Set on the glittering Lake Zurich against a dramatic mountain backdrop, few places are picturesque as Zurich and as the weather heats up, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Switzerland’s largest city . Here are some ideas for things to do in Zurich ... 

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Jyoti G

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
July 2016

Worth of each penny ! Mount titlis has snow all over the year, so although we visited Zurich in July summers but Titlis was snowy and beautiful as you see in pictures. Tour guide was great and timing was good also.

Doing what: Mount Titlis Day Tour from Zurich

Tee Fa Y

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
September 2013

Great trip with perfect weather. Rare occasion to see Jungfrau and the other peaks
all at the same time in glorious sunshine. Should not miss this trip but go in summer.
The day schedule was very tight, doing too many things in 6.5 hr excluding the return
coach ride, Zurich to Jungfrau. Shopping in Interlaken was just long enough to buy eg
a watch or Swiss knife. The tour guide was good and made every one kept to the tight
schedule. The cogwheel mountain train ride was excellent with fantastic views of the
mountains and the valley. Highly recommended.

Doing what: Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich

Alina B USA

5 star rating: Highly Recommended
January 2012

As Mr. Matt Lauder helicoptered over Jungfrag as part of his "Where in the World" I immediately began to plan my trip. The Jungfrag summit located in the Swiss Alps holds Europe's highest travel station, the train cuts inside the mountain, now a 100 year old line. The beautiful scenery makes you regret the return. My recommendation if you can choose the season is to go in the summer - only because you can now enjoy "Winter Sports" aka you can slid down a mountain while looking at a glacier. If you are limited on time I recommend the Zurich trip but if you have time to spare I definitely recommend staying in the Valley below and connecting via Interlaken. It's absolutely breathtaking and I wish I would have stayed at least a week in the surrounding area.

Bus Station in Zurich: The bus station for the tour was a little hard to find but if I can suggest a Starbucks to Starbucks route. Find the Starbucks in front of the main train station in Zurich. With that Starbucks behind you walk into the station and cut directly through it - making no turns. As you exit make a left and follow the road to the next Starbucks. Across the street from that is the travel bus station. Almost New York like, no?

Enjoy your trip!

Doing what: Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe Day Trip from Zurich

Zara A

4 star rating: Recommended
December 2014

The guide was very informative and friendly. The view of the Rhinefalls was wonderful. I would recommend taking this tour in the summer, as you are able to take the boat during the summer, and that option is not available in the winter. The total time was about 3 hours, there and back, so was perfect fit for our short time in Zurich. I heard people comment that the falls weren't as spectacular or as big as they expected, but it was still a sight worth seeing for both my husband and I.

Doing what: Rhine Falls Tour from Zurich


4 star rating: Recommended
July 2014

The tour was conducted by the tour company in Zurich and they did a great job. My mum and I had an amazing time staying on the top of Mt. Pilatus, the air was so fresh and our view was breathtaking. Because we stayed the night, we were able to see the mountain later at night when most of the tourists had departed, otherwise it can get quite crowded in the general area. The three course dinner was fantastic as well with great service staff. Breakfast was also excellent. The trip down from the mountain would have been better if we could ride the steep train instead of the cable cart. We had to take the bus from the bottom of the mountain to the rail station and the walk between the bottom of the mountain and the bus station was actually quite a walk so make sure you don't have heavy luggage with you. Mt. Titlis was amazing but would have preferred if Viator told us to dress appropriately for the snow that we were not expecting during even during summer time (apparently it snows all year round, so dress appropriately to actually do the activities which are outdoors). Overall, we had an amazing time visiting the mountains and was well worth the expensive tour money that we paid.

Doing what: 2-Day Alps Tour from Zurich: Mt Pilatus and Mt Titlis

Huili Z

4 star rating: Recommended
August 2012

This is the best tour I have enjoyed during our 4 weeks in Europe. The guide (Heinz) was very professional, informative, humours, and friendly. My wife and I enjoyed every movement of the trip even though we wish the tour could have started earlier in European summer. We have seen the most beautiful parts of the Alps. I would strongly recommend my friends to join this tour when they are in Zurich.

Doing what: Swiss Alps Small Group Day Tour from Zurich

Valerie J Australia

4 star rating: Recommended
July 2012

Rhine Falls is a must do. It's like Niagara on a smaller scale. Loved it. The scenery on the way was nice too. A bonus was travelling back to Zurich where we actually crossed the border briefly into Germany so now we can say we've been to Germany!

The afternoon trip around the city was very good too with a very informative guide. I was very disappointed with the chocolate tour as all we did was visit a shop near the factory and the chocolate may have been fresher but it wasn't any cheaper than the supermarket. I thought the tour of buildings on the way there was very boring too. If you are doing this tour in summer be warned that you are not delivered back to where the tour starts from. We found ourselves doing an hour on the lake and finding our own way back to the starting point (thankfully with help on how to do this from our guide Trudy).
If you are just after the chocolates (as I was) save time and go to the supermarket to buy them.

Doing what: Zurich Super Saver 2: Rhine Falls including Best of Zurich City Tour

Rob H

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
October 2016

DON'T buy this Tour!!! Over promised and under delivered. Best of Switzerland Tours is a dishonest name, if this is the best you should not take a tour at all. We did four tours with this group. Three were horrible executed with snarky tour guides and only one was excellent. Bottom line, by the time you get to the top of Mount Titlis you have maybe an hour to enjoy it before you have to start your way down to the bus. Leaving Zurich, they choose to take what they refer to as a scenic route which takes more than two hours to get to Lucerne. Lucerne by the highway is less than an hour away. The bus drive drove so erratically that multiple people vomited from motion sickness. The driver was cocky and brash with several passengers. The tour guide was horrible. When we arrived in Lucerne we were supposed to go see some statue...she made most of her spiel before everyone got off the bus so several people didn't hear her. Then she took off crossing two busy streets with 40-50 guests. She never turned around to make sure she had everyone together. I turned around and noticed 15-20 people were left on the other side of the street. The light had changed and they couldn't cross. She ever noticed. I went back and helped some of elderly guests cross the street and get back to the statue but by the time we did, she had made her speech and was heading back to the bus. One family went into a grocery store to by some food because we were told that we would be in Lucerne for several hours to eat lunch. They had religious restrictions to food and wanted to make sure the family could eat. The bus driver wouldn't let them bring the food on the bus...he told them that they had to eat it outside the bus. It wasn't time for lunch yet and that didn't make since. They weren't going to eat it until lunch time. I distracted the driver so that they could sneak their food in through the back door. They drove us to the middle of the city and made everyone pile into a jewelry store....they said it was to get maps and and overview of the city. It was really about listening to a speech from the owners of the jewelry store trying to get people to purchase jewelry. The drive into the mountains was beautiful and once we arrived at the base of Mount Titlis, you took a cog train and multiple gondolas to get to the top. It took nearly an hour to get all the way up and more than an hour to get down. If you are claustrophobic or scared of heights, this is not the excursion for you. They packed people into the gondolas like sardines in a can, it was very tight and uncomfortable. During the Summer, most of the mountains activities were closed down, tons of construction and areas off limits. When you get to the top you are in a multistory visitor center with restaurants, merchandise locations and a variety of views. You can exit the structure to go out onto Mount Titlis and walk in the snow. We were the first on our bus to get to the top and we still had less than an hour before we had to start back down. We simply didn't have time to see what there is to see, to sled or walk along the bridge. Our brash talking tour guide scolded people about not having food or drinks on the bus. Many people didn't speak English and didn't know what she was saying, so when she would tell them to put the food away they would smile and nod their heads and keep eating. The bus was filthy and needed to be cleaned. The table was sticky, trash was stuffed into the cup holders and the crevices of the seats. We shared wet wipes with several people around us to clean away the mess. When I tried to talk with the tour guide about the drivers driving and her leaving some of the guests behind...she raised her voice loudly and said if you have a problem you write a review, you write a review, you write a review like a broken recorded I am doing this right Well Ms. Snarky Tour Guide, here's your review. Customer Service and basic tour guide training is needed by the staff of Best of Switzerland Tours. Ignoring consumers concerns is a mistake and in the long run will cost you business. My advice is DO NOT use Best of Switzerland Tours.

Doing what: Mount Titlis Day Tour from Zurich

Chester D

1 star rating: I do not recommend this
July 2013

Lucerne is beautiful, but we were very disappointed in Engelberg. The monastery does not allow you to go inside; we were fortunate to arrive at the same time as a private group that was going into the cathedral for a private visit, so we got to take a peak inside the church and it is truly beautiful. Other than that, there is nothing to see on the grounds outside the large monastery. The tour of the cheese factory advertised in the tour brochure, is nothing more than a man in a glass booth in the middle of a tourist shop, pressing the milk curd into trays. Everyone else on our bus got off at the cable car to go up to the glacier, which we should have done, as the town of Engelberg was pretty much a ghost town, due to it being the end of ski season, and not yet summer (end of April). 90 % of the shops, hotels and restaurants were closed for the season.It was difficult for us to find a restaurant to get something to eat; but when we did find one open, it was a very good lunch!
We were stuck in Engleberg for 3 hours to kill time until the rest of the group came down off the glacier and the bus picked us up to return to Zurich. Engelberg may be great "in-season", but I recommend that Viator not offer a tour to Engelberg during the offseason, nothing to do there when everything is closed. There are many other tour packages for Lucerne, so I would recommend choosing another one than this if your primary interest is in seeing Lucerne.

Doing what: Day Trip to Lucerne and Engelberg from Zurich

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