Beijing Aquarium (Beijing Haiyangguan)

Situated within the Beijing Zoo, the Beijing Aquarium (Beijing Haiyangguan) is the largest inland aquarium in China and home to an impressive range of aquatic animals. The complex houses an Amazon rainforest pavilion where you can see live piranha and 100 other species of fish, a coral reef, a shark aquarium and a few marine mammal areas complete with sea lion and dolphin shows daily.

The 39-yard-long (36-meter) touch pool contains a variety of urchins and starfish, and 32 other tanks throughout the aquarium house sharks, sea turtles, jelly fish and other colorful sea creatures.

You can purchase tickets for the Beijing Aquarium at the zoo’s ticket counter. If you don’t mind missing the dolphin show, use that time to explore the museum when some 3,000 other visitors are crowded into the stadium.
Adresse: Beijing Aquarium, Haidian, Beijing, Kina
Åbningstider: Open: Apr-Oct 9am - 5:30pm (last ticket at 5pm), Nov-Mar 10am - 4:30pm (last ticket at 4pm) .
Entré: Adult: CNT 130, Childen (1.2 meters/3.9 ft): Free. Aquarium Admission for Zoo and Panda Hall.
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