Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge

Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge
Rising above the cobalt Caribbean water, the natural bridge in Seroe Colorado was formed by waves eroding the brittle, limestone coast. Reaching this popular sight isn’t easy, however, as it means traversing a bumpy drive to the coastline of Seroe Colorado and navigating a tangle of unmarked trails that cross the craggy Aruban landscape.

The Basics
There was a time when the village of Seroe Colorado was an outpost for oil tycoons. Here, on Aruba’s southeastern tip, an oil refinery in the 1950s supported a community of American expats, who lived on the rocky cliffs. The oil money moved elsewhere, and today, the village is pretty much gone, but travelers still flock to this section of the coast to see the natural bridge. Seroe Colorado, which translates to “colorful hill,” refers to the brown-yellow color of the town’s 98-foot-tall (30-meter-tall) limestone hill. Off-roading tours that explore Baby Beach and Seroe Colorado are available.

Things to Know Before You Go
  • Wear appropriate hiking boots or sneakers, not flip-flops, to navigate the rocky shore.
  • The trail to the natural bridge is less than 0.5 miles (0.8 kilometers) long over rough, rocky terrain. 
  • The climb down to the bridge isn’t too difficult, but it can be tricky, so be sure to watch your footing and beware of crumbling cliffs, slippery rocks, and broken glass.

How to Get There
Seroe Colorado is about 30 minutes away from Oranjestad, close to San Nicholas on the tip of Aruba. If traveling on your own, park in the lot adjacent to the lighthouse and follow the trails leading north along the cliffs; white painted arrows on some of the rocks will guide you to the bridge.

When to Get There
If you’re an early riser, plan to head to Seroe Colorado to catch the picturesque sunrise. Overall, the weather in Aruba is consistently warm, so you’ll enjoy pleasant temperatures year-round. Expect the most crowds from mid-December to mid-April, which is the island’s high season. The airport is typically busiest from Friday through Sunday, when many timeshare folks visit.

Nearby Baby Beach
A stop at the natural bridge in Seroe Colorado is usually included on a tour of the Baby Beach area. The beach boasts soft sand and a bathwaterlike lagoon and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It’s a family-friendly destination because of the calm waters, which are safe for small children. Baby Beach is a 45-minute drive from Palm Beach.
Adresse: Seroe Colorado, Aruba
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