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Rainbow Bridge

Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge, a suspension bridge spanning Tokyo Bay to connect Shibaura Wharf and the Odaiba waterfront area, is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, particularly at night. The bridge was completed in 1993 and was painted all in ... 

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5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2016

I think that this tour is a great way to tour some of Tokyo's attractions in a single day - IF you aren't the type that likes to venture out on your own and not afraid of getting lost. This tour goes to some of the most popular tourist attractions, but moves really fast. Every stop we went to, we only had about 20 minutes to walk around, take pictures, buy things, etc. By the time you observed one thing, it was already 10 minutes later, but there are about 10 other things to look at in one place. So, we had to move really fast. The only exception was the buffet, which was a lot better than I expected. We had 40 minutes at the buffet. It had a nice variety and was really nice inside. The Tokyo Bay Cruise was not as bad as some of the other reviewers had said. It was like 20-30 minutes of quiet time after all the rushed walking we had done earlier in the day, so I quite enjoyed it. We did see the Rainbow Bridge from this cruise, but because it was still daytime, the lights on the bridge weren't on. So, it took us some time to wonder why it was called the Rainbow Bridge we realized why it was called that when we drove by at night.

The tour guide was good she explained some of the basic things, like the difference between a shrine and a temple, what to do at the shrine, what certain things are and represent, etc. Her English isn't bad. I understood about 99 of what she said. I also enjoyed the very last part of our tour, which was at one of the information centers. They had a little performance. The guide had been talking about that since the start of our tour. Something about it taking the performer an hour or two to put on makeup every day. Well, the dance was pretty :. The guide also ensures that we all know where we need to go when the tour ends. For us, we had to go to another night time tour, so our guide directed us to the nearest station. Some were going back to their hotels, so she directed them to the nearest station to take.

What you should be wary of is how fast you have to move from one venue to another, so if you are a slower-moving person, you may want to put on your best walking shoes or be prepared to get left behind. You may think that because you're a paying customer that they will wait for you no matter what and they will wait to a reasonable time, but if you get lost and you're making everyone late, I'm sorry to say that it's not always the right choice, but it is the best choice that you get left behind. It is what had happened on our particular tour an older couple didn't return for 20-30 minutes. The daughter eventually made the decision to search for them, at the urging of all the other whispering and staring customers on board and the guide, and our bus left. The guide did exchange information with the daughter so that the company would know if they made it back safely. I'm sure it was disappointing for them, but people like us still had a different non-refundable tour to go onto after this tour ended, so it was important that the guide knew when to move on. Well, it is Tokyo. It is a safe city. Also, you won't get lost for long as long as you have good enough problem-solving skills. Or just ask people. I swear, they all very helpful.

We are actually 3 capable young travelers on this trip. Although we still got lost once or twice AND Google Maps wasn't always reliable, we realized that it was probably better if we chose our venues and ventured there ourselves. I don't regret booking this tour at all, but I believe that if you are adventurous, capable, somewhat smart, and have the time, you should definitely visit these venues on your own rather than book a tour, because you will get more out of it on your own. Or do a private tour if you have the money. There is nothing like getting one-on-one face time.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise


5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2016

Wonderful guide. Fun introduction to Tokyo. The wooded area around the Meiji Shrine was beautiful. The East Garden of the Imperial Palace was also lovely. The Asakusa Temple area was extremely crowded, but there are lots of things to see there. Be sure to do your fortune in the temple. If it is bad, you don't have to take it with you. You can tie it to the wires and leave it with the temple. We had a nice lunch and then went on the Tokyo Bay Cruise. It was a nice cruise, and one of the people from the boat was on deck to take pictures for you with your camera with the Rainbow Bridge in the background. Then we went to Odaiba and saw the giant Gundam Statue and the Statue of Liberty. We felt like we covered a lot of Tokyo in a day's time, and it left us eager to see more.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Mary M

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2016

This was one of my highlights of my time in Japan! Yasushi was a great tour guide! I brought my camera, but I rarely had to pull it out because he was taking most of the pictures. This was great because I like to travel solo and so having someone else take photos of my was nice. During this tour it was raining and so we didn't get to hop on the bikes until almost the end of the tour but Yasushi improvised by driving us around and even showing us some additional spots. The walk down Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba was amazing! Despite the overcast and rain, the view of Tokyo still looked amazing under the light cloud of fog.

