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Escape the buzz and bustle of Seattle and experience Washington’s wilder side. Just beyond the city, these awe-inspiring outdoor adventures and magnificent landscapes are easily accessible.
Hiking and Climbing
The soaring, snow-capped mountains and emerald pine forests that surround Seattle set the scene for the adventures that await. Learn how to safely climb a tree and then watch the sun set over the canopy at Deception Pass State Park. Hike through towering evergreens to discover a lost mining town. Or, strap on a harness and learn how to scale the craggiest of peaks in an all-day outdoor rock-climbing class.
Brain Games
Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with your team. Use your smartphone to scavenge Downtown Seattle for needed supplies, answering trivia questions as you go. Navigate the city in a zombie-free game that tests your knowledge about the whacky side of Seattle. Or, learn about Seattle on a relaxed, self-guided tour of Seattle’s neighborhoods, answering riddles while you eat, drink, and enjoy the sights.
Small-group guided tours to Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier, the Mount Saint Helens volcano or across the Puget Sound are perfect for learning about and experiencing the region’s natural beauty. Discover the natural history of the Pacific Northwest by sailboat, ferry, and foot as you sail, hike, or even snowshoe through the region’s waterways and vast open spaces. Or, hone your camping and mountaineering skills on an extended, multi-day trip through the regions national parks.
Only in Seattle
This one-of-a-kind city takes fun to new and interesting places. Check out a heart-pumping free-fall indoor flight experience inside a custom-built wind tunnel. Design your own Seattle family adventure and discover hidden gems at your own pace with a guided family tour. Or, experience a quieter side of Seattle’s wooded forestlands with a guided mediation and walk through the softly whispering pines.

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