The Ephraim-Palais focuses on the history and culture of Berlin. The museum is set in a rococo palace that was built from 1762 to 1766 by Veitel Heine Ephraim, the court jeweler and mint master of King Friedrich II. It soon became known as the most beautiful corner in Berlin. The museum contains prints from the Stadt Museum (City Museum) collection as well as special temporary exhibitions relating to Berlin's artistic, cultural and political history. Visitors can learn from the displays about the personalities, events and works of art that have shaped the city. 

The palace is also well known for its grand staircase. The staircase spirals elegantly upwards and, along with the stairwell itself, is one of the highlights of the building's interior decoration. The Schlüter ceiling in one of the rooms on the first floor is also worth a look. It is a copy of one of the ceilings in the Wartenberg Palais, which was demolished in 1889. 
Adresse: Poststrasse 16, Berlin, Germany 10178, Tyskland
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