Doing what: Tokyo by Bike: Tsukiji Market and Odaiba Including Tokyo Bay Cruise

Anne D

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
November 2015

What a great day to get a feel of Tokyo. Great tour guide Meni. Very informative and humorous. Saw a good cross section of tourist spots with the only minor criticism was that the Tokyo Bay Cruise only went under Rainbow Bridge and a slow return back to the port. We think a river cruise may have been more interesting. Delicious lunch with a fantastic view over the bay. Overall would recommend this tour to any visitor to Tokyo.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Flora W

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
June 2014

The tour is done by a pair of freelance-tour guides, they recently opened up a school teaching English as a second-language, which goes to show how passionate they are in this service.

The Quraz Building isn’t hard to find at all because it’s right above Kachidoki Station. , with free wifi in the Tokyo metro lines, you are able to whatsapp the guides if you expect to be late.

First of all they will assign you one bike and teach you how to lock the bike with their password locks. Then they gave us five minutes of adjusting to the bike. The bikes we rode around are well-maintained foldable bikes. The foldable-bike I rode on was quite comfortable, and it even comes with a cute complementary mineral-water bottle on a bottle-holder. (I recommend that you need to at least know HOW to ride a bike because being unable to means you are gonna slow everyone down.)

The tour to Tsukiji Market involves walking along the food-street where you can buy really good Tamago sticks and grilled Oyster. It started to rain a little and the tour guides were quite prepared for that and gave us all ponchos for us to wear. Luckily the rain didn’t last very long and we were able to continue the tour while wearing our ponchos. There IS a heavy-rain alternative where we could travel by public transport but JUST HOPE this doesn’t happen…

Anyway don’t mean to spoil anything for you fellas but do expect crossing the Rainbow Bridge where many breathtaking photos can be taken and riding along the pier in Odaiba, where EVEN more photo-opportunities can be taken… The guide on the history, background and upcoming sights in the surroundings were quite well-done and prepared. The couple doesn’t mind being asked to repeat if you miss it. Their English is very fluent too!

Throughout the journey across Tokyo and the sea, the guides will cycle on both ends of the group for our safety.

There’s much more to just a bike tour, I rate it 5 stars for a very relaxing, non-rushed bike tour!

Doing what: Tokyo by Bike: Tsukiji Market and Odaiba Including Tokyo Bay Cruise

Graham Australia

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
May 2014

I went on this tour on 16/5/14. I have been on previous full day tours of Tokyo and also just a morning tour. This tour offers a great overview of Tokyo. Time is limited at each stop, but it gives you a good iidea of where you can revisit in your own time. The lunch was simply superb overlooking Tokyo Bay and consisted of multiple courses. The afternoon cruise was very relaxing and offered great views of Tokyo and the Rainbow Bridge from the bay on a beautiful cruise boat. Our guide Mina was just simply wonderful. She provided great insights into Japanese culture and made the trip very special. The stop at Odaiba was a wonderful end to a great day. Mina made sure that the whole tour knew how to get back to their hotels from Tokyo Station. Highly recommended.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Chris P United Kingdom

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
April 2013

The Panoramic Tokyo day tour was a fantastic way of seeing all the major sites of Tokyo in one day.

The tour guide was excellent, incredibly knowledgeable, spoke excellent English and was very good at organising everyone in the group.

On the day we did our tour it rained and was windy but this took nothing away from a brilliant day.

The meal although was small (for me anyway) was very tastey (I had the beef).

The cruise on Tokyo bay was very nice on a big boat.

At the end of the day we were in Odaiba and we asked if we could make our own way back from there, which was fine. We were very grateful for the tour guide who had given us all the information needed for us to get home using the trains. Odaiba is really nice, with loads of shops, theme park and visitor attractions to see. Including a Statue of Liberty, rainbow bridge and views of Tokyo Tower.

All in all this trip was well worth the money, we definitely recommend it.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Letie W

4 star rating: Recommended
June 2015

Our guide, Atsushi, was great! We learned a lot of history and facts of the Japanese culture. Overall, the tour was good. I wish we had more time to spend at the Meiji Shrine and Asakusa Temple. Spending 40 minutes is just not enough time at both. Also, it would have been nice to start the visit off at Asakusa temple from the ftont of it and not the back where the buses parked. It was hard to make our way through the crowds into the shopping area as we were opposing the flow of traffic. Lunch was okay. The cruise gave a nice view of Rainbow bridge and Odaiba. We actually left the tour early and stayed in Odaiba instead of going to Tokyo station. Again, time was short and we didn't think we could actually see the entire Odaiba in 45 min. I would recommend this tour if you just want to see the sights with minimal free time. One more thing. I thought the walk through the Imperial Palace garden was a waste of time. It's beautiful, but I would have rather enjoyed the extra time at Asakusa Shrine.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise


