worst tour I have ever been on. The guide arrived late and took us to her office which was outside in the plaza a block from our hotel. She said something about breakfast and coffee but how that would have ever happened on a street corner is beyond me.The bus was dirty, smelly and uncomfortable with cracked windows, filthy springless seats and window blinds that couldn't be opened. So really why both with window seat? We requested an English tour and ended up with a bilingual Spanish-English tour. And the guide's English was nowhere as good as his Spanish. Oh my God do you have any ideal how painful that can be??? We stopped briefly by the Malecon and the church and then were driven to some opal store which we were told was a bathroom stop. Some bathroom stop... 1 toilet and a bunch of sales people. Next stop was somewhere outside the city which meant we would have had to endure a long excruciating ride on that bus which I doubt would have passed a safety inspection in Canada. Even though our tour included lunch we bailed. I have done a lot of tours with you guys and never ever have I been subjected to such a poor quality product.

Doing what: Puerto Vallarta City Tour


1 star rating: I do not recommend this
July 2015

The bus had steps up to the back 8 seats where there was no view. We didn't see the Malecon. Just the church and a jewelry shop. Then took a long bus ride to a distillery. The bus needs shocks. Did not like the fact we drove all the way into the marina over all the speed bumps just to find out the people that were to be picked up had gotten a different ride. How about communicating that to the tour guide through a dispatcher?
I thought Part of the tour was to see the marina, we just saw a house that was for sale. Lame.

Doing what: Puerto Vallarta City Tour


1 star rating: I do not recommend this
July 2015

Not happy with our tour, basically was in the van most of the time with 15 minutes at the Malecon--no mention at all about the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe one of the main historical landmarks, we had to go search it out on our own in 15 mins, then got out to the Romantica Zone to shop at an opal store...much more than 15 minutes, but then you know the tour guide is getting a commission of sales, same with the tequila factory and even at the restaurant. We had paid for the lunch with our tour 15 US each we decided on the fish platter and we're definitely prepared to pay the difference, but we were charged double the amount...this was brought to the guides attention and he argued with us and told us not to discuss with the restaurant owner--so basically the lunch cost us a total of 60 US when it was 600 pesos 38.40. It was apparent to us that the guide was more concerned that we spend time at places where he would collect his commissions. We booked this tour based on the other reviews, so this might be an isolated case. Not recommend based on our experience.

Doing what: Puerto Vallarta City Tour

Angie T

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2010

I absolutely loved the Puerto Vallarta City Tour. If this is your first time in Vallarta, it is best to do this tour early in your visit. We were able to get an excellent overview of the city and the mountains. The tour enabled us to know what areas we wanted to go back to and spend more time. Our tour guide, Christian, was so nice and thoughtful. He went out of his way to accommodate everyone on the tour. Most important, we saw some very beautiful sights along the tour. The Malecon is beautiful, I loved the Catholic Church, and we had just enough time to shop. Other guests at my hotel went to the city via cab. They were not as impressed with the city because they did not know where to go. Furthermore, the tour cost about the same for two people as round trip cab fare. The tour is the better deal and you get a knowledgeable tour guide to show you all the beautiful sights that Vallarta has to offer.

Doing what: Puerto Vallarta City Tour

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