German-Russian Museum

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The German-Russian Museum sits on the exact location where the German Army gave its unconditional surrender on May 8, 1945, ending World War II. It serves as a memorial to the war between German and Russian forces, complimenting the Museum of the Allies, which focuses on the victorious western allies. The German-Russian Museum also documents pre-war history, the Cold War, and the relations between the USSR, East Germany and West Germany, covering the time in history between 1917 and 1990. 

The museum was opened in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the German surrender. It was opened as a joint effort between Germany and Russia to remember the war and teach visitors about it. Items in the permanent exhibition include texts, photographs, films, and audio recordings. Special temporary exhibits provide an opportunity to dig deeper into specific topics relating to the history of the war and the German-Soviet relationships. 
Adresse: Zwieseler Strasse 4, Berlin, Germany 10318, Tyskland
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