Just because its name evokes images of snowshoeing and glacier hiking, doesn’t mean Iceland is only a winter destination; in fact, the summer months are one of the most popular times to explore with extended sunlight hours providing the opportunity ... 

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Sapna P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

I highly recommend taking the sunset tour because the locations you visit are not overcrowded by other tour groups, and in the summer the 24-hour daylight makes for an incredible experience. We had a wonderful tour guide who even stopped at an extra waterfall for us, and shared so much knowledge about the history of the country. There was plenty of time at each of the stops so we did not feel rushed, and we were able to explore each of the sites on our own. If you are in town for a limited time, this is an excellent way to see the natural highlights of this country.

Doing what: Golden Circle Evening Trip from Reykjavik

Krystal K

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

Lovely tour of the nature in Iceland near Reyjavik. Great do in the summer because the sun doesn and #39;t set. There is good food and free WiFi along the way in the souvenir shops at some stops. Bus is supposed to have WiFi but it didn and #39;t work.

Doing what: Golden Circle Evening Trip from Reykjavik

Terry G

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

The Blue Lagoon was amazing! Do book ahead! We wanted an earlier time but booked just a day or 2 ahead so our choices were limited and We had to go late. BUT it worked out fine since it stays light very late in summer and it was a perfect relaxing end to day!

Doing what: Blue Lagoon Spa with Roundtrip Transport from Reykjavik

Janet H

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
May 2016

Thought I had already reviewed this amazing trip but glad to re-live the experience. A very long day which we had definitely had reservations about taking. However our guide Harold was a true pleasure and the day just flew by. He was very knowledgeable and his story telling about Icelandic love stories and goblins was incredible - really amusing. We visited 2 waterfalls - one of which you can walk under during the summer months. Also a beach on which were huge diamond like pieces of ice. The most amazing of all was the Glacier Lagoon with its amazing blue glaciers. We also saw a very large sealion who seemed to know people were watching and so gave us a little show. We had many stops on route for breakfast, lunch and diiner. Harold also tried to find the Northern lights for us on our way back. A wonderful day which we would highly recommend.

Doing what: Day Trip to the Glacier Lagoon: Jökulsárlón from Reykjavik

Yumiko M

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
March 2016

The guide was nice and kind.
The only one thing... He didn and #39;t mention leaving time and we had to ask him.
The tour was good. Besides 3 scheduled spots, we had time to take photos of horses and also to drop by kerid. I want to take part in this tour again in summer time!

Doing what: Golden Circle Afternoon Tour by Minibus

Yevgeniy M

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2016

Great and relaxed tour on our own schedule. Sergei is an awesome guide and I look forward to coming back in the summer and using his services again. He showed us the wonders of Iceland and was very informative. Knowing that we were planning to go on our own the next day he emailed us with weather updates and provided a bunch of recommendations of things we could see ourselves.

I have no problems recommending this one. A definite winner here!

Doing what: South Coast of Iceland - Private Day Tour from Reykjavik by Jeep

Antonio I

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2016

Excellent tour guide and driver. Weather was poor, but well worth the time and money. Hope to go back in the summer

Doing what: Gulfoss and Geysir Express Half-Day Trip from Reykjavik

Sue B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2014

An amazing tour - which I think would be just as great in summer as winter. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and interesting, giving quite detailed background to Icelandic culture and history.

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Panagiota P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
October 2014

(+) excellent tour, you can see the amazing landscape that's changing eg the fields, the sea, some waterfalls on the way to the glacier, and the glacier itself is amazing, breathtaking. The illuminating waterfall was a nice touch at the end. The guide (Mattias i think) is the best guide ever. He is really knowledgable and you the stories/info he is telling are very interesting.

(-) be prepared it's the longest tour, about 14hrs, you can't see that much of the south coast, except the waterfall Skogafoss, another glacier (from far away) and you will be at Vik in the afternoon were there's no day light (i'm guessing if you do the tour in the summer you will have plenty of it) to walk to the beach.

Doing what: Iceland South Coast and Jokulsarlon Lagoon Day Trip from Reykjavik

William P

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2014

very quick to save time for other sightseeing, nice boat ride, good explanation about the puffins, get very close to the 22,000 puffins that summer on the island. Good trip!

Doing what: Puffin Express Cruise to Akurey from Reykjavik

Graham K

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2014

Fantastic day out, the best way to see so many natural attractions and the natural wonder of the island.
Very cold so wrap up well, will be back in the summer to sample more sights. great

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Ramon B

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2013

Beautiful landscape. Incredible cold. I would have enjoyed it more if I had dressed properly. Some of the stops weren't that impressive, but the overall trip is something to recommend. It must look amazing in the summer

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Pauline W Ireland

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
February 2013

Our driver was waiting for us when we came downstairs and you cannot get better than that as we were early and our driver was even earlier. Given that we had booked it for 6.a.m. that is very impressive, so if anyone is worried that there flight is early they need not worry about booking with viator as they will get you there on time. Could recommend them to anyone. Will use them again when we go back as we had a great time. Unfortunately did not see the lights hence why I say we will be back, but not only for the lights, because we went on the circle tour and it was great. Iceland is beautiful and would also like to see it in summer another time.

Doing what: Reykjavik International Airport Private Departure Transfer

Andy N

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2012

You've simply got to do the Blue Lagoon when In Reykyavik. The Gulfoss and Geysir were a great experiences too. Great guide in DeeDee. She really made the trip fun. I think going in winter would be better than in summer. The cold, snow and ice, made it it all the more magical I think,

Doing what: Reykjavik Super Saver: Blue Lagoon Round-Trip Transport plus Gulfoss and Geysir Half-Day Tour

Yee ah H

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2012

This is a must GO trip when you visit Iceland
The tour is wonderful. The bus is very comfort and the tour is very nice
I may want to go again in spring or summer to have a different view from winter

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Dana C

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
August 2012

More driving than I thought but I really enjoyed this. The snowmobiling was hilarious and even in the summer when the glacier is slippery and melting, it was still spectacular.

Doing what: Golden Circle Super Jeep Tour and Snowmobiling

Richard V United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
December 2008

This was a very enjoyable day. The first stop at the geothermic power plant gives an interesting insight into how Reykjavik is supplied with water, and the scenery and landscapes on the other parts of the tour were outstanding. However, I think it's definitely better to do it in the winter provided you're OK with walking about in the cold for half an hour or so because having seen postcards of the landscape in the summer. I would suggest the snow and ice make it more spectacular, particularly if like me you live in the south-east of the UK and therefore don't get to see such things too often! Our guide was excellent, gave us lots of interesting information but did not talk for too long and had a good sense of humour. All in all highly recommended, especially if like me you are only visiting for a short time.

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Clive H United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2007

This is THE tour to do. It is an all-day tour that takes in all the good bits around Reykjavik. Take both a video and a still camera. You'll get some unforgettable shots! The geysers are incredible, as are the waterfalls. A knowledgeable guide was provided. The only thing that I could find that could be improved would be for the tour to be a little longer, but we went in summer when it was daylight all day. It might be difficult in winter. I would definitely do this tour again, and I highly recommend it! It is brilliant.

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Marilyn USA

4 star rating: Recommended
January 2016

Very interesting! Weather was a challenge so we couldn't see the falls very well. Probably better to see in the summer but I wouldn't have wanted to have missed it even in winter. Stopped at a good place for lunch.

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Tiffany A

4 star rating: Recommended
December 2015

Crazy weather but a very enjoyable trip overall! All the different services and tours were very accommodating in rescheduling events that may have had to have been postponed due to the unusually snowy and windy weather. A very beautiful country and very pleasant locals, I'd love to go back again in the summertime.

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

Helen H

4 star rating: Recommended
September 2015

Excellent day tour of whale watching and blue lagoon but some chaos that was not explained in advance. The trip requires you to get in the bus that collects you, takes oyu to a bus depot for another comp,any where you exchange your voucher for a ticket, get on another bus to whale watching where you exchange your ticket for one of their tickets. Great whale watching trip and saw minke and humpback as well as dolphins as summer a good time. Back onto another bus to bus depot, to another bus to blue lagoon which you have to pay for separately and I advise you to do this ahead to time to save queues. Blue lagoon amazing. Back in another bus into town and then onto last bus of day to hotel. Other advice-take some lunch with you or buy at expensive Blue lagoon cafe as not enough time inbetween to stop anywhere else. Overall a great day out but coordination could be improved which is why it lost 1 star.

Doing what: Whale Watching and Blue Lagoon

LuAnn G

4 star rating: Recommended
May 2015

I would love the opportunity to do this again, when the puffins are all home. We only saw 4, and that was because we did the very first tour of the summer, May 1. I understand and do not discredit the planned tour at all. Just too early in the year. The tour team was knowledgeable and very nice.

Doing what: Reykjavik Shore Excursion: Puffin Sightseeing Cruise


4 star rating: Recommended
April 2014

I recommend this tour although probably starting with late May and not April. There is nothing you can see in April and especially on a bad weather. I think that this kind of tour should not be available until during the summer season.

Doing what: Whale-Watching Tour from Reykjavik


4 star rating: Recommended
April 2013

So, you're probably not going to see a whale leaping out of the water making a giant splash, nor a puffin close up like in the photo. You will see some backs with fins and lots of porpoise backs with fins closer up. If you are thinking Sea World in Florida then you have the wrong idea. However, this is a fun trip if you like boats and being at sea.

The tour guide is very enthusiastic "11 O'Clock MINKY WHALE!!!" and tells you a lot about whales and the area so you should be interested in this.

They offer free sea sickness tablets at the bar and unless you 100% know that you won't get sea sick then please take one as soon as you board as it can be very very choppy! Also make sure you have a strap for your camera as you will get thrown about! Saying that unless you have a "proper camera" with multi shot then there's not much point. Just enjoy the trip instead.

They offer you warm snow suits at the beginning so there is no need to be cold. Bring good gloves and proper shoes. There is an indoor lower deck with bar, middle deck with roof and open upper deck. Toilets on board are as to be expected of a boat.

They come around giving our blankets on the way home which is nice.

We saw two Minky backs and a collection of porpoise backs. It is exciting scanning the water looking for them. Like some cold wet version of "Where's Wally".

Didn't see puffins but it isn't the season. Don't expect too much Come back in the summer to go to Puffin Island.

So if you like boats and don't get sea sick then do this. If you want to see and meet animals then try a horse riding trip instead as this was awesome! If you have kids then just visit the zoo!

Doing what: Whale Watching including Gullfoss and Geysir Express Tour from Reykjavik


4 star rating: Recommended
January 2013

Trip was really good, would probably be better in summer though as it was still dark for a large part of our morning which meant we missed some scenery. The bus had troubles and they replaced it with another bus but we sat around for 30 minutes. Which in limited daylight was really frustrating.

Doing what: Golden Circle Classic Day Trip from Reykjavik

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