Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Reserve

Ngaut Ngaut is the ancestral home of the Nganguraku people and today serves as a site of archaeological study, history and cultural significance. A visit to the site offers a glimpse into the life, beliefs and customs of the local Aboriginal people, much of whose culture has been lost.

Located on the banks of the Murray River, Ngaut Ngaut takes advantage of the beautiful natural scenery with a boardwalk that runs along the riverbank and allows visitors to walk near the cliffs that rise above an ancient seabed. There is also the opportunity to view an untouched section of the Mighty Murray.

Visitors to Ngaut Ngaut are taken through the park on guided tours, during which guides impart knowledge of the historical Nganguraku culture through viewings of the remaining archaeology. Ngaut Ngaut is the site of incredibly comprehensive rock art that details Aboriginal astronomy with lunar cycles carved into the cliffs. Guides also introduce visitors to the plants and animals that enrich the views of the natural landscape.
Adresse: Murray-Darling Basin, Adelaide, Australien
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