Knoblauchhaus is a three story baroque townhouse in the Nikolai district of Berlin. It was built in 1760 with a slightly curved facade. It was originally occupied by the Knoblauch family during the Biedermeier era. The museum is dedicated to the Biedermeier era and its living quarters are true to the original house. The exhibits and documents in these rooms provide visitors with a glimpse into the life of the prominent family who lived here. There are also exhibits that provide information about the architecture, economy, culture and social life of the Biedermeier era. 

Everyday objects, pictures, and copies of historical letters let visitors into the Knoblauch family's world as an example of what Berlin life was like during the Biedermeier time period. Different members of the Knoblauch family were merchants, architects, community politicians, and scientists who had an impact on the Berlin social and economic life of their era. 
Adresse: Poststraße 23, Berlin, Germany 10178, Tyskland
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