4 star rating: Recommended
January 2015

Overall, the Tokyo Panoramic Tokyo Day Tour was excellent. That said, we started the tour on a sour note, with a 30-minute delay at the Hamamatsucho Bus Terminal: a crowded and unappealing place. Supposedly, our bus was delayed due to traffic. Once we got moving, the tour picked up pace quickly and we thoroughly enjoyed our guide, Tomoko. She was witty, spoke excellent English and blended the discussions with Japanese culture, history and language. There were 25 of us on the bus, but it was comfortable and the group friendly. The bus driver really managed to steer the rig through some tight spaces. We started at the Meiji Shrine, with a chance to walk the grounds. They were preparing for the New Year’s celebration to come. Tomoko explained the difference between Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and the influence of those two religions on the Japanese. We also saw the Asakusa Kannon Buddhist Temple, which is a picturesque or quintessential view of what many think of when they imagine Japan. We also drove and walked around the Imperial Palace, but the gardens were not open on Fridays (which was well advertised by Viator and told to us by Tomoko). We saw the Japanese Diet (parliament), and the Ginza shopping district. We ate a decent lunch at a hotel restaurant near the bay, which was very scenic. The 50-minute boat ride under the Rainbow Bridge and around the bay was enjoyable both from the cabin, but also on the deck. It was a bit chilly but sunny. We also had a bus ride to Odaiba man-made island via the Rainbow Bridge. There we saw a small, original copy of the Statue of Liberty and a giant Gundam robot. Overall, with Tomoko’s excellent running dialogue and the fast pace of the tour, we came away with a great, quick impression of some of the highlights of Tokyo!

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Stephen G

4 star rating: Recommended
December 2014

Tour guide Mina was exceptional. Excellent language skills, funny, and very helpful.
Tour was great for adults. OK for young children. Meiji Shrine was great. Imperial garden was effectively looking from a parking lot at a bridge (you cannot see into the palace area and the gardens are closed on Mondays and Fridays). The temple was OK - you spend most of your time at the nearby market. The lunch was excellent - restaurant that overlooks the harbor with a very good meal. The bay cruise was very nice - out on the river traveling under the Rainbow bridge and back.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Richard O

4 star rating: Recommended
September 2013

A somewhat rushed tour but that's probably because there's so much to see although the end of the tour was odd. We stopped at the Aquacity mall and saw a replica of the Statue of Liberty with the famed Rainbow Bridge behind it. However, our final destination was Tokyo Station where there were tons of opportunity for me to take photos of the beautiful train station and of the buildings around the area.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Ananth K. P

3 star rating: Worth doing
October 2013

Tour was average. A lot of drive-by sightseeing which I did not expected. Would have loved to stop by Tokyo Tower and a ride up Tokyo Skytree, both of which were drive by. Tokyo Bay Cruise was good but once can skip as the cruise just goes under the Rainbow Bridge and back.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

Shahzaleen D

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2014

The full day tour is kind of a rip off, I regret not purchasing the half day tour. Let's start from the beginning. Starting the tour was so unorganized to begin with. Met at the meeting point at one station approx 7:30am than got into a bus just to drive to another station where the tour actually began. I would have preferred to just meet at the main station rather than driving around in rush hour traffic when the tour didn't begin until 9am. The tour guide was good and very thorough. At 1:30pm we dropped off the half day tour than went off to lunch which was western style, it was so bland, had no flavour. I would have preferred finding food on my own. Than we went and did a Tokyo bay cruise to see the rainbow bridge, which was the most boring part of the cruise. You also don't need to be on the cruise to see the bridge, it doesn't make it look any better. So basically for lunch and the bay cruise I paid an extra $65 and wasted my entire afternoon/early evening. We didn't get back to Tokyo station until after 5pm because we stopped at a mall which had nothing good to see. Would have preferred to stop at Ginza shopping district and actually see the neon lights and giant theatres which says was included but really wasn't. The Asakusa temple was the best part of the tour. Don't waste an entire day in Tokyo aimlessly driving around especially if your on limited time.

Doing what: Tokyo Day Tour: Meiji Shrine, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Bay Cruise

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