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Viator's Low Price Guarantee

Our pricing is updated constantly to ensure you get the best price available online or at your destination — 100% guaranteed! What's more, Viator is committed to showing you the 'honest price' on our website — which is why we never lead in with child prices (unlike some of our competitors) and why we always include local taxes in our pricing.

Viator's Low Price Guarantee protects you two ways. First, if you find a lower price for the same tour or activity offered by the same operator (priced in the same currency) within 72 hours of booking, send us the details and we'll refund the price difference. No gimmicks, no exceptions.

Second, we also protect you against arriving at a destination and finding the same tour or activity offered at a lower price from our operator. If you do happen to find a lower price direct from our operator, simply send us the details and we'll refund the price difference. It's that easy.

Requesting a Refund from Viator is Easy!

Remember to make a copy, print out or screen shot of the lower rate, in case a Viator customer service representative has questions. Other things you should know about our low-price guarantee, and how to claim your refund:

  • Viator's Low-Price Guarantee is available to any customer who makes a qualifying purchase through the web site. Qualifying purchase must include a minimum purchase of US$20 (or equivalent). Please note that show, concert and event tickets are not covered by Viator's Low Price Guarantee.

  • Viator's Low Price Guarantee covers retail and prepaid rates available to the general public. This does not include discounts you may receive (or be eligible for) from third-party organizations such as AAA or AARP, or special offers made as part of a membership program, corporate discount, daily deal, group or rewards program.

  • If you find a lower retail or prepaid rate for the same tour or activity, offered on the same date and priced in the same currency as your original purchase, on any other Web site within 72 hours following your confirmed reservation on, Viator will refund the difference.

  • Upon arrival in your destination, if you find a lower retail price offered by Viator's contracted operator for the same tour or activity, offered on the same date and priced in US, Canadian or Australian dollars, British pounds or Euros, Viator will refund the difference.

  • To submit a refund request, send an email to with your name, Viator Booking Number or Itinerary Reference Number and your home address, plus proof (receipt, price list, flyer, web address or web screen shot, etc.) of the lower price.

  • Or mail your request to:
    Low Price Guarantee
    360 Third Street, Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94107

  • Viator reserves the right to verify details of the lower price where possible. All refund decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Viator.

  • Refunds of the price difference will be processed to the credit card used for the original booking. Please note: Viator will only process one "Low Price Guarantee" refund per tour or activity purchased.

The Viator Price Guarantee

Viator's prices are 100% guaranteed to be the lowest. Here's why:

  • No hidden costs - the price you see is the price you pay
  • If you find the same tour or activity sold for less, we will refund the difference
  • We guarantee it!